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US War on Domestic Dissent

The new so-called "US War on Domestic Terrorism" as proclaimed unabashedly on BBC radio in the middle of January 2005, is, in reality, a War on Domestic Dissent within the USA.

The floodgates are now fully open to go after US citizens with the recent stolen and illegal "election" of George W Bush to a 2nd term as US president. Add Alberto Gonzalez (a terrorist and architect of torture policy) to the highest law enforcement position in the land as US Attorney General, and you have the makings of a crackdown on all domestic dissent (both left and right) within the USA.

US domestic dissent has always been in the crosshairs of the International Corporate, Military and Political Elite. Opponents of imperialist policies and practices at home are now labelled "terrorists" or "enemy combatants" of the State. Any challenge to the legitimacy and business interests of ultra-rich corporate America is targeted for persecution, containment, incarceration and ultimately death.

Billions of dollars are now insidiously being pumped into US intelligence agencies, the US Military, the Prison-Industrial-Complex and private corporate institutions that will be used to specifically target, surveil, investigate, track, co-opt, control and ultimately destroy all freedom of expression and dissent against the State.

The US Corporate Empire under the illegal and dictatorial Bush Administration is working feverishly to bankrupt the USA financially by fueling a bloated homeland security and military defense budget while simultaneously decimating domestic programs and services. It is constructing a fascist police state infrastructure that is even now being used to criminalize and persecute all who actively dissent in America.

The 4th Reich is here citizens of the world. Stalinist Russia, Mao's Cambodia and Hitler's Nazi Germany have arisen from their ashes only to have resurrected as the United States of America.

Let all peoples and nations throughout the world rise-up en masse to organize, confront, challenge and completely destroy this wicked nation by ANY and ALL means necessary. Already its satanic tentacles have spread deep throughout the nations. If allowed to continue, it will enslave civilization, end all life on Earth and condemn billions of souls to Hell.

Steve Jones
Rome, Italy
European Union