Illuminati Deception?

Illuminati Deception?

I've been looking at the whole Illuminati aspect of the reptilian consciousness and have come across something I feel should be examined, for it reveals more about the delicate and fragile illusion of domination being played out today.

The Illuminati, as is popularily referred to today, was created by Mr Weishaupt in the late 1700's. Himself a mason of significant rank. However, as we're all aware I'm sure, those that have belonged, and do today to this group known as Illuminati, are in truth, anything but "enlightened." It is entirely possible that Weishaupt adopted the name Illuminati with the intention to use it to further instill fear and the illusion of domination over others. This, I feel has its origins way back in the original mystery schools, before they were corrupted by the fearful reptilian aspect.

In the ancient mystery schools, a division occurred between those that had "achieved illumination..." and others who had entered the schools but had not proved themselves to be worthy of recieving the oral transmissions of the most secret and profound knowledge. Reasons for knowledge being transmitted in stages is because with such knowledge comes great responsibility, and the apprentice, neophyte...must demonstrate "wholeness" (in its true sense!) required. The Illuminati then, in its original form represents a much different kind of group of beings than what we might be familiar with today.

With this in mind, it is clear to see that those who were not "Illuminati" in the ancient schools, but had achieved a high degree of knowledge, held a reverance of some sort for those who had entered the Illuminati degrees. This reverance however, once corrupted by the reptilian consciousness (mind-set) transforms into jealousy, envy, hate...the usual suspects!

We know that out of the original mystery schools came groups such as the Knights Templar, thus freemasonry and so on. Also worthy to note here is that in the original mystery school teachings there is no religion, worship of deities of any kind. Religion was incorporated by those who created these splinter groups from the original schools, who were obviously those that had not been allowed to enter the Illuminati degrees, having proved themselves to be unworthy. Indicative of being un-developed, still limited by reptilian thinking, desiring to use the knowledge over others...etc...

It's not a wild stretch of the imagination to piece together the reasons why those that could not be "illuminated" would seek to discredit the true Illuminati, enlightened ones. Furthermore, the reason why Weishaupt adopted the name, in advance of the exciting times we're now facing, where the agenda would be revealed in the manner we are experiencing now. The Illuminati has indeed become to many, an entity that has the "impression" of great power (and evil!?)over our world, when in truth, those that are "truly illuminated" understand this concept to be the most fragile of illusions, reliant upon a maintenance of ignorance.

The true Illuminati has the knowledge and ability to shatter this illusion, those limited to reptilian thinking with a certain degree of esoteric knowledge, has been passed down to them in their secret societies...know this, IT IS THEY THAT FEAR THE TRUE ILLUMINED ONES! And yes, there are many here now, who are manifestations of this "illuminated consciousness" readying to alleviate the ignorant state of affairs. Not by any kind of conflict, it's not neccesary, but by the compassionate application of wisdom such "enlightenment" bestows! LOVE being the foundation of creation shall once more be known by all!

Masons, Templars, Skull & Bones types...etc even at their highest degrees DON'T possess the illuminati teachings, and they know it, the fearful reptilian minds they function from seeks to discredit and create fear amongst others (the masses) so that no one will seek to become "illuminated",moreover, ignore such wisdom because now, to many to be Illuminati is to demonstrate some kind of evil...

There's so much more to tell on this, and it's clearly very relevant for where we are right now, which is, on the cusp of something incredible! If any of this rings any bells with anyone, or you wish to share more of what I "saw..." then drop me a line, I'll be glad to explain what has been a most "enlightening experience!"

Right then, gotta go and throw some funny shapes around in the snow!!!

Love from a beautiful snowy Calgary!!!


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