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The Stupid Pledge of Allegiance

The Supreme Court rules that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. I heard one reporter make this statement on a major TV network 'news?' program. This little white lie goes uncontested as these conservative bullshitters try to twist the issue to match their ignorance.

The Supreme Court did not state the Allegiance is unconstitutional. The allegiance cannot be constitutional, since the constitution is moot on any such alleged allegiance. They did however state it is unconstitutional for government to force or expect children to allege to God or any god. This is what goes on in almost every school in America -- unconstitutional forced allegiances to a god by government.

The U.S. pledge of allegiance is a NON constitutional matter, since the constitution makes NO mention of any such thing. There is no law requiring any private person, not in government service, to pledge allegiance to a flag, a government, or a god. I certainly would not pledge allegiance to a stupid piece of cloth. After the genocide committed by the U.S. government at Waco, Texas, where they burned children alive to stop child abuse, I will never have allegiance to such an inhumane demonic government.

The words 'under God' were added in the 1950's to the so called pledge when a reign of idiocy took over the Congress of the U.S. under the fool McCarthy. Under this reign of terror thousands of innocent people were jailed, exiled, and their lives ruined by unconstitutional acts of that Congress. McCarthy fueled the Cold War with his public reign of ignorance and terrorism by the U.S. Government. So to acquiesce and commit myself to a pledge 'under God' would be to honor the continuing stupidity of the U.S. government.

It is NOT the duty of the government run schools to teach religion of any kind or to force young minds to pledge under God. This is propaganda and mind manipulation at the earliest stages of the young mind. The schools are having trouble teaching the three 'R's and they should be concentrating on those R's not on religion or beliefs.

It is the church's duty and responsibility to teach religion and teach about God. They should not abdicate that to public, government run schools. I object to paying taxes to any government entity that is promoting any form of religion.

Right now we have a 'professed' born again Christian acting like president of the U.S. He can have that religion if he wants to. That is his right and privilege. When he starts using government money, assets, and bully pulpit to install 'faith-based' bullshit then I object. I don't want to hear that crap, much less pay for it.

What if your child was Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist, or a thousand other religions? Would you want your child to have to profess daily to a Christian god? Would you prefer your Christian child to be forced to say "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States, one nation, under Allah" day after day after day?

Religions hold one main objective on planet Earth. That is one of disruption and division. More lives have been sacrificed in the name of religion than any other disease, or plague, or catastrophe. No one can 'prove' there is or is not a god. Each religion and each denomination of Christianity has their own definition of God and that definition differs from the next. Those differences divide all of us.

So why teach our children further means of division, which only leads to more wars, more strife, more struggles, more hate, more racism, etc.?

L. Savage