The Illuminati Plan is Going to Unfurl

Dear Friends,

First of all I would just like to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and energy with me in this struggle to overcome the forces that divide us from our potential. Your words inspire me, your ever-increasing knowledge and power give me strength in a time when the world in which we exist or manifest is becoming a very strange and frightening place. Your biting sarcasm directed at political figures who manipulate everything gives me great joy.

I just finished an article in the headlines section called "Let's re-create prison into paradise: Check-mating globalization" by Rick Martin & David Icke and I just have to tell you that I have never read an article that expressed so easily thoughts I have been formulating from the day I was born. I would actually be quite scared if I had read this at some other time in my life, would almost describe it as someone publishing my thoughts on the www, but Mr. Icke expresses himself with so much knowledge and kindness and resolve that one cannot help but smile. In a way I guess I feel like I have just been born or perhaps a better description would be to say I am waking up even though I have been watching it unfold for years.

I feel so overcome at moments trying to put into words my feelings. there are a million questions I have and I guess what I'm asking is this "what can I do?"

I see the world in a completely different manner and decided from there-on-out to look at the path before me like this....

There is the wrong path...the path of negativity and there is the right path...the path of positive energy. Although, sometimes I have stumbled or lost focus I am walking that trail of trying to be positive about things, to infect if you will the world with this positive energy if possible and through my words and actions

I truly believe we have reached a point where the whole illuminati plan is going to unfurl before us and just like that emag article I believe ultimately it is doomed.......their plan of one world government, religion, bank, etc will be replaced by a one world consciousness and I want to be on the front line of that war. I thank you again for all your work !!!!

peace be with you

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