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Apocalypse -
The Dance Everybody Seems to Be Doing

In the early 80's a wonderful New Wave band emerged from the L.A. music scene. They were called The Motels, and the lead singer was husky-voiced siren Martha Davis. You probably remember them from their hit, "Only the Lonely."

I bought the album that "Only the Lonely" was featured on when it came out, and I loved every one of the songs featured on it. The lyrics painted powerful word-pictures for me. Martha Davis' richly-textured voice really transported me to The Motels' dimension of moody, often melancholy, song-stories.

I remember one song that was quirky and offbeat. It was called "Apocalypso." I haven't been able to locate the lyrics online, but one line from the chorus still sticks in my mind. It is: "Do the Apocalypso now."

Lately, it would seem that everyone in the alternative/New Age community is doing the Apocalypso. I think of the Apocalypso as the energy dance that many people enter into when they start running around like Chicken Little screaming "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!" The enter into disaster consciousness, end of the world consciousness, Apocalypse or Armageddon consciousness. They start anticipating tragedy around every corner just because this prophet or that one has predicted that there would one day be a major earthquake. . . and wow, a big earthquake actually happened! So that must mean the end of the world is at hand!

The same predictions have been made for millenia, but we tend to forget that. There have been big earthquakes before, and the world didn't "end." There have been big tragedies before, but they weren't some cure-all that made humanity stop sinning overnight. Growth is gradual, evolution is a process.

So why do we keep thinking that we need the Big Hollywood Ending here, like something out of a Spielberg movie? Can't anyone imagine a gentler way of experiencing change on this planet, a kinder, more loving way for humanity to grow? Why do so many people enter into planning their own suicides through visions of earth changes, mass catastrophes, or global warfare? Why is that process so addictive and enticing for us?

The sad thing about Armageddon and the Apocalypse are that people don't understand their true nature. They are each a holographic, Luciferian "insert" or mind control program that way too many people are giving energy to. Why are they doing that? Because, for them, they imagine that natural disasters, death and destruction are the only possible doorway through which humanity is going to be "redeemed." For them, there can be no other way. It is only through self-annihilation that humanity can be put on course again, spiritually speaking - or so they believe.

The people who desperately seek Armageddon/Apocalypse are often folks who have lost confidence about their connection with the Divine, their ability to tap into a power larger and more awesome than themselves, and the only way they can conceive of this happening is through some large-scale world drama taking place. They are hungry for God, they are hungry for change, and so they add energy to this belief that something BIG and TERRIBLE needs to happen for that connection to God to open up again.

It's sad, really. Too many people still see God as this distant, authoritative, judgmental being who is one day going to rain disaster down upon us all for our sins.

Each of us has the capacity to every day enter into communication with the Divine. We don't have to wait for Armageddon or the Apocalypse to make this accessible. This energy and creative intelligence is available to us now, today --- flawed though we are, "sinners" though we may be.

If we can get ourselves on course again spiritually and materially, learning to care more about each other and to express that caring better, and to enter consciously into the art of creation, then we won't require an Armageddon or an Apocalyptic event to spur this shift in consciousness. It will no longer be needed.

The recent undersea earthquake and the resulting tsunamis in Southeast Asia were "wake-up" calls reminding us that changes need to happen in our consciousness and that if we don't start caring more about each other, more disasters may well occur to FORCE us to start using our hearts. George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton momentarily put aside their differences to focus on disaster relief. Wouldn't it be nice if it didn't take world tragedies to force the various factions of the world to band together in acts of kindness?

Do the work NOW, and the "end of the world" doesn't have to become your only chance for spiritual redemption. The energies of Armageddon and the Apocalyptic mindset reflect the disowned, fragmented, and wounded pieces of our own being which have to be made whole again. This takes spiritual "homework," but it is not too late to change the "outcome" here in this Earth school.

It's all about assuming responsibility for your creations. . . and for the joint creations that you are entering into with the rest of humanity.

If you want to give your energy over to disaster consciousness, go ahead.

Just realize that that is what you are doing. Assume responsibility for it. Name it for what it is.

Admit that you're doing the Apocalpyso, that you've chosen to enter into that tempting, dark doorway of fear and misery.

However, that's one dance I'm going to bypass. I much prefer the Cosmic Mambo. The dance floor is a lot sunnier, and they serve a great margarita.

I invite you to join me.