Our Greatest Gift?

Our Greatest Gift? Is the gift of (freewill) Choice!

Our greatest freedom is responsibility!(Responsibility is being able and willing to respond, take action).

Our greatest Joy? Is the joy of healing! Improving the quality of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being-ness.

Our greatest act? Is the action of loving and being loved. Love's greatest fear? Separation. Love's greatest pain? The pain of loss. It is love that allows freedom and self-determination.

Today, our individual sovereignty of freedom and unalienable right to self determination is being stolen from us from within. Tyranny is freedom, without responsibility.

Too many Americans are looking away or burying their heads in the sands of apathy and ignorance. (Ignorance as lacking knowledge).

Too many Americans have forgotten, ( or have not been educated to truth in their schooling), that The Constitution of these republic, United States of America, does not grant, it secures our un-a-lien-able Creator granted rights. Too many Americans have forgotten or have no courage to demand that Coporations, USA, Inc, STATE, CITY,COUNTY coporation governments honor and not trespass on these Constitutionally secured rights.

Too many, the majority of Americans, have allowed themselves to be fooled into the jurisdiction of colorable Admirality law criminal jurisdiction of codes, statutes and regulations, and not staying in American Common Law jurisdiction, where there is no crime, unless there is a trespass of a sovereign onto another sovereign's life, liberty or property. No victim, no crime.

Too many Americans blindly and innocently trust and assume that all of their voluntary tax monies are spent on public services for them, when in factuality, only approximately 20cents on the dollar is spent on the 'annual budget", the 80% left over is deposited in slush funds. (www.CAFRman.com).

Too many Americans are fooled to believe that their "governments" are of "We the People"; when in fact and truth, they are only corporations owned by the IMF/World Bankers/ 13 elite wealthy families/bloodlines). (www.teamlaw.org)

Too many Americans falsely believe they own their land with a Warranty Deed. No they are a tenet on the land under this colorable "title".They need to learn how to properly make declaration of acceptance of Land Patent rights, in such a way as the US Supreme Court has never over ruled against Land Patent as being supreme title and ownership in this Nation. (www.teamlaw.org)

Too many Americans are foolish to believe what is "reported" on TV/radio/newspapers/magazines, because 6 coporations own 90% of the media outlets in this nation. The last time the Senate (USA, Inc) examined this corporate owneship monopoly was 1970, when they raised a report showing an enormous crime in progress.

A handful of international banks were illegally usurping corporate control of the entire broadcasting industry n the United States. It has only gotten much worse since then. Too many Americans have not seen the movie, Wag the Dog and are farsighted not to realize this is going on daily in America.

Too many Americans are guillible in blindly accepting US Gov't's explanation of 9-11. (Well documented researched FACTS and evidences can be found in Alice in Wonderland World Trade Center disaster www.davidicke.com, Video, Truth and lies of 9-11 at www.copvcia.com, in Mediabypass's July/Aug 2003 issue (www.mediabypass.com), At www.madcowprod.com, another great source of documented facts. Furthermore, The list of ticketed passengers on flight 77 by American Airlines on


On September27, the FBI published photos of the "hijackers" on Flight 77:


Meanwhile, the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), does a great job of identifying nearly all of the bodies on Nov. 16, 2001.


Thomas Olmsted , under the FOIA . It took 14 months later, that NO arabs wound up on the autopsy table. Bottomline, no arabs on Flight 77.

The Solutions:Rx:

Make the "choice" to educate yourself, your family and friends to truth. The "choice" to defend yours and your children's unalienable rights of freedom and self determination, by learning how to, (www.teamlaw.org), with harm to none, as a sovereign, private American Citizen. End this tyranny with your responsibility, (freedom to be able and willing to take positive action)! Wage Peace, not war.

Be non compliant and non cooperative with to these international bankers, puppetmasters manipulations.

Their goal, is step by step, by positioning their puppets in postions of power, by dividing and manipulating factions against each other (race, religion, politics),..then divide and conquer technique. See through their manipulations of creating the problem (actively or passively), puppetmasters through their puppets (GW Bush/USA, Inc.) quick to blame the source of the alleged or actual problem,...then with their monopoly of media ownership, spin and wag the dog the American public into buying "their" solution.

Simply see through the lies and don't cooperate. These 13 elite weathy families want a Global One World Fascist government and you and your children's children their corporation , financial slaves.

Do the greatest act of loving and let yourself be loved and healed and then participate in the greatest Joy of healing a falling America and a polluted planet Earth.

Remember , if it's to be , it's up to me! And the few, become more, then the many, and eventually the majority that changes reality for Right Action: that which is good, just and true.

William W

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