Blurring worlds reveal the things we love to ponder as true. Imagination is the station for conveyance. Occult magic confounds and wondrous entities walk amongst you. Some of you are being given fantastic new powers. Open your third eye and see for yourself the things that you had always dreamed about.

You can easily speak with the dead. They are not far. Do you need to speak to a dwarf or an elf? Go to the forest in your mind. This is not illusion, it is where we meet. Later when you are more advanced, you will be able to fill in with actuality outside what you are training for inside.

Watch out for demons! Are they coming? No, they are already here. Every time you are disturbed, they jump on the corresponding energy. When hate strikes, the demon jumps to action and thrives on the burn. When depression takes you away, the empty pain of Isolation wraps you under her spell. Dragons symbolize healing archetypes that span across the heavens urging us towards self-actualization and power. Several layers of hell are purged; from the lion to the lamb, until reaching the face of Christ illuminated by Buddha’s ruminations.

UFOs from the collective inner psyche, giant triangular motherships from the Draco - Orion – Andromeda “Blue Alliance”, sleek Nazi craft from New Berlin, Antarctica, and the most powerful of the US grey-alien-reverse engineered fleet, fly in massive battle formations like unholy waves of raging decadence. Beyond the destruction left in their wake lies the jewel encrusted circular gateway escaped through by 7913 Atlantians and later traversed by 20 generations of Egyptian priests of Osirus, before Moses created the stone law that broke the back of the man.

Armageddon was in 1945, but the post-humanity resolve to suffer ever more refined psychic disturbances draws greater and greater danger. Desire masquerades as virtue and the sexy offer up their delights as if they were truffles found by some second rate pig.

Someday you'll realize that something is real if it is real to you. Immerse yourself in yourself and then share the overflowing productions of divine industriousness. Shake the spider's venom from your mind and let the crystalline light shine. Mighty deeds are always done by those who were once little. Every possibility exists that even as "the one who came before" clapped his/her hands of nothingness together, the reverberations began simply because intention had found a home.

Love and courage,

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