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Happy Independence Day

by L. Savage

Happy Independence Day Iraq! Welcome to Independence U.S. Government style.

Doesn't U.S. Independence feel great?

It is, after all, the same independence granted to every nation that they have invaded and installed U.S. independence.

U.S. Independence as great as it is for you, (in Washington D.C.'s opinion), comes to you at great costs. The costs include war, blood, dead children, destroyed cities, ruined infrastructure, loss of sovereignty, and loss of freedoms you were once accustomed to.

You have gotten your U.S. Independence. The U.S. forces are there to guarantee your independence. You will be free under the U.S. government's 'special' definition of independence.

It won't be too long before the occupation forces begin the 'hidden war' against the Iraqi people under the name of 'reconstruction'. Reconstruction is such a good thing for the Iraqi nation and people. The U.S. restores what it has destroyed. At the same time the brainwashing and mind manipulation begins, so you will conform, agree to, and even appreciate your loss of freedoms and sovereignty. You will be subjected to the ruling powers that will watch over you from thousands of miles away, in the District of Columbia.

Your generation will grow old and tired. Your progeny will be blessed with a U.S. education, where all memory of your old culture, your true history will be completely eradicated in your children's history books. The war will be presented, as the U.S. wants it presented. Your children will be taught how the war was against evil and the U.S. came in to eliminate that evil. They will be taught how the U.S. emancipated them through war. The real causes of the war will be obliterated from your society. The U.S. need of your resources and oil will be addressed as inconsequential in light of your needing U.S. emancipation from an evil force.

The U.S. will allow you to have elections and the U.S. will pick your choices for you. You will get to elect officials from a slate of candidates approved by your liberators.. They will give you political parties that are totally controlled by Washington, D.C.

Your proud institutions that stood up for the people in Iraq will be castrated for your own good. No longer will your religions be allowed to speak out against the United States. No longer will freedom-minded organizations like Freemasons or Shriners be allowed to speak out FOR individual freedoms. Their importance in the struggle for personal freedom will be obliterated. Your heroes of the past will be 'allowed' but their life, their meaning and purpose will be watered down to a mere mention in a history book. Their messages will be changed to glorify the United States federal government.

You will blessed knowing that your new government and your new constitution will make your governing bodies mere puppets of the masters in Washington D.C. that know ultimately what is best for you and your nation.

The revision of your history has already begun, as the U.S. military has hijacked most of your museums, their contents, and now history can be rewritten to glorify your occupiers bringing you independence. Rejoice knowing that Babylon the great of ancient Mesopotamia is now under the control of the New Babylon of Christianity.

The reconstruction forces will remain until all of you understand that there is no hope for your nation without the United States in control of your destiny. Dissent to this magnificent arrangement will be dealt with harshly.

Those small farms and small family owned businesses will also become history and a memory of times past. The United States will bless you with a corporate environment giving its blessings on corporations through your laws… (i.e.Your laws the United States wrote for you.) Nearly everyone will work for a corporation. The U.S. sees this as the ultimate in freedom for you. The corporations will treat you like slaves with an almost decent wage, making individuality a thing of the past. Individuality will become a sin that must be crushed by many, many, thousands upon thousands of laws.

You will be expected to worship and honor the laws. They become your supreme master. Forget your God.. For in U.S. Independence, Law, (their laws) is Supreme above all else. Many times those laws conflict with each other, but never to worry, there will be Supreme Court judges in your land that will make sure none of those conflicting laws ever harm the controllers in the U.S.

A hundred years after the occupation and reconstruction your children and your children's children will never know the suffering and struggle you have endured trying to retain your real culture, your real history and your real heritage. It will all be replaced with 'good' history of how the United States liberated you from your oppression. The U.S. will own your children as the 'good' god watches out for all of you.

Your descendants will become apathetic to personal freedom and choice. They will blindly wander through life trying to obtain the newest gadget to keep them amused and out of the dangers of thinking for themselves. They will be blessed with a mindless existence that numbs their very souls to any abuses by your officials.

You can now forget about Allah, Jesus, Jehovah, and all those gods, for Washington D.C. is above all of them now. You are expected to honor and obey your new god.. for it (according to them) is like a marriage made in heaven. The polygamous god the Holy U.S. always marries the nations it rapes. This legitimizes the rape and makes it holy too.

Your entire lives will be sold to the highest bidder. Not like slavery - no that word is not allowed. Your life, better stated the work your life can produce, will become collateral for loans the U.S. makes. The taxes produced from your labor will be used years before you actually perform the work through these loans. Your descendents' lives will be borrowed against from the moment you give birth. All this is for the glory of the Great United States, the New Babylon. Your children will never know all this because the overseers will hide these things under thousands of layers of indecipherable paperwork.

All will be peaceful for your progeny. They may never know the suffering you had to endure trying to maintain your sovereignty and personal freedoms. They will think they are living in a free and sovereign land. After all who makes better slaves than a population that knows not they are enslaved!

This plan of the United States works! Many puppet nations exist in peace (somewhat) under the master's rules. As long as the person, or the people, or the nation does not go against the masters of D.C. then you are allowed a peaceful, though meaningless, existence. When you forget your old culture and proud heritage then you will be allowed some degree of freedom, within the bounds set for you by Washington D.C.

When a group or even a person rises up to speak out for personal freedom, as you once knew, the U.S. Federal God will invoke its wrath against them to guarantee your new meaningless existence under their rule. (remember April 19, 1993 Waco, Texas?)

So my friends enjoy your occupation… enjoy your reconstruction… Big Brother U.S. will soon be watching over you. You have already suffered the invasion of your land, your nation, and your lives.. All that is left is the United States' invasion of your minds. Then there will be peace. Peace as defined by Washington, D.C.

Simply observe how puppet nations under the control of the one of the smallest nations in the world (the ten miles squared nation of the United States Federal Government) live and act. They have done well under the oppression and occupation. These puppet governments bow down in obedience to the New Babylon. Sovereignty has been subdued.

See the true history of the nations of:
Texas, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Cherokee, Apache, Alaska, and hundreds more.

Happy Independence Day Iraq!