This test has only one question, but it's very important. Please don't answer without giving it some serious thought...

By providing an honest answer you will be able to ascertain where you stand morally. Remember that your answer needs to be honest, yet spontaneous.

You're in Florida, Miami to be exact. There is widespread chaos all around you, caused by a hurricane and flooding. There are unruly masses of water swirling everywhere. You are a CNN photographer and you are in the middle of this great disaster.

The situation is pretty hopeless. You’re trying to shoot impressive pictures. There are houses and people floating around you disappearing into the water. Nature is revelling in its destructive power and is hauling everything away with it. Suddenly you see a man, attempting to control a big moving van. He is fighting for his life, trying not to be carried away by the water and mud. You move closer. Somehow the man looks familiar. Suddenly you realise who it is - George W. Bush.

At the same time you notice that the raging waters are about to whisk him away. You have two options. You can either save him or you can take the best picture of your life.

You can save the life of George W. Bush, or you can shoot a Pulitzer prize-winning picture capturing the death of an extremely powerful man.

Now here's the question:

(Please give an honest answer)


Will you shoot the picture in black and white or in colour?

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