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The Propoganda Machine
are Alive and Well

I made the ultimate mistake of watching 'TV' news tonight. This is something I have not done for many years, knowing that a 30 minute news show in Texas is 29 minutes of 'sports' and one minute of news propaganda. An exaggeration? probably ~but this is Texas~. It may have had 2 minutes of news propaganda.

The most revolting phrase used tonight was that 'our' soldiers are defending their country! They are NOT defending 'our country'! Texas was not threatened by the Iraqi people. None of the soldiers are defending their countries, but rather were forced under orders to destroy another country with pseudo-patriotism. Flaq-waving men fighting in a war they were never intended to win --- under a flag that represents a 'government', and that has never represented a nation.

The Iraq war is not about 9-11, it's not about fighting terrorism, its about OIL. Reservists are being trained in the deserts of California, Arizona, and other nations on how to guard, (and protect with their lives) OIL PIPELINES! This is a fact, but nothing has been mentioned in the major news media about this. The U.S. government is stealing taxes from the people to train soldiers to guard oil pipelines. What a waste of valuable resources ~ not the money ~ but the men and women who will lose their lives over another BUSH OIL FAILURE. They are not defending and guarding U.S. pipelines - but pipelines that belong to another nation and people.

Locating the terrorists responsible for the 9-11 tragedy has been put on the back burner. Osama bin Laden has to make a new video tape to keep his name in the news. The so-called major news medias fail to report the whole truth and nothing but the truth, instead regurgitating 'official government reports' (i.e. government propaganda). Why don't they compare the failure to 'git' Osama bin Laden to the Bay of Pigs fiasco? This Afghanistan/Iraq (soon to be Iran, North Korea - with threats to Cuba and Venezuela) war to 'git' Osama makes the Bay of Pigs look like a drop of water compared to an ocean of money, war, deaths, and lies in the Afghan/Iraq fiasco.

The governor of Baghdad was assassinated and 11 people killed by 'terrorists' -- that's what the 'TV' said tonight. How loosely the media pundits use the popular government installed 'buzz' word. We the sheeple are close to being mind controlled, true enough, but any reporter using a 'government' buzz word has to be mind enslaved to the FEDS. If those Iraqi citizens were in Chicago murdering people and destroying property, yes they would be terrorists. These are Iraqi citizens that do not want the United States federal government and it's Jesus crusade in their homeland. They are 'homeland security' for the Iraqi nation. They are trying to force terrorists to leave their homeland. These terrorists have invaded their nation, are murdering and torturing their neighbors, and are destroying property in their homeland. The U.S. soldiers are 'terrorists' to them!

I am not defending their actions (murder and assassination), but I will try to see their world from their point of view. I will try to understand them, the same way I understand 'why' and 'how' our own men and women ended up in a foreign nation under the guise of 'defending their country.'

The matrix and illusions are running both sides of the conflict between the Iraqi people and the foreign soldiers that invaded their homeland. The Iraqi's raising the arms against the invaders are playing into the hands of the world controllers. This is the reaction the controllers counted on -- the reaction the controllers were 'banking' on (and I do mean Banking in the monetary sense). The flag-waving Americans are reacting to lies, reacting to Jesus, reacting exactly like the controllers planned. They were manipulated into thinking invading Iraq was the 'right' thing to do. These men and women volunteered in droves to 'Join the Army' only to be brainwashed to blindly die over a 20 foot piece of pipe that carries oil to be stolen from Iraq and delivered to Washington D.C.

The media no longer tries to justify the Iraq war as moral and right to 'get' the terrorists responsible for 9-11. No they whitewashed that lie, swept it under the rug, and will not take responsibility for false reporting, nor will they even state they were lied to by the U.S. government. Silence is golden -- and profitable. They don't want Bush and Jesus scolding them.

If the Jesus myths were true, factual, and historically correct, then an Iraqi dissident to the U.S. federal government is what Jesus was --- a middle eastern dissident to the Roman government. Peter would have been a terrorist in his own homeland for making 'earless' an invader in his nation.

It is obvious that the propaganda machine works within Christianity and its leaders even better than in the media. How anyone could bow their knees and ask Jesus to bless Bush is beyond me! This U.S. Caesar has broken every principle that the Jesus character supposedly taught, and yet the preachers spew 'fool's gold' from the pulpits -- blessing U.S. invasion, murder, torture, destruction on a people - half a world away - that has never threatened the U.S. or its people. What happened to turn the other cheek? and forgiving 7 times 70? Forgive them brown Iraqis over there for what? having oil that BUSH wants?

To condemn the entire Iraqi nation and people to war, torture, death and destruction, for the actions of one man or regime is less than STUPID - its BUSH! To condemn the entire nation of Afghanistan and its people under the guise of 'gitting' Osama bin Laden is less than STUPID -- its BUSH. To condemn the entire world under the guise of 'terrorism' to fear, war, and destruction is less than STUPID - its BUSH. If I could add a word to the dictionary to describe something less than stupid I would use the word BUSH.

If there is a God in a heaven.. and a Jesus at his right hand.. they must be looking at the U.S. and saying.. How stupid can they get, how can they fall for that propaganda? -- Well there's a BUSH in office and they ain't seen the end of 'how' stupid it can get.

Naysayer, don't tell me to read the Bible. I have. Most agnostics have read the Bible. That's why they are agnostics. Our question is 'when' are Christians going to bother to read it.........? It's some of the best misused, misinterpreted, mistranslated propaganda ever created.. Ain't that right Pope? The myth of Jesus has served you and BUSH very well.

Well back to the Crusades.

L. Savage