He's as good a liar as I've seen

A lot of nonsense and a lot of events have been occuring lately, too many to cover in a short amount of words. Tom Kean has been chosen to replace Henry Kissinger as chairman of the "investigative commission" on 9/11. He's as good a liar as I've seen. They are looking for a few "good" men, ladies and gents.

Also President Bush has supposedly received a smallpox inoculation. Gee, does that mean they are safe? I feel so much better now. After reading "Trance Formation of America," it seems likely that the syringe contained heroin instead. Not one citizen in America needs to be afraid of smallpox. We need to wake up to the "problem-reaction-solution" game the elite like to keep playing with us. We don't need any of your manufactured solutions to your own manufactured problems!

If anyone reading this is among the elite, ask yourself this question: unless you have some kind of technology which can defeat the law of karma, how do you expect to get away with your heinous, groteque, and abberant behavior? The Bible says "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." It doesn't matter if you believe in the Bible as an authority, there are many other ways of putting this sublime truth.

What did John Lennon say? "Imagine all the people...sharing all the world...living life in peace." Think about it! What could anyone possibly need in a world in which everyone generously and lovingly shares with everyone else? Anyone who has lived a good number of lives should be able to figure out in a short amount of time that greed does not pay. You want more of it? You might get it, but you will also get everything that comes along with it, which should include a hell of a lot more than just a lot of headaches. Maybe the simple, quiet, relaxing, and hedonistic way of life really is the way to go.

Human beings also have the ability, largely untapped by many, to draw to themselves anything they need, by the power of their will alone. Note that I said anything they need, not anything they want. Sometimes we don't know what we really want, because we have lost touch with our higher self, our connection to the infinite consciousness.

Have we any reason to worry? No, but we often think we do. We've forgotten that we are in a movie, and that movie is supposed to be fun. It is like a rollercoaster ride, and yes there are obstacles and scary things every now and then, but those are just a part of the ride. What is going to happen to you? You will die. Many times. However, this is a beautiful thing, it is the way of life. In the east they have a book called The Tibetan Book of the Dead, which teaches people how to prepare spiritually for death, and perhaps another incarnation. This book has been, much to the benefit of mankind, gaining popularity in the west as well. Death does not have to be a traumatic experience if one is prepared for it. The event might even turn out to be an amazing, blissful experience.

Back to the world of the living. Two days ago I turned 20 years old. Exciting, isn't it? I am no longer a teenager and yet I feel more childlike than ever. Wheee! I'm riding the rollercoaster of life! This is great! Don't y'all think? ;-)

It looks like I will be moving into a new apartment in a few days, which will be a really good thing. There isn't any work in this small town, it will be good to get out into the "larger world," where employment abounds.

Are there any celebrities with a birthday today? I am too lazy to check, so just kick me in the ass, thank you very much. Either way, happy birthday, and a very merry unbirthday to everyone reading this. ;-)

Peace and Love,
Rick Siote

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