The Ultimate Genocide..
or just a BAD dream????

Those of you whom still do not believe the theory of the 9/11 event is a first step of the NWO elements in order to achieve the ultimate power over the masses, read this and start to debate about your intelligence. "The blindest person in the world, he who refuses to see..".

Everybody who listen to the radio, TV, and any of the media misinformation network realize by now the beating of the drums of war is so laud no matter what the weapon inspectors finding will be the war will go on.

Controlling the world energy supply is a deciding factor in any conflict around the globe so overthrowing Saddam and replacing him with a puppet is the main objective.

The new puppet with the blessing of the "O’l Mighty" and military aid will rage war on his neighbors and get control of the oil fields.

This scenario is a perfect breeding ground for the misplaced to join the terrorist groups around the globe and the terrorist activity’s will be increased.

This predictable behavior is actually benefit the NWO elements this way they can go ahead with there well planed public hysteria, of the constantly publicized "POSSIBILITY"of the use of the smallpox against the population.

Here is how it will be carried out by those whom want to achieve the ultimate power.

In a small town where all the precaution being taken so the virus, humans, animals cannot escape (quarantine) a small outbreak of the smallpox will be reported.

The media frenzy around the globe will be aided by "government sources)" and the Law whats in the favor of the "elements"will give them the rights of legitimately commit GENOCIDE against the society’s socio-economically UNDESIRABLES.

As we know by now the vaccine have its own casualty side effect and the fact of the well calculated and implemented by the Law, everybody with the compromised immunesystem will die from complications.

The calculation is globally measured, HIV-AIDS epidemic in the third world country’s where the over populations is epidemic already, raging war against them is politically not correct, to reduce there numbers.

So in order to protect the "O’l Mighty the vaccine will be provided to all those country’s, courtesy of the "O’l Mighty and those people due to fear and lack of knowledge will subject them self VOLUNTARILY to the MASSACRE.

I am talking about the nations whom knowingly and willingly bought DDT. to solve there agricultural disaster, with the knowledge this product is already being labeled, as the most DANGEROUS chemical to man and nature.


Thanks to the media ROBOTS and there scientifically reaserched methods and implementation the public is lead to believe, MASSACERING the socio-economically undesirables is a benefit for them, eliminating the need for caring for them (medically, financially etc.) and ensuring the future of the nation by allowing to survive only the productive members of the society.

No country is being immune from this "EVIL" plan not even the most "LIBERAL" unless willing to commit suicide and the public hysteria is predictable and the desire of survival will over come any decency what left in us.

Revival of the "UBERMENSCH" mentality is garantee and the LEADERSHIP will capitalize on it, by ALL MEANS.

If skepticism is still high on your agenda then try to remember or read some history books about the second WW. where the so called INTELLECTUALS publicly disclosed there disbelieves about the nazi propaganda, concentration camps and the result of the UBERMENSCH, ideology DEED’S.

Just a few reminder of the recent history what could implant in you a self debate about your rightnessnes.

Korea, Cambodia,Viet-Nam, Gulf war, Afganhistan, etc. if you can come up with a logical reason why all those soldiers had to die, needlessly beside for the "O’l Mighty’s corporate bottom line, I will more than gladly willing to listen to it.

The "O’l Mighty is already achieved a lot the people they control already is so stupid with out any complain let the importation of intellectuals happen stead of demanding the education of there own children’s.

It is no matter how much you agree or disagree there is nothing you can do about it, so when you reach the end of the cliff and you hear "JUMP" you better jump or you will be pushed over anyhow...

So good luck you little slimy worms, you nothing more than a little tax paying ants and when you reach the end of your productive life you will be treated like the existing elderly population, what I do not have to describe you can see this with your own eyes unless you rather turn your head.

It does not matter which IDIOT you pick on election still wind up with one of them...

Sincerely....A Member of the Dying Race.....

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