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The killing MUST GO ON

So, Bush proposed his new budget today. Y'know, in all my years I've never seen a government that holds its own citizens in such absolute contempt. You know what I mean? Besides the fact that we already incarcerate more federal prisoners than any other nation on earth (including China), the 3 TRILLION dollar budget proposal kills off more than 150 programs for education, Medicaid, and housing, but INCREASES funding for THE WAR WITHOUT END and HOMELAND SECURITY. Boy, you can really see where THIS ADMINISTRATION'S PRIORITIES ARE! The killing MUST GO ON and EVERYONE MUST SUFFER. Plus, we'll STILL have a 400 billion dollar deficit! Oh, boy! We are not "on the road to fascism", folks, we are already there - with a vengeance!

Let's face the facts: unless you make more than a million dollars a year, YOUR GOVERNMENT HATES YOU! They have proven it time and time again. They don't really need us for anything but fodder, anyway - and to pay taxes. All us poor saps - WE have to carry the burden while NERO and his buddies fiddle away…how quaint.

My question is: WHEN ARE PEOPLE GONNA WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Personally, I am calling for VIOLENT OVERTHROW of the republic - right here, right now - including public executions of the guilty! People need to step up and do their constitutional duty. We need to rid the planet of these worthless scumbags once and for all, and we certainly can't VOTE them out of office…

People say to me, "Jason, I know we need to bring the bureaucrats to justice, but KILLING them? I dunno about that. Who would be willing to make the call on who lives and who dies?" Well, believe me, I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to make that call. No moral dilemma here, buddy! I'll push the button, flip the switch, pull the trigger - whatever. No problem. I'M YOUR MAN. No need for guilt or remorse - call Jason! INSTANT JUSTICE! C'mon, folks, whaddaya say? Oh, never mind. Go back to sleep…or call me. Let's start a revolution. Wait a minute…who's that knocking at my door? HOMELAND SECURITY? Oh, shit - gotta run!

Jason D

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