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Prophecy or Profits-See?

Being a Biblical student for far too many years there are certain aspects presented within that alleged infallible 'Word of God' ignored by Christianity and its so-called leaders. Precepts within that book bring things to mind to ponder over; especially minds that can think for themselves and refuse to allow the preachers to mind control them.

Prophecy is one of the most abused aspects in Christian theory. In my own study I find that prophecy was intended to bring good results by heeding the warning.

Prophecy can be compared to weather forecasting. When the meteorologists say the conditions are right for a tornado or that a hurricane is impending then a prudent person prepares for that eventuality. That weather prophecy is not to bring about fear, but to bring about a positive reaction to avoid disaster and harm.

The same is true for the 'valid' and 'genuine' prophecies in the Bible. The prime example is found in the story of Jonah and the whale (or submarine) and his prophecies to Nineveh. The people of Nineveh recognized or heeded the warnings of Jonah and immediately stopped what they were doing that would bring them harm or disaster.

It was no different than when a city is warned about its water supply being polluted and if they do not clean it up that disease will befall the city's inhabitants. The city leaders recognize that its water supplies are polluted and harming its people and it takes corrective measures to stop the pollution and clean up the water supply.

Prophecy, even Biblical prophecy is not to bring or instill fear, but to bring about a reaction to avoid harm. The same could be said about the prophecies of Nostradamus. The story of Jonah PROVES, even to the casual reader, that prophecy does not have to come true. The prophecy was given so that the results could be VOIDED, and that the prophecy would NOT come true.

The failure of Christianity is not recognizing their own professed truths and written in their God's own words! Biblical prophecies are taught by preachers and teachers as FACT --- as historical 'future' events that they must face and cannot avoid. They are running headfirst, full steam ahead TOWARDS an Armageddon scenario, when the prophecy was given so they could AVOID such an event. The prophecy was given so the wise and prudent would take the necessary steps to keep such an event from happening.

Preachers should be telling the Christian sheeple that the prophecy of an Armageddon was so they could do right and VOID the prophecy. Instead they preach about this as an inevitable event that they will have to endure.

The preachers are using the prophecies to instill FEAR in their followers. This tactic of fear-based mind control has been used in every religion since the dawn of mankind. The same tactic has been used on the American people by Bush to control their reaction and try to justify an illegal war.

It's all PROFITS-SEE? Fear brings about control of the sheeple and that translates into profits through prophecy. If the sheeple were told - look over there - there is Armageddon - don't go over there, --- then there would be NO Armageddon. Instead the Christians are praising ignorant Christian leaders, like Bush, Falwell, Blair, Robertson, that are taking our young men and women into the Armageddon prophecy.

The wise and prudent would avoid and turn the other way. The ignorant and stupid will ignore the warning of the prophecy and jump into the fire.

If there is a God for Christians, he will certainly be asking them someday, "Didn't ya read my book? Why in holy hell did you not heed the warning and go the other direction to avoid harm and destruction. Why did you PAY those lying preachers week after week to NOT tell you WHY I gave you a prophecy?"

What do you want PROPHECY or PROFITS-SEE? Do you choose fear under profits-see or action to avoid the harm under prophecy? Do you choose the path of wise and prudent as did the people of Nineveh in their prophecy, or do you choose the path of fear under profits-see and follow the ignorant and stupid straight into harm's way?

When the meteorologist warns you that a hurricane is going to hit your home at 140 miles per hour it is wise and prudent to get your butt someplace else. If you follow Christian thinking you would get into your sailboat and go fishing or crouch in a closet in fear since you can't change the prophecy.

Someone lied to you! Prophecies were not intended to come true, but were given so that they WOULD NOT HAVE TO COME TRUE.

If you are not going to be wise and prudent and try to void the prophecy then why waste the time reading and studying them? Michele de Notre Dame did not write the prophecies given to him so we could ignore them. He evidently preserved them in code to keep the church from using them for their profits. He bothered to preserve them in writing so that we could see what would happen if we follow the paths that lead to destruction.

If Nostradamus, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Saint John, Jesus or any other prophets KNEW we were going to ignore them, why would they bother to even write them down?

The blind are leading the blind. I for one will go the other way.

L. Savage