My primary idea is this

On your site, how about creating a "SOLUTIONS" section where you can post, at your discretion, the ideas of contributors (and your own). Or simply take/edit the ideas and formulate a LIST OF SOLUTIONS. Of course, ask in more than one area on your site for people to submit not only questions, but solutions as well.

My primary idea is this: From the evidence or even from the allegations of wrongdoing by unknown persons in or associated with our government, suggest to people that they write a LETTER to GOVERNMENT and the MEDIA and the PRESIDENT/CONGRESS stating their concerns and asking the tough questions of both. (Your site would have a list of such questions. Be sure you advise people to use common sense and ask try to ask logical, common-sense specific questions.)

These LETTERS should also contain a number of websites that are exposing "sensitive" information, with brief references to the "evidence" being exposed or "tough questions" being asked with sound basis in support thereof.

Then the key will be to strategize on how to get these letter (with exhibits, etc.) to the top dogs (the President, heads of TV News stations, Newspapers). I think people should call the white house and a number of media houses and get: email addresses (as many as possible); names of not only the heads, but some of the lower echelon administrators as well (a "shotgun" approach) and mailing addresses of the organization. In other words blanket each organization and in each letter, the writer should both at the top of the letter as well as on the ENVELOPE, state something like, "Please copy and distribute to your co-workers and friends." In this way, enough people get it in the organization who could possibly question the top dog(s) for not addressing the concerns and questions raised in each and every letter.

Obviously, Larry King's show should be called at every opportunity when he accepts calls from the viewing public. Ideally, we should see Larry King with a stack of these letters in his hand on TV. (Tough to imagine!)

After 24 - 48 hours, when the LETTERS are not addressed by each respective media organization, people should send a COMPLAINT LETTER as a follow-up - same route, and flatly, with tact, urge each lower-echelon worker to help bring these critical, credible concerns to their top administrators for investigation and subsequent comment at the appropriate time. Some items demand immediate public announcement/debate, of course.

They should also go to the camera/news reporters on the streets and hand-deliver their LETTERS.

Talking about the streets, PICKETING those media houses that absolutely clam up is worthwhile too. Some press has to cover angry people waving picket signs in the street saying: "Was there Prior Warning - some people in the building were warned early!" "What caused the explosion of the adjacent building before the Twin Towers collapsed." "What caused both towers to collapse the way they did?" Etc., etc.

Obviously, people should also go to the smaller PRESS organizations, Community TV, etc.

Your website is great and I refer a large number of people to it.

Thank you and God Bless you for your work!


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