Alternate Presidential Reality

"At last the reigns of power have come to the hands of one who will do his utmost to quickly establish a 21st century infrastructure that will immediately upon instigation lift the standard of living of all people in our great cities. No longer will the state and its occult wizardry instill fear deep within the very souls it is meant to protect. Those who will inevitably insist upon calling the state an enemy will be allowed to do so as long as they do not inflict physical harm upon their neighbor. Trust has been breached for ages. It will take time.

To our European friends, I open the door and patiently follow the steady course that will lead back to our unity. As a child blessed with the gifts of life's advancing generations, we share what we have learned with our parent continent. We are eternally grateful for what our peoples have been through in sorting out our destiny together. By bending our will to establish inexpensive technological solutions for our world partners we show them the sincerity of our purpose and confidence of our resolve.

Effective immediately, construction is underway to establish a high-speed magnetic railway system throughout the continental USA. The initial stations will be in Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Washington D. C. Soon, St. Louis will be our gateway to the west once more. Slowly, we will begin to leave the highways to clean fuel burning trucks for the transportation of domestic goods. A solar powered passenger conveyor system is something our top scientists are beginning to examine in detail.

In fulfillment of our noble ideals and sacred sense of purpose, I would like to invite the monks of Shangri-La to establish New Tibet in Alaska. On behalf of all kind hearted people, I open the arms of friendship and ask that we solve a serious situation in a way that works far better than force ever could. No one in the world understands better the impermanent nature of temporal reality. Let the past be but a precursor to the liberty and possibilities available for you now. Welcome.

A new cabinet position is being created to re-examine wisdom traditions and scientific research. We will gather resources and present all information in a format instantly accessible from the free computer portals that you will soon see popping up in every town of our land.

Soon, I will appoint an Ambassador for Alien Life Forms, and an Ambassador for Artificial Intelligence. There will be no area of manifestation that will be denied. Metaphysics is readily accepted by those of high mind.

One difficult decision that I have come to is that we must see the reality of our relationship with the environment. Nature is living and animals are a manifestation of the divine. Certain primitive habits have gone on too long and it is up to us to change the grievous infringements of humanity upon our home. Opening the dialogue with our greater existence, when we feel the pain of what we have caused, there will several ways we can pay our karmic debt through service.

Eventually we must go through our landfills and sort out what can be recycled and do so. This will go in tandem with a universal recycling program that will be proffered as soon as possible. The rest of our garbage will be compacted and rocketed into the sun. Nuclear waste will be encapsulated in titanium spheres and sent out of our solar system.

There are many more projects to undertake in our adjustment of the outer world to the evolution of the inner. The relaxing of population density will be realized through Buckminster Fuller's sea and sky cities, the colonization of the moon, and our eventual domination of Mars. Arts and music will be strongly invigorated, instilling in us a more profound sense of culture, the crowning achievement of humanity. Our schools will become Body-Mind-Spirit caretakers who nurture our children rather than destroy them with the forcing of falsehoods. We will bomb the hungry with nourishment and annihilate the vicious with compassion.

This is only the beginning of our societal transcendence. At last the American Dream has become the American Vision with the end result being the blossoming of Goodness, making the borders which only existed in our minds, obsolete. Our gift to the world will be our example. Truth is the one thing we never tried. Luckily it is the one thing that will lead to success for all."

Love and courage,
C. Moors


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