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A reminder....

Dear…anyone who may feel they can benefit from this…

“Don’t curse the darkness…Light a candle” Old Chinese Proverb

One side of me is saying "Hay Blair, Bush and Co. If you’re that greedy, take the oil, take the country, but don't kill the innocent people". But on the other hand, if the US (illuminati) has its way, regardless of the number of casualties or deaths, its going to have unimaginable repercussions everywhere in terms of lack of freedoms and add speed towards tyrannical, economic and political globalisation, and that’s why we must be as (peacefully) visible and vocal as we can when campaigning against this war, and the silent (and not so silent) fascist take over of our planet.

Another side of me is a lot more negative – seeking revenge for wrongs and wanting one side to teach the other a lesson.

Therefore, in these circumstances, and my frustration with the imposing invaders posturing as ‘liberators’, the “embedded” propaganda journalists, the ‘smart’ bombs, the Imperialistic policies, and the all suffering they’re causing, I decided to write the following, if only to remind myself of our purpose, and to keep cool, remain calm and see things from the greater perspective.

A reminder to me … A reminder to those who feel frustration, confusion and anger towards the world of the 10 thousand things.

Well done to all those who are attending the protests around the world. Well done to those working tirelessly to campaign against injustice, persecution, restricted liberties, torture, war, the arms trade, globalisation, etc. And well done to those who are sending out love and light to all beings in the universe - whether they are victims of globalisation, victims of torture, tyranny or war, whether they are the manipulative 'leaders' of the west, the brain dead media, imperialists, racists, murderers or innocent children. We all need Love, and at our core we all ARE love. Love (compassion) is the only answer.

Hatred, frustration and anger are what the illuminati want and indeed need to prosper in terms of their 'control' and manipulation of others, so don't feed them with these when you see the bombardment of Baghdad, the suffering of innocent Iraqi's or the arrogance of Bush, Blair, military generals or ignorant supporters of this war. Don’t feed them your energy with regards to the situation in Palestine, Venezuela and the rest of South America, a Gap or Nike factory in Indonesia, the prisons in China holding Tibetan nuns and monks, the situation in your country, or even in your own office, supermarket, street or home. Don’t even feed them at the frustration you might encounter or experiences when you try to tell others of these things, only to receive judgments, condemnations, accusations or laughter.

The sad thing is that we are helping the illuminate agenda when we become angry or hateful in our reactions to the effects of their actions.

These effects have no need to manifest in our lives or affect us if they do when we learn to deal with things differently and look at things another way - with awareness, compassion and balance with respect to our heart, our mind and our body. In fact, if we are living in a situation which is the result of illuminati actions and control, it’s partly because those of us who might have known better have continued to react in the same way. It’s a cycle that can be stopped and reversed. We can transmute the effects of illuminati actions, brainwashing, gatekeeping and control, and their underlying causes, if we choose to. Man is not the product of circumstance – circumstance is the product of man (or woman).

Try to refrain from the natural feeling of anger and frustration you may want to experience. It’s your choice. Instead, when you can gather your awareness, project your Love to the world: To the slave and slave master alike, to the victim and the perpetrator, so that we can heal both those who are harmed and commit harm. This is one of the most natural, direct and effective ways we can heal our selves, each other, and our planet, and add momentum to the unstoppable force of love, return to our oneness, remembrance of our infinite consciousness, and liberation we are experiencing as we traverse the (potentially tumultuous) road towards 2012.

In other words, you can be as vulnerable as possible if you choose. This is the path of the spiritual 'warrior'. You don't have to shy away from feeling and giving your compassion to whomever and whenever. There are no winners and no losers in this game of life - we are each other - all one, and you needn’t contract in protection of your self, your self-esteem, your ideas or your 'things'. You can stand out from the sheep herd if you choose to. You can risk being hurt, for ultimately, you cannot. You can be honest with yourself and others, and express your infinite consciousness to everyone and everything. By doing so you are loving.

YOU have the key to achieving harmony, peace and balance, both in yourself and in this world. This key is called your Love. You are all love. Use it and give it to all, without expectation of return or an attitude of "what’s in it for me". Love cannot be manipulated, and nor will it manipulate. To use it with this attitude only increases your fear, imprisons you further within the five sense frequency range and delays your awakening.

Always do the right thing, don’t give a damn about the ‘rational’ consequences. Be Love, and go with the flow of life, and everything will be all right, and you can, and will, heal the world. Take it from my or your unfolding experience, that’s the way it really is.

"When we love and respect ourselves for what we are, infinite dimensional consciousness having a physical experience, our whole sense of perspective changes....irrelevant details, petty conflicts, fears and frustrations of 5 sense reality become meaningless to a spirit that knows it is all that exists....There is no we - just infinite I. We are not part of god together. We are God.

Apportioning blame is a 5-sense perspective. We have created this 5 sense reality – with all its love (and if you stop and look around there’s a lot of it, and that should give you encouragement) and hate (ditto) - collectively. In terms of creating hate and fear, some of us have actively done so by taking and abusing power, others have inactively done so by giving it and their responsibility away.

‘We can change this reality from prison to paradise …
.. it’s all just a choice right now between fear and love.’
David Icke

How do we change it? How do we re-create? How do we transform? How do we deal with fear in order to ‘defeat’ it? How do we choose Love instead of Fear? This is one way…. feel free to choose yours.

We do not need to feel guilty, or by neurotic domination or suppression, change ourselves into something ‘better’, or something that were not. This is still 5-sense system perspective. We evolve and grow everyday if we like it or not. Instead,

Accept yourself and where you are at this moment. In the grand scheme of things, you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. You know you are. If only to get you to realise to get moving, or to laugh more and cry less, to appreciate life and be grateful, or to give and be patient, to relax or do the right thing, this moment has its own purpose and its own gift.

Trust in the Universe, the higher purpose, the Tao, your self (which are all the same thing) and with loving awareness - calm cantered focus, detanglement from 5-sense prison addiction, and honesty - you can cut through the present, momentary condition, and self-liberate.

With non judgmental (loving) awareness and your breath (that most natural expression without which there is no life), you can cut through all the anger and aggression - without struggle, without a fight - and watch negativity and anxiety fall back into the ocean of tranquillity; watch the energy of fear transform into the energy of selfless love, and lead you to the realisation, practical application and the Being of the interconnected, infinite consciousness you, we, really are.

This is both a spontaneous and gradual transformation of your perspective from the narrow to the wide, from the shallow to the deep. This way requires only the effort of love, peace, honesty and awareness, which is no effort really – it is our natural way.

Thoughts liberate thoughts.

Emotions liberate emotions.

Desire and distraction are transformed into contentment and awareness.

Hate and fear are transformed into Love and Courage.

You enslaved You

You liberate You.

The projection will change, and the reflection will follow.

The mirror reflects back what we really are:-

Buddha nature - infinite consciousness - self-created, self-liberated beings – God – Love – The Source.

Names do not matter.

We realise that there is no ‘mirror’ in between the projection and the reflection. There is no mirror at all.

Projection is and has always been reflection and vice versa.

We are Love.

It is Love.

Selflessly Love each other.

Dedicated to Brian, currently residing on the pavement across the Houses of Parliament in London. Living, Eating, Shittin, Sleaping and Campaigning, everyday and every night, to end all wars, to feed all children, to bring justice and humanity to the fore, to end the arms trade, to stop globalisation, to stop the killing and suffering of all people across the world.

He’s been doing this for about 2 years now. Without stop or rest. He has fought eviction and fought for his freedom of protest and free speech. He’s fought for the right to protest on our behalf and won. He keeps the pavement clean, he sleeps with the mice and the rats. Visitors and tourists from all over the world see him and cross over to give him another placard, slogan, banner, biscuits, some juice or some ciggies, or some silly words like ‘well done’ or their passion etc. No words can do justice to his actions, empathy and sacrifice. He is doing what he believes is right, for others. For that, he is a calm and content man. I believe he is at peace in his heart - something anyone who talks or sits with him senses, something that can be, and I pray is, contagious. He has a family. He used to be in the army. People are sleeping with him now in the London cold as more are joining to help.

Also dedicated to all mothers, fathers and children.

For more information on ‘solutions’ to our ‘problems’ I really, really, really recommend reading one of Barefoot Dr’s books (His 2 new books ‘Liberation’ and ‘Return of the urban warrior’ are particularly good).

I also recommend ‘Go MAD’ – The art of Making A Difference, by Andy Gilbert, a not for profit charity/book to help people, literally, Go MAD.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the works of David Icke, who has tirelessly worked for all of us all these years. However, what stands out most, especially at this crunch time, is his last and most important chapter in ‘Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster’. This is a must read and I have it in my bag most of the time, ready to be re-read, show to others, or used to help me get back on track.

Finally, and most of you will be aware, information and teachings from Native American Indians, Native peoples around the world, and Buddhists/Taoists, but without giving your mind away to the worship of others or blind belief.

As everything, in the end it’s all up to you and you know best about what to do with your life and the most effective way of helping yourself and others. Together we can do it. As Ghandi said, “be the change you want to see in the world”, so be it! Meditate, sing, be kind, be selfless, be courageous, 'kill your ego', and do whatever works for you. Do it your way. I’ve got full confidence in myself and you all.

Lots of Love,

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