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Did anyone really expect
fair elections in Iraq?

Any person, nation, or government that proclaims the elections in Iraq were held fairly and impartially must be a subscriber to total ignorance. The Iraqi election comes on the heels of the fraudulent elections held in the United States in November 2003 where countless thousands of people were not allowed to vote and where thousands of votes for Kerry were given to Bush. In a police state, such as Ohio, the United States and its media pundits intimidated any one who challenged the results of the 'selection' (commonly misnomered as an 'election'). They were intimidating voters at the polls openly.

U.S. citizens were given the opportunity to be fooled into thinking that they had a voice in their government. The November selection was a farce. The voters were merely extras on a movie set. The entire world knows it, but for the most part maintains its silence for fear of U.S. instigated reprisals.

The people in the U.S. had absolutely no say or voice in 'who' was selected for them to run as president and it mattered not if they showed up at the selection polls in November to cast a 'vote.' The whole process is much like a movie and the actors in the show should win the Oscars for 'best acting.' This award should be shared by both Bush and Kerry. Selection day was merely awarding the Oscar to the best actor and even then the producers had to rig the vote.

These same producers are the ones that set the stage for the sequel in Iraq. The U.S. handpicked the actors to 'run' for the various positions. The Iraqi people certainly were not allowed any right in 'self-determination' of their new ruling classes. This privilege remained with the alleged liberators of Iraq (more accurately called conquerors and occupiers).

The U.S. could have chosen Ariel Sharon to run as president of Iraq and he would have won by a landslide (if that is how the director's script read!).

Would Saddam Hussein been allowed to run for president? He is after all innocent of all charges, since under a democracy you are innocent until proven guilty. (Don't say that too loudly, though…the masters of Gitmo might not like the truth being told and will secret you out in the middle of the night for a lifelong vacation in Cuba). Gitmo, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc. are true examples of Freedom U.S. styled.

The next movie in Iraq is "Constitution Writing." The ghost writers in Tel Aviv are frantically writing and rewriting the script for this blockbuster. Soon they will deliver their script to the authors, Bremer, Wolfowitz, and Bush. Then other backstage managers and set producers will create the illusions for the movie.

The cue cards are readied and when they hold up the one for the audience that says 'applaud.' Then Blair, Howard, and others will get their 10 seconds of fame in the movie, as they cheer and applaud the 'new 'con'-stitution of Iraq.

One thing is for sure, it will be a landmark for international trade relations. The constitution will be 'made in Israel' and assembled in Washington D.C.

Do you think for one moment that the Iraqi people will be allowed self-determination in choosing their own government? Absolutely not! What would happen if they were to choose a rule of government and law that was purely Islamic and identical to the style of government in Iran? The U.S. would have 'egg on its face.' The cheers from the audience would fade, the ratings would drop, and the U.S. would lose money on its latest movie production.

One has to wonder 'why' the rush to elections in Iraq? The U.S. has not even won the war yet, even though they say they won it about a year ago. Fighting continues daily and U.S. soldiers are dying. Innocent Iraqi people are being slaughtered in this war daily. Yet the U.S. public still believes that the U.S. won the illegal war against Iraq. This is the mark of a great movie - creating the illusion that lasts and lasts, regardless of the facts.

Iraq has historically, for the most part of all history, been ruled by a monarch or conquering emperor. As a nation and people they were ruled by a conquering monarchy for many years that ruled Iraq from London. In the last hundred years the government of Saddam Hussein was the closest thing to democracy the Iraqi people had ever experienced.

Now that' illusion of democracy' has been replaced with a new conquering emperor that rules from Washington D.C. The D.C. regime is busy creating a new illusion of democracy that will never be 'self-determination' by the Iraqi people - for the Iraqi nation.

D.C. is very good and experienced at creating these illusions of democracy and self-rule. That regime has fooled 50 nation/republics and the people into believing that they are free under a democratic rule. D.C. learned these tactics from the very best - England. That monarchy once fooled the entire world that its people (and its conquered lands) that they were free and actually living in a free society under self-determining rule.

There are a handful of Americans that study their own history and have empathy with and sympathy for the Iraqi people. There are those that dig for the buried treasures of history that the United States has hidden from the people. The means and methods of an imperialistic U.S. regime are paralleled in history. The U.S. illegal wars, the U.S. as conquerors, the U.S. colonizations, imperializations, and the U.S. occupations are not lost on these learned historians. One merely need look at the U.S. war against Texas and other states and the U.S. occupation of those states to understand that the Iraqi people are experiencing and suffering the same atrocities that our American forefathers suffered under at the hands of the U.S. military and Washington, D.C.

A person only needs to read the Texas Constitution of 1869 which was written for Texans by the U.S. military and Washington D.C., to understand what an occupiers' constitution is really all about. It is merely the 'appearance' of democracy. It's all an illusion! The U.S. occupation constitution of Texas makes the Texans acquiesce to and subservient to the lordship of D.C. over their lives and their governments.

The movie script was planned for Texas as it is being written now for Iraq. The U.S. military rode 'gun' shod over the 1869 constitutional convention; daily delivering its requirements to be included in that document. The 'true' and native Texans that were actually elected to this convention saw the fraud and 'fled' in the middle of the night so they would not have to take the U.S. mandated constitution back to their electors. The U.S. Army then finalized the constitution of 1869. Then at gun point Texans were allowed to 'approve' this new government and constitution for Texas.

The same thing is going on in Iraq today. The U.S. will be the rulers of Iraq, under an illusion of a self-determining democracy. The U.S. will install its own government under a constitution 'forced' upon the Iraqi people.

One of Biggest Lies perpetrated on the world is that the United States is a sovereign nation. The very name of the entity - United States - actually defines it as something of a multiplicity rather than a singular entity.

The United States is not a nation. Its only sovereign people and land is a ten mile squared area (and this only by the permission of two other nation/states). The United States is a government created by those States United (the real nations) for a common defense. The United States is merely a coalition government. If the American People were not dumbed down and not subjected to endless, lifelong, mind control and propaganda of the United States coalition government, they would dissolve or re-create this coalition government. The existing U.S. coalition government is out of control. It has presumed that the slave is lord over its masters.

The European Union is not a nation but a coalition government created by nations. The same is true for the United States. European nations stand to lose their real sovereignty to their own creation, as another slave becomes lord over the masters.

If the American people do not awake from their slumber of ignorance the coalition government in D.C. is going to bankrupt every person and every state in North America. If the nation/states once united do not rise up and reclaim their lawful authority over the D.C. regime, then they will fade into oblivion because the U.S. police state cannot afford or allow 'independent' governments to contradict their illicit actions.

I hope and pray that the Iraqi people are able to withstand the authoritarian government that the U.S. is imposing upon them. True liberators would have liberated the people and left the country to its people for self-determination. This is not about liberation but about totalitarianism masked in an illusion of democracy.

Was it not the U.S. illusion of democracy, freedom and self determination that destroyed the Cherokee nation and produced the trail of tears as they were ejected from their homeland and denied their ancient culture and self-rule?

This trail of tears extended to Texas, the southern states, to Hawaii, and throughout history. The trail of tears now extends to Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Afghanistan and threatens North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, and countless others that are on the Bush hit list. The U.S. State of Japan can witness and give testimony of the atrocities that forced them from sovereignty to a U.S. puppet under an illusion of democracy.

At the first chance the Philippine people threw off the illusion of U.S. democracy and installed their own cultured form of democracy - good or bad - it is the Philippine people's government. It is up to them and them alone to liberate themselves from their own creation when needed. It was the sole right of the Iraqi people to liberate themselves from a Hussein government if they so chose.

It was not the right of a coalition government half the world away to decide that for them. Venezuela has told the United States to keep out of Venezuelan affairs. Hopefully we will see more and more of this attitude as nations and peoples throughout the world get sick and tired of U.S. democracy (American style), being only an illusion that is ratified by fixed elections.

Fair elections in Iraq?
Surely you jest!

L. Savage