A Penny for your Thoughts
and a Nickel for your Secrets

It is easy to keep up piety when circumstances are such that you are never challenged. When dealing with real life situations, honesty often causes inconvenience. The line of demarcation comes when an unconscious habitual behavior tramples on simple human decency. When misrepresented, the truthful will feel compelled to set the record straight. Assertiveness excels when it cares not about the reeling back horror-struck faces of those who thought they would never have to take responsibility for their words and deeds.

Any time a position is taken the magnetized will polarize and you'll soon see your real friends. Common knowledge takes the weight off of the shoulders so the universal boulder can be laid to rest if only for one moment. Atlas is nothing more than a representation of the responsibility inherent in understanding. Why else would you have been granted a power if not to use it?

Judgment begets conclusion which closes the door. Awareness encourages acceptance and what is witnessed is more profound than the most far reaching dream. Nothing relaxes one more than realizing that at the highest levels, all is well. Sometimes fire is necessary and sometimes ice. Sometimes poison will flavor the rice.

Thanking God by discovering yourself far surpasses begging on your knees. Your worship reflects your well-being. Often I smile at the royal nature of our enthronement as sacred entities. Angels, fairies, Yah-weh the holy mother, Atman the divine father, and the Aum which underlies all forms are each independently perceivable phenomenon. Lucifer the Eternal Eye hangs out for those ready to rise above the psychic realm and come to the singularity of complete integration.

Occult power lies largely in the fact that it is hidden. The big secret is out. Luckily, when we tune in for ourselves, the formerly circuitous route leading outside becomes the instantaneous explosion of information derived straight from our inner Source.

First is Sex. Second is Emotion. Third is Mental Development. Fourth is Love and Psychic Perception. Fifth is Will-Power and the ability to Manifest any Creation. Sixth is dissolving Self into every atom of the Cosmos. Seventh is extinguishment in the Void. All who have ever been aware are still there. The resurrections of Jesus, Sri Yukteswar, and Osho are testimony to that.

It is sheer pleasure to reveal the rotes of universal data to a wider and wider audience. Love and Power oscillate freely and spirit flies unbounded. Constant change urges all of us onward. From the blade of grass, to the frog kingdom, to the cool sensations of moon reflections deep in a valley surrounded by mountains, we all seek to grow. This yearning is our journey and our special gift. Life never ends.

Exalting the most high with mighty alleluias!

C. Moors


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