Target Our Energies

The universe as we all know is exact. If we target our energies to an exact and specific goal, at precisely the Causal Area of these problems, we may be met with huge success. As far as I know, no one has thought of this idea before. Please take the overall essay I have here into consideration, and with your abilities to deal with groups, etc., we may be able to deliver a crushing blow at the Real Perpetrators to these colossal problems.

What the World Needs Now,
Is love sweet love....

So goes the song that we all have heard and enjoyed. Love is great. But love with action is greater.

I am reminded of this when a particular lady who was well known for her acts of love and healing came upon a group of well-meaning people who were trying to heal a sick plant by 'sending love and thoughts of healing' to the plant. While the group stood there, hands out in compassion to the plant, the lady immediately realized the real cause of the problem. It needed water. Applying water to the plant, she knew it would begin to thrive. It did. There is much to learn from this simple situation.

In times of trial and trauma, people may realize that there is a situation that requires healing. With thoughts of compassion, and sincerity, they begin in earnest to affect change. The people of the United States have beyond doubt, given more love in action than any other nation in the last 100 years. Ask any nation who has found themselves in a time of trouble, especially when natural disasters take place. Who is there to help? The generous U.S. I think the people of America would have found themselves in a lot more trouble earlier than this present time, if it wasn't for the benevolent actions in times past. But now, it seems that America itself needs help, and a lot of it. It seemed to be able to dispose of any enemy, or deal with any situation elegantly, until now. And Why?

I believe it is because the United States does not know where the cause of their problems are originating. If they did, the problem would soon be vanquished. Why now the talk of a long, long time to solve the problem of terrorism? Where does terrorism originate? I mean REALLY originate? Why does it seem unstoppable? Why do we have to give up our FREEDOM in order to "solve" this problem?

Well, if we really want the answers to these questions, it is time to GROW UP. I mean GROW UP. Stop limiting our thinking to what can be seen, handled and understood. It's time to understand the laws of Quantum Physics, and interdimensional realities, and how everything REALLY IS. Which are the more powerful levels of energy? Do you know? What holds matter in it's place? Do you even care to know? Have you even studied the wonders of Laser energy for instance? Why is there so much power in Lasers? From what level of unseen energy does this come from? Can there be "life" on these levels? Can this life on these levels affect circumstances and happenings on our day to day perception of the environment in which we all live? A thorough investigation into this, will produce answers that will probably astound you. To be in ignorance of these energies that affect our little universe can be lethal, to those who do not wish to GROW UP. To wish to remain ignorant of these forces will automatically leave you in the length, width, depth prison for a long time to come. We all have choice.

To those who are in positions of power, it would be unwise for them to start throwing out the idea, that we may be hostages in a mind control game, that does not originate at a point in time and space on this planet that can be "targeted". To say that would be political suicide, because to discuss such things would be to apply for admission to the looney bin. So instead, we are fighting a "shadowy enemy". A good safe term. We've all seen shadows, and we've all seen enemies. Fits a length, width, depth description. We'll accept that. Hope they do a good job finding those shadows, and blow them away for us....

Although dealing with some of these problems in LWD will have some results, once again, as with the plant description, it's best to go and solve the problem at its core, at its causal point. If we keep sleepwalking, we might find ourselves encouraged to walk off the edge. Now since I am not in a position of political power, I hopefully will escape membership into the looney bin club....

Yes, I am quite sure there is life on other levels of vibration, who as in our reality, are abusive and self-centered creatures. They care not about how we feel about our day to day life, and would think nothing of slaughtering us for the furthering of their own plans. Much like what we do to many thousands of cattle and pigs and chickens each day, so we can have a good meal. They send out plans to control and manipulate us to provide entertainment through trauma, and may also thrive on the desperate thoughts and fears of those they involve in these situations. Not to mention the feeling of Power and Control to wallow in. Sound far fetched? Well, who in their right mind would fly an airplane into a building at 300 mph? How do you make 19 people enthusiastic about the job of ruining billions of dollars of property, and destroying thousands of lives? Nothing less than a great job at mind control.

Mind control will always be operated at a level of the fourth dimension. If there were no life there, this could not happen.

Jesus has always said that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against rulers of spiritual wickedness in high places.(higher vibration). I think he had a pretty good idea where the cause of all the problems were that kept the love, peace and joy from being experienced. After all, he should know. He was a son of God. He said that's where the battle was. Voila, the cause of our problems have been exposed!! Those higher vibration levels where these rulers of spiritual wickedness live. Now we know.

Unfortunately, the common knowledge of these various levels of existence have been kept from the masses. This knowledge had to come through the Fourth dimension, which had its own control agenda. That's how we've been "kept in the dark" so to speak. It is time to acknowledge our true capacities, and quit giving our power away to these serpents. How do we rid ourselves of the influence of these beings of hate and evil, that despise mankind?

Well, maybe there are some of us out here that know how to travel the inner planes, and do some slicing and dicing. But masters of this sort are few and far between. We have been controlled and manipulated at so many levels, that there are probably few healthy souls left to do a very good job. Yet, everything is at stake here, as their plans are for eternal enslavement of the human soul is in the works. I cannot be more serious.

It is time now to ASK as never before, With a Sincere Heart, to Have Their Plans Abolished by the BEINGS OF GREAT LIGHT, that are just waiting for us to ask for their Help. They love us beyond words, and exist at levels far above the levels of these perpetrators of slavery, and illusion. The requirement is that we ASK, ASK, ASK. We can get to the CAUSE of this problem, only through the benevolent action of Greater Beings, who have our desire for Freedom, as their concern. These Beings live in a pure state, and have Absolute power. But even in their pure and most powerful state, they can only intervene if we ASK for their help. To do so any other way is to violate Laws of Consciousness that are eternal as well. They cannot do that without consequences to themselves. But please ask for this help. It is probably the only way left.

In whatever way you pray, pray for help NOW. The format is not important, just the sincerity. These beings and your holy Father and Mother God, are closer to you than the air you breathe. You will be heard and understood. They WILL act on our behalf. They can easily cut through the veils of illusion that separate us from experiencing the paradise we were always intended to live in. They can defeat our true enemies with great ease. ASK in sincerity for the healing of this planet, and of our own hearts and minds. In this manner, and through this asking, we can finally live in TRUE FREEDOM, without limitations,

Forever and ever, Amen.

Yours truly,

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