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George W. He's an imposter.

Just a quick response to L. Savage's articles on Chritianity. I happen to understand and agree with a lot of what he says. I think his concerns reflect what a lot of people who don't necessarily believe in the bible think. I happen to think the bible is true but don't misunderstand me, I'm not into pushing my belief on anyone else and I'll use a few versus to make a point. So, stay with me, I'm not preaching, just sharing a point of view.

Let's face it, most people have not ever read the bible. Christians (so called) and non- Christians. Christians parrot what they have been told in the pulpits and non believers just believe what people to claim to be Christains have told them.

People say since George W. "says" he's a Christian he must be and since his actions are violent and absurd, the bible must be the same way. The fact is George W. isn't a Christian. He's an imposter. He's a wolf in sheeps clothing. The bible warns about imposters. If people actually read it, they would see it.

The Catholic Church claims to teach the bible. People see how violent and hypocritical the Catholic church is and has been throughout history and they think the bible must be the same way. See the above reasoning for George W. The Catholic Church does not teach the bible, but a demonic inspired forgery. The bible even says to stay away from "doctrines of demons" which include forbidding people to marry and abstain from certain food. The bible spells calls out the Catholic Church for being fulll of doctrines of devils.

The bible says there is a "powerful delusion" that is fooling the planet. Do we see that? Of course! So let's not be confused and associate occultists and satanists with real Chritianity and the bible. That's what they want. The vatican is a cult and steeped in satanism. Our president is a satan worshipping new world order puppet---he's NOT a Christian! Let's not confuse REAL believers with the imposters. How do we know the difference? Understand what the bible REALLY says and it will be obvious.

Joe L~