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Oh Syria
Don't' fall into the trap

Syria is falling into a trap being set for her by America's legal minds. This is how Yugoslavia fell, Afghanistan fell, and Iraq fell into the hands of U.S. Occupation. Following the 'normal' diplomatic protocol and courtesy will not work. The diplomatic protocols were written and enforced primarily by England and the West. In times of peace the protocols are courtesy and workable for nation approaching nation to discuss problems or propositions. But remember those diplomatic procedures were written generally in favor of the European nations and the West.

As long as an 'outsider' nation understands how those procedures are used against them then they can use the protocols with knowledge and understanding of what to expect and how to reduce the negative results of the diplomatic procedures.

By law, nations are on equal standing with other nations. Each is a sovereign entity in respect to the other. In reality, governments of earth are failing the people on the planet. Presently, all governments are crap. In this pile of crap the US happens to be the biggest turd on the pile. It has a bunch of smaller turds that are hiding under its size and stench, such as Britain, Australia, and others. The biggest turd is growing bigger as it also absorbs smaller turds, like Afghanistan and Iraq into itself and they are crushed from the weight of the Big One. Smaller turds like Iran and Syria are trying not to be absorbed by King Turd.

This is the Texan guttural way of describing the world situation.

Regardless, Syria is being set up by the United States and it's criminal coalition to be the bad guy. Following the path that Yugoslavia and Iraq followed will only lead to war against your people, and occupation of your country. The mistake Iran is making is engaging the U.S. and Israel in rhetoric. All rhetoric is used by the U.S. spinmeisters and twisted into propaganda.

The very second a U.S. diplomatic pouch is sent to Syria, accusing her or demanding of her another action, a news release is made in the U.S. and Europe that demonizes Syria. Before Syria has been able to read or even respond the world opinion has been slanted against her.

Syria must learn to understand and respond in a way that the U.S. legal minds will understand. The U.S. operates on 'presumption' of law. First and foremost never react immediately in defense to a U.S. accusation or demand. The U.S. has a preplanned response to whatever first reaction Syria might have. Plan carefully what you say to win the American and world opinion.

Seek all remedy internationally at law. Lay out your position to the press in simple terms that all Americans can understand, and immediately file for remedy in an international venue.

For instance, the U.S. has accused Syria of not securing her borders to stop insurgents from entering Iraq. The news media all over the world played and printed the propagandizing rhetoric of Washington , D.C.

The U.S. presumes that silence on the part of Syria, or inaction to the U.S. demand is acquiescence of Syria to what the U.S. has accused. Syria must anticipate and plan its war of words in the same method, but Syria, unlike the accuser, must rely on plain and simple truth, that the entire world can understand.

Syria should use her best legal minds, or even hire vultures from the legal industry in the U.S. to answer the accusations. Answer these accusations in writing and orally, and loudly before every international forum and court possible. On the same day release to the world presses a simplified, peaceful, even loving reply.

To the accusation that Syria is not closing its borders to prevent insurgencies from entering Iraq: Demand a reply from the U.S. for each of your rebuttals.

By what legal right does the U.S. have to ask or demand Syria do anything whatsoever about its borders.

If there was no legal right of the U.S. then by what legal premise is Syria obligated to answer to illegal demands made on Syria by the U.S.?

Syria has a long standing 'open' borders law for all Arabs, that cannot be negated simply because the U.S. decided to invade Iraq, a nation at peace with its neighbors. The U.S. knew or should have known about this long standing law of friendship with its neighbors.

Syria was not a party to nor did it endorse an illegal war against Iraq, so by what obligation is Syria required to provide indirect defenses for the Occupation Army of the United States?

Syria is not the occupying force, is not at war, and has no need to arm and restrict its borders from the Syrian people.

If a secure border is demanded by the U.S. and granted by Syria, would the U.S. pay for all direct and indirect expenses weekly to the Syrian government? Syria is under no obligation to indirectly or directly aid the Occupying Forces in Iraq. Since Syria does not have the trained forces available for such a huge undertaking, then Syria might have to contract such an operation out to China. (See the U.S. squirm over that one!)

Syria holds to the position that the Occupying Forces, whether legal or illegal, have the sole obligation of securing Iraq's borders to protect the Occupation forces.

Syria holds that the United States cannot demand a secure border of another nation. No nation on earth is obligated to secure any of her borders on the whim of the U.S. Syria is a nation not at war with its neighbors and needs no extra-special border security. Syria holds that the U.S. demands, in light of current events, is hypocritical when the United States cannot even secure its own borders. In other words the U.S. is demanding of Syria what the U.S. cannot provide itself in the U.S.

The U.S. has accused Syria of harboring and training terrorists. Demand immediate and hard evidence in front of any and all international forums and courts of their proof. State emphatically that Syria, while sympathetic to the cry against terrorism, is only obligated to Syrians and is making every possible effort to stop terrorism within Syria's borders in protection of the Syrian people. Also note that it was the U.S. that trained the terrorists how to fly the airplanes that flew into the Twin Towers in New York City, not Syria.

Ask embarrassing questions of the United States! Why is it only the Syrian border with Iraq being addressed and condemned? What about the borders with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait, and Iran? These are 'safe' borders in the U.S. opinion? Why was the Syrian border singled out? The border problems perceived by the United States are problems that the United States war and occupation created. The Syrian laws of the border between its neighbors remains the same now as it was before the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Counter that the United States knew, or should have known, that invading Iraq would make the Occupying Forces a target for Middle East terrorists, and why did the United States not plan in advance for the obvious? Why has the United States not secured the Syrian - Iraq border from the Iraq side?

Announce that Syria does not intend to become a target for terrorists by supporting an illegal invasion of a nation at peace. Terrorists caught in Syria will be handled according to Syrian law.

Add to your arguments that Syria has taken in thousands of homeless war refugees from Iraq and that the United States has failed to recompense Syria for the additional expenses caused by the illegal war and occupation. Prefer charges that the U.S. occupation and invasion has caused a serious decline in Syrian business and tourism, and expects to be fully compensated by the U.S. for the losses.

Add to your arguments that Syria has, with great conscience, remained neutral in the disputes between Iraq and the U.S. and refused to endorse an illegal invasion. Include the statement that Syria will not be pulled into any war instigated by the United States nor will it give any carte blanche endorsement to wars and occupation created and imposed by the U.S. since Syria prefers friends not enemies.

Always speak the truth and expose the failings and lies of the United States. The U.S. is concerned with image. Poke at the IMAGE! Embarrassing the image and damaging the image with unrelenting truth hurts the U.S. more than any weapon. With truth you never have to defend anything.. Don't defend verbal attacks by the U.S. Aggressively seek open hearings on the matters in courts and other international venues to each and every accusation and demand by the U.S.

Don't fall into the trap like Iran has fallen. Don't fall into name calling and verbose rhetoric for rhetoric's sake. Plan legal maneuvers in international courts. Keep the U.S. defending itself in international venues, forums, and courts. Take the offensive in courts, and public opinion.

When possible work with other like minded or like-abused nations and add more power to your legal attacks on the U.S. The U.S. loves paper. It loves paper trails.. and those paper trails can hang them in the public eye.

This is what the U.S. understands. They are a bully. They must be embarrassed before their peers as liars and hypocrites.

The best defense is an offense. This theorem is what the U.S. used to justify its invasion of Iraq. It also works in courts and other venues outside of aggression. Never take on a defensive posture to the U.S. It is interpreted as weakness. Don't assume you have to defend anything. Plan your offensive. Never verbally attack the American population, only its government. There are far too many of your brethren that have become Americans that know the truth and are on your side.

It is understood that many politicians and world leaders protect themselves from the opposition. This is sane politics, but understand that conditions in the United States are deteriorating quickly--- politicians are arming themselves, wearing body armor, and using armed guards in fear of their constituency! They are afraid of the people that elected them to office!

Think about this.. what if Saddam Hussein had called for court hearings early on, when the U.S. started making accusations and demands on Iraq. If he could have made the U.S. prove in a neutral venue all its accusations, then could the invasion have proceeded?

While much of this essay is oversimplified.. the basics are identical to how the U.S. court system works. This is all the U.S. understands. Make them prove in courts the legality of their demands, proof of their accusations, etc.. Then when the court rules in your favor you can call the U.S. a liar, but you won't have to. The court will have done that for you.

Syria can then use the 'model' of Mohammed or Jesus and take the 'high' road, forgiving the U.S. of it trespasses against Syria. Once done, you have conquered, in the world of public opinion.

Just say NO!
Say no to U.S. Terrorism

L. Savage

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