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Terri Schiavo
A Family Tragedy - Exploited by the Media, Government, and Politics

by L. Savage

We have been virtually silent on the matter of life and death facing Terri Schiavo. Few, if any, links or postings are to be found on this site about this tragic case. The media fame grabbers, media sensationalists, and ignorant media analysts have droned on and on about this case. Politicians jumped on the band wagon to further exploit this poor lady's tragedy and demise. We did not want to add to the exploitation any more than just minimal information to our viewers.

Government officials in Florida and the media have even suggested that Michael Schiavo, Terry's husband 'might' be complicit in causing Terry to be in her current condition. These 'yellow' journalists, along with incompetent government officials have not one shred of evidence to even point that direction.

We should be reminded that this husband has not gotten a divorce from this mentally disabled woman for all these years. Divorce would have been the normal path for most husbands facing such personal tragedy and expenses. From what I've seen 'through' the yellow journalism, Michael Schiavo has stood beside her honorably, the best he could, not getting a divorce and after a decade of living inside this tragedy determined it was time to 'let go.'

At the same time there are many problems with allowing a human to starve to death or dehydrate until dead. It would almost make the Kevorkian way seem much more humane.

We've all listened to the dribble from the politicians, whose goal is always self-aggrandizement say it is the husband's right to 'let her die.' Why is this so? And why are some government officials and attorney's promoting such a position based on government court decisions, in direct violation of the constitution?

If we are all equal -- both men and women -- then we each individually have the right to the 'pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.' That by automatic implication gives each of us the right not to pursue life, liberty and happiness. It appears to me that Terry Schiavo has been denied this ultimate right of all humans. No other person has the right to determine this for anyone. Yet just a short while back an infant was killed by a hospital, even though the parents fought to keep the hospital from killing that child.

This case never made it to the 'big' media pundits. The Christian movement was noticably absent from the scene. The politicians made no hey-day for this child. Why? The family could not afford to keep the child under treatment in the hospital. The hospital refused to use their money to keep the child alive, and all hospitals in Texas were given the opportunity to pick up the child's care and treatment. No other hospital came forward -- not the Methodist Hospital, not the Baptist Hospital, not the Presbyterian Hospital, not one of the many Catholic Hospitals in Texas would keep the infant alive.

Hey folks, all this nonsense about right to life and right to die is about MONEY. Obvious from the Christian actions towards this baby it is not about moral issues. The Christian world allowed this baby to be murdered by corporate America without a peep. So much for their 'righteous' stance on abortion! They won't bother to keep a living, breathing, infant alive, but will intentionally seek media hype to spread their abortion poison and war. It's about MONEY - not about morality. This instant case proves that the Church could care less. It's hypocrisy. Where was that Christian bufoon Jay Sekelo when the baby's right to life was snuffed out by both Christian and secular hospitals?

If Micheal Schiavo is guilty of anything in his 'presumed' right to end the life of his wife, then so is every hospital administrator and every pastor - preacher in Texas.

The callous press has seldom considered the pain and torture that Michael Schiavo has endured for the past decade and for the decision he was considered 'responsible' for making. The simplest of standards to determine the matter was evidently denied to Terry Schiavo. Lacking a written will and statement saying she wanted to be starved to death, there would have to be two witnesses, under oath, saying this was what she stated her intention was. I have little doubt that Terry probably did state to her husband that she would not want to live hooked up to machinery, but I also doubt that type of statement ever considered the possibility of being starved to death.

I've not heard one sensible media pundit, lawyer, medical official, government agent or politician offer a third solution. There's only black and white in their world, even though the rest of us live in a world of color.

The parents and siblings of Terry Schiavo come now before us to interfere and cloud the issues. This sounds very callous, for those people love Terry Schiavo, as much as Michael Schiavo. Yet it was not and never will be the right of the parents of an adult to determine such things. Love is a great interference when dealing with Terry's decision to die or not to die.

If Michael can no longer bear the pain and the parents and siblings cannot 'let go' of Terry, then who is to make the decision? Well it is certainly not the right of 535 (-) 1 Federal puppets who chased WMD all over Iraq, destroying a nation and all its infrastructure. They should be bound to the constitution that limits their powers from interfering in such matters. The Feds have no right or power or business in your life, your decisions, your bedroom, etc.

The matter of life and death of a person suffering under such tragedy is not the right or power of government. These matters are not governmental in nature and are not something that 'we the people' should allow government interference into. These kind of decisions are social and cultural matters and not for government to interfere in. Politicians have nothing more than opinions on the matter, but use their position as a bully pulpit and the Terry Schiavo case, to bring their names to the press and public. They are media whores.

This Terry Schiavo case is a medical decision, lacking a written request from Terry herself. The parents and the husband should agree to binding arbitration from a panel of doctors, (qualified in Terry's disability) which would act as a jury. If there is a chance of any sort of recovery no one can address the problem better than the medical doctors. The husband can't, the parents can't, and the damn government bufoons surely can't. In this kind of case emotions of what is right and wrong cannot be addressed by those people that love Terry for objectivity is blurred. It is love the husband has that wants to end Terry's meaningless existence and it is love that the parents have that wants Terry alive, even if she is only a living body. A full case should be presented before this panel by attorney's for both sides -- and once these doctors determine the fate, so be it, let God lead their decision.

I personally think that if the living body that was once Terry Schiavo can be cared for by the parents that have indicated their willingness to accept the responsibility of care and expense, then so be it, as long as the husband is relieved from all legal obligations regarding the case. In over ten years the medical experts have evidently not been able to bring about a marked improvement in Terry's condition. At this stage the living body is probably not Terry Schiavo -- but medical advances are coming so fast there is the possibility that some sort of recovery might be possible in the near or distant future. If the body that was once Terry Schiavo has absolutely no recollection of anything, then what harm is there in letting the parents care for that body? If the soul and spirit is gone, then why should the husband Michael Schiavo object? If the body is in no pain would Terry have chosen to die by starvation and dehydration?

If there is even a slim chance that Terry Schiavo could achieve some minor amount of recovery, then the medical jury should be bound to deliver the person to the parents, relieving Michael Schiavo from further responsibilty. This is guaranteeing Terry's 'right' to life is preserved. The husband on his own statement, (even though he is grieving over the condition of his wife,) should not be legally bound or obligated to determine the right to life.

Seeing Terry Schiavo's pictures from before her accident shows a very beautiful lady, full of life, and relatively happy. It is hard to imagine she would want to remain in a constant life of nothingness. It is even harder to imagine that she would have agreed to starvation and dehydration as the method to die from.

What all of us should be ashamed of, due to our allowing the government and the media, and media whores to interfere, is the pain and torture that the Schiavo family and the relatives of Terry have had to put up with during the months of relentless exploitation of this tragedy. Perhaps the producer of the "The Passion" can yet make another movie glorifying the torture and pain of yet another victim of governmental intrusion into our lives. Another million to be made by some whore exploiting a tragedy.

I only hope this is a decision that I will never be forced by law to make concerning the woman I love, more than life itself. It would be so very difficult to 'let go.'