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Spreading Democracy - a History
Spreading Like a Virus

The United States Federal Government is involved in and has been for many years in something they term 'regime change.' Following this 'regime change' we hear from official government sources that the U.S. is spreading 'democracy' to this oppressed land and people. Coupled with the 'spreading democracy' to the oppressed people is opening their markets to capitalism. In recent history the Feds have changed regimes by force or interference in Panama, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and Iraq. The U.S. federal government is bequeathing 'democracy' on those people. On the agenda is to change regimes in Syria, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and others included in the U.S. created 'Axis of Evil.' Revelations from the White House would also include the nations of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

I ask where is the constitutional mandate for the United States Federal Government to spread democracy? Where is the constitutional mandate to spread capitalism? AND where is the constitutional authority to cause, instigate, or force a 'regime change?'

Going back to U.S. Supreme Court Decision, Texas v. White, 74 U.S. 700 (1869), you find that the United States Constitution is only an amendment to the Articles of Confederation. Both of the 'controlling' documents allow under certain circumstances for a nation to apply to become a member of this confederacy called the United States. The Articles of Confederation actually limits the membership to one additional nation to join. The amending document, the Constitution, does not directly change or alter that limitation of one, but by inference it was assumed it did, and by operation it was probably the intention of the authors of the Constitution to eliminate the limitation.

Regime change by force and/or intimidation began in the late 1700's and reached a climax in North America in the 1800s when the Federal Government, under the guise of spreading democracy, used another doctrine that was developed and enforced in violation of the Articles and its amendments. It was the doctrine of "manifest destiny" that the Feds used to steal all the lands of the American Indian nations in violation of treaties. The U.S. military used force to cause 'regime' changes on these Indian nations and forced them to become a part of U.S. democracy. This great commission bestowed upon the Indian nations and people was at the cost of many lives, forced relocation of those nations, -- even to the point of total extermination, or as Hitler would have called it 'The Final Solution.' Modern law calls this practice genocide. It should be noted what the definition of 'doctrine' is:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
1 archaic : TEACHING, INSTRUCTION 2 a : something that is taught
b : a principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of
knowledge or system of belief : DOGMA
c : a principle of law established through past decisions
d : a statement of fundamental government policy especially in international relations

Doctrines and dogmas are belief systems used by the Christian cults. For instance it is a doctrine of the Christian belief that abortion is banned in their Bible, when the Bible is really moot on the point. BUT if their preachers say it is a sin often enough and the people accept their words carte blanche without reading the Bible, then the doctrine is established.

The Federal Government of the U.S. was not given the power explicitly to adopt or establish doctrines or belief systems. That power, when or if available, was reserved to the member states of the confederacy under those Articles of Confederation as amended. The Articles as amended are quite explicit about the powers granted to the confederation government and they leave little room for ambiguity. The federal government does not have the carte blanche right to create principles of law through past decisions and particularly no right to establish a doctrine based on past decisions in violation of the Articles as amended. Past un-article acts, or unconstitutional acts cannot logically or morally create a lawful, legal doctrine.

A doctrine of 'higher law' was created by Lincoln to justify his federal government continuing to violate the Articles of Confederation, as amended. There is no authority for the federal government to create, abide by, or enforce a higher law. The member nations of the Articles, were the creators of the United States, and any higher law would have to democratically be imposed on the federal government by its Creator. Instead the Federal Government decided to impose higher law on its Creators.

This phrase has been changed in modern times to 'noble cause', but it is the same doctrine that has no authority or lawfulness backing it. The Articles, as amended does not grant the U.S. the power, authority, or responsibility to enforce any noble cause or higher law on anyone or any other nation.

The U.S. government's war on the Southern States was over a dispute that the Federal Government had violated the Articles as amended and exceeded its authority granted by those documents. The Federal Government had indeed violated the limitations placed on it by the member nations. The thirteen nations of the South, rather than go to war, decided to simply leave the confederacy created by the Articles, since the Federal Government would not abide by it. The withdrawal from the treaty or Articles as amended had begun and was accomplished peacefully before Lincoln even became president of the United States.

The 13 Southern states started a new republican democracy, fleeing the failure of republican democracy by the Federal Government and its continued violation of teh Articles as amended.

The War against the Articles and the Constitution began when Lincoln sent warships into the national waters of South Carolina. To whip up patriotism in the North for this war Lincoln incited the Christian Fundamentalist Cults in the Northern states, using the slavery issue. Remember slavery was written into the Articles of Confederation, as amended by Constitution of the United States -- Right or wrong slavery was LEGAL and agreed to by the member states. Most of the Midwest and Western states and several Northern states actually supported the Southern states right to leave the confederacy.

The Southern States countered with its Fundamentalist Christian Cults and in the belief that freeing the slaves overnight would destroy the Southern agricultural economy. On the slavery issue, biblically, the Southern 'doctrine' was more accurate. Morally, the North was correct.

Regardless, this issue was NOT the cause or reason of the war, merely the propaganda used to incite the people and to justify another illegal war.

This war ended the confederacy of member nations under the Articles of Confederation as amended by the Constitution of the United States. Once over, the United States was no longer a confederacy, but an empirical beast reigning supreme over all the member nations of the Articles. Yes, the South lost, but the North lost too -- the winner take ALL was the Federal Government of the Military District of Columbia. Sovereignty of the member nations had been reduced to a mere token and byword.

The member nations that created the federal government had become vassals of their own creation. The founders never had such a thing in mind! The right of secession was allegedly voided by the Supreme Court resurrecting the Articles of Confederation in a twisted legal opinion against Texas in Texas v. White (1869)! The right of occupation was determined by a court that had everything to lose by ruling in Texas favor. It was a biased court ruling on international matters without jurisdiction to do so. This court treasoned itself against the Articles as amended and refused to address the previous permanency failures of the Articles that it was forcing on Texas. Texas WAS NOT allowed to present any evidence or defense of its nationhood or sovereignty in this case. The case was over a bond issue, not Texas vs. U.S.

Texas was under a U.S. Military government composed of Terrorist occupying forces. Texas was never given a hearing in any court of competent jurisdiction on an international issue. The U.S. forced its non-constitutional federal democracy on Texas and the South. Texas and the South's democratic functions and establishments were abolished by the tyrannist Occupying forces of the U.S. The South and Texas was divided up into Military Districts. The Northern states did not understand or realize that they too were placed into military districts, as was the City of Columbia.

Texas was not unique in suffering this spread of U.S. styled democracy. The United States crushed all opposition to any 'real' democratic operations not approved by the Military District of Columbia. The annals of history of Louisiana, and other southern states, along with Hawaii prove this illicit occupation by the United States federal government. Democracy as determined by the U.S. Federal government was forced upon its own member nations that created the Confederacy under the Articles, as amended.

There is no authority granted to the Federal government to change the member nations' democratic institutions or the authority to 'approve' them. All the Southern states were forced to accept new constitutions approved by the Federal Government, with Texas being the longest hold-out against this atrocity.

The United States Federal government became a cancer feeding, controlling, and destroying its host. All states now had to conform to meet the demand of the cancer or be killed. In attempting to preserve the Union at all costs, Lincoln destroyed the confederacy of the Articles and its amendment. The cancer took control of body.

1865 marks the rise of capitalism in the U.S. The U.S. touts this as a panacea to cure all economic woes. When Lincoln destroyed the limitations of the Articles as amended, by war, he also gave rise to the Federal government coming under full control of elitists. This put the rich in control of everything and 'business' and 'corporate' interests are more important that abiding by the Articles as amended. The business of government became the government of business. The incorporation of government became the government of the corporations. Under the hypocritical guise of 'spreading democracy' was hidden this 'spread of capitalism'.

Capitalism is not a mandate of the Articles of Confederation, as amended. It is a dogma of the corporation. It is neither lawful or is it unlawful for American business to employ the dogma. But, it is not in the authority of the Articles as amended, for the U.S. Federal Government to promote, spread or enforce this doctrine of capitalism.

The next so-called doctrine that the U.S. attempts to justify is thinly veiled as a doctrine based on a statement of fundamental government policy especially in international relations. This is the un-Articles, unconstitutional Monroe doctrine. The Monroe doctrine established the United States federal government as the protectorate and police force over both North and South America. Again the member states of the confederacy of the Articles as amended had disallowed this 'policy.' This power of hemispherical empirical authority remains illegal and is deplored by modern international law. Originally this doctrine was to protect nations on the two continents from colonization by England and Spain.

But like the Christian cults, if the preachers or presidents say it often enough and the people don't read and enforce the Articles as amended the U.S. Federal government assumes authority and rights not granted by the Articles as amended. The doctrine becomes 'practice' but still remains illegal. After taking on the role of protectorate of the hemisphere the U.S. began 'regime changing' and installing democracy in nations of South and Central America. Very few nations have been able to stand up against these illegal moves on their governments and the people. Those that do suffer the wrath of God, as determined by the United States Federal Government.

The federal government growing in empirical power then started expanding the boundaries of the Monroe Doctrine. The founders of the United States did everything they could in the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution to forbid the Federal Government the power of empire building. The goal envisioned was a Federal Government designed to provide protection against invasion of the member states. It was to be the arbiter of disputes between the member states, establish a monetary system common to the member states, and finally be the arbiter of treaties with non-member nations in behalf of the members of the Articles of Confederation as amended.

Once the Monroe Doctrine was preached to go beyond the boundaries of the two American continents the Federal Government began its role of tyranny against small independent nations that it could easily consume, under the guise of spreading democracy. Hawaii was certainly a first victim of the boundaries enlarged. Hawaii had peacefully achieved it's independence from England, who too had invaded Hawaii and occupied it for many years. Hawaii had reestablished it monarchial government and was a small thriving nation. The mistake Hawaii innocently made was allowing U.S. Christian missionaries to remain on its soil. The United States landed on it shores and in 24 hours it became an occupied nation. It remains, by law, an occupied nation, only acquiescing to the statehood forced upon it, hoping to end the military occupation. The U.S. military remains there to this day.

In the 1800's the U.S. federal dogma was that where U.S. citizens are that the U.S. may invade, intervene, interfere, etc., on their behalf. Though this is doctrine is not as transparent today, it is still an operational policy, (though illegal) today. It was this doctrine that the United States Federal Government used to propagandize the masses in America to go fight in World War 1. One hundred and twenty four American citizens on a British steamship that was also being used by the British in covert operations was sunk by the Germans. This justified under 'doctrine' the presumable right to go to war. ALL U.S. presidents have gone to war in some form or fashion. Wilson used the incident to create a faux justification for war, and Congress bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

Under DOCTRINES the United States has destroyed the foundations upon which it was originally established. Doctrines are belief systems --- not law. These doctrines are not powers granted to the federal government. Wars and millions of lives, and thriving or fledgling nations have been destroyed over these doctrines. The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, the Monroe Doctrine, the Doctrine of Capitalism, the Doctrine of Federal Democracy, the Doctrine of Spreading Democracy, the Doctrine of Americanism, the Doctrine of American superiority, the Doctrine of Corporatism and the Christian Doctrine (as used and abused by the Federal Government) have all been the causes of U.S. wars and all are illegal. The Federal Government has no lawful authority to spread, force, or enforce doctrines. The presumption of authority comes from its own treason against its own originating document, the Articles of Confederation as amended.

Another dangerous and misleading dogma purported by illiterate and ignorant pundits is that the U.S. was founded upon Judaic-Christian values and that is was established as a Christian nation. This is a lie propounded by profit driven preachers who choose power instead of truth and by vain, unworthy politicians, without moral values, but using Christianity to get elected.

While Judaic-Christian principles were probably used to assist in creating a new republican democracy, none of the founding documents state that any religion's dogmas were used. The Treaty of Tripoli expressly states that the United States is in no way a Christian nation. The government of the United States is supposed to be and was intended to be 'blind' to religion. Many of the principles in the founding documents go beyond those that can be accredited to the Judaic-Christian religions. Most of the values written into the founding documents are strictly Masonic, and Masonry declares it is not a religion, but holds a uni-deist dogma.

Many of the founders were deists and many were Masons. There can be no doubt there were some Christians involved too. These men were to a point enlightened and had a vision that government should not support or endorse or oppress any religion. They too held that government should not interfere in lawful worship of any religion. This sentiment still prevailed in 1836 when Texas formed its republican democracy and disqualified ministers of the gospel from holding public office, since they were answering to a higher calling. The Masonic deist dogma was also endorsed in Early Texas. Many of the enlightened individuals were very aware of the problems of intermingling religion with government. They were aware of how religions destroyed human rights, rights of man, fairness, all in the name of that religion's god and its dogmas.

The government of the United States was intended to be religion neutral. It was not a Christian nation, nor Jewish, nor Catholic, but blind and neutral to religion. The same ignorance prevails as you hear preachers and uneducated so-called patriots claim that the Common Law is Christian and its only precepts are the Ten Commandments. Any one can research and find that the first concept of common law was at Medina (Madina) and was Moslem (Mohammedan) in origin. Even the Moslems that originated the concept did it so that it would be religion neutral and religion blind! Medina, in the era it was created, was populated by Mohammedans, Christians, and Jews. The common law was originated to give a fair law, fair trial based on common morals between the three cults. It was effectuated by Moslems. You will find that fundamentalist Islam is more a modern concept. In ancient times the Moslem religion was far more tolerant of other religions and utilized concepts hundreds of years old, that were incorporated into the U.S. founding documents (compliments of the Shriner sect of Freemasonry) , and adopted by Christianity and Judaism.

Any one religion gaining control over any government leads to the loss of human rights, human dignity, loss of freedoms, and forcing the citizens to conform to that particular religion's dogmas. This is plainly evident in history! The Catholic church took over the governments of Europe and committed some of the worst atrocities ever known to mankind. For hundreds of years the English government was controlled by the Anglican form of the Christian cult, under which some of the worst genocides were committed in the name of God. This happens when power hungry hypocrites CLAIM to be a follower of that faith, but they ignore and disobey the moral tenets of their religion. You see this in current day jihads in Islam, the attempts of the Catholic church to control governments, particularly in South America, and today the Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian Cult is controlling and trying to take over the United States government.

This straying from the main topic is to give background to the fact that the United States is not now nor was intended to be a Christian nation. The politicians of the Christian cult that have taken control of the government do so at the expense of freedoms, and they lie to the Christians as to their intent. The Christians are sold a lie, as these Christian Cult politicians commit the most horrid atrocities in the name of Christianity. These Hypocrite Christians that get elected to government office use and abuse the tenets and dogmas of the Christian Cult to further their own personal agendas, and their personal wealth, all in the name of Jesus. This hypocrisy is totally transparent throughout the world EXCEPT within the borders of the U.S. where the media and the message is controlled through corporation laws and regulations.

These Christian Politicians that attempt to enforce religion upon all the people in the United States are committing treason against the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution of the United States. They have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution (religion neutral) -- not the tenets of faith of a Christian Cult.

Christianity, as most religions, see everything as black and white, God v. Satan, good and evil. Within the religion and personal lives of the adherents to that religion, this is perfectly acceptable. In government and circles of power this concept of only yes or no, good and evil - is very dangerous. Nothing in the world is totally good or totally evil.. and the answers are seldom a simple yes or no. In religion there is very little room for gray or compromise. This is why there are thousands of denominations within the Christian religion and there are several divisions or denominations within Islam. For the salvation of the soul these black and whites are understandable. In government they soon equate to the slaveation of the people.

The elitists, capitalists, and corporatists use the Christian religions' good intentions to piggy-back their secular theories and goals upon other people and other nations. The New Testament says go into the world and preach the gospel. That's all it says. It does not say go into the world and force Christianity upon any one. The New Testament even gives an example, that if they do not want to hear you to dust off your shoes and move on to another person that wants to listen.

The Christian Cult has been the author of the world's worst atrocities in history, in violation of their own doctrines. In this sense the U.S. has adopted these practices too. The Christian Cult has been the benefactor of much relief to human suffering… and the U.S. has used this to gain entrée into many nations to subvert their government into a U.S. vassal.

The Good of Christianity has been taken to the bank by the U.S. federal government. It capitalizes on it, it depends on it, and it can use it to twist its intents to appear good, wholesome, even Christian, when exactly the opposite is true.

Even now the U.S. propagandizes everything as yes or no, good or evil, you're with us or you're against us, you're our friend or you're the enemy. Using this mindset, (taken from the Christian Cult) the masses do NOT have to study, research or even think. They simply have to choose between what the Federal Government allows as options. Of course everyone wants to be 'good', even though the 'good' is mere propaganda to coverup a 'wrong.'

Through the Government's distortion, spreading the gospel, equates to spreading democracy, and then equates to spreading capitalism. So Christianity = Democracy = Capitalism = Freedom = God = Country = Patriotism. This is the policy and equation for misuse of republican democracy and leads to tyranny. Spreading the Gospel = Spreading Democracy = Spreading Capitalism = Christian Interests = American Interests = Regime Change = War = Suffering. All of this is a carefully, calculated maneuver to use Christian doctrine, to subvert moral teachings, and justify in the name of Christianity the US government's true intentions. The U.S. makes a 180 degree twist of a religion's teachings and makes the opposite true in the minds of the Christian Cults. Thusly, Forgive thy brother 7 x 70, a Christian teaching becomes Kill thy brother because they will not accept democracy = capitalism = Christianity.

Through the use of U.S. propaganda and psychological twisting Christianity = Capitalism. Of all the economic theories, capitalism is one that least reflects Christian doctrine. The U.S. government uses the ideology of Christian doctrine to persuade the American Christian Cults of its 'Christian' intentions, even though the methods employed, its intents, and its goals are exactly opposite Christian Doctrines.

Jesus never said go into the world and spread democracy and capitalism, but the U.S. government uses the spread of the gospel to further their own evil ends through attaching the gospel to democracy and capitalism.

As missionaries went into the world to do good, the U.S. follows to destroy that good, and spread it's unionized version of federal democracy and capitalism. The federal government even justifies regime changes, assassinations, genocides, torture, spying, covert operations, etc. through Christianity, because in their perverted doctrines Christianity=Democracy=Capitalism. Any means to justify the ends is the approach the Federal Government assumes, and this is 180 degrees from true Christian doctrine.

Missionaries on foreign soil gave the U.S. government entrée onto that nation's lands. Missions were infiltrated by government agents to perform spying, covert operations, regime changes, and so forth. Even today the U.S. has been charged with this non-Christian approach by Venezuela. Any time a missionary came back with a report that the people in another land were uncivilized or barbarians, the government used that to justify regime change, and the spread of democracy. The ignorant missionaries were actually destroying the people they meant to help! White man arrogance assisted the US illegal efforts through white man ignorance. What appeared barbarian to the white man, most of the time, was merely cultural differences of a foreign land and people.

Along with the so-called spread of the gospel and democracy, came the corporate vultures that would descend upon that nation to rape it of its resources, after the U.S. government had secured it and they could operate with impunity.

The entire world has awakened to these atrocities of the U.S. in the past few decades. The people in the U.S. have been kept blind to the atrocities the U.S. commits under the flag of Christianity and democracy.

Through the twisting of moral Christian Doctrine the U.S. can incite its own people to support illegal wars by raising the flag of U.S. patriotism, since: God = Country = Patriotism = Christianity. The illegal war in Iraq right now was incited through this perversion of Christianity, and the perversion is supported by power hungry, ignorant, illiterate preachers.

The republican democracy of the Articles of Confederation was destroyed by the entity that was created in those articles as amended. In its place came an illegal and illicit unionized federal facsist government, claiming it was democracy. It is this illegal form of federal democracy the U.S. is spreading and not the limited government form that was created by enlightened men and women in 1776.

We are left in the United States with a mere illusion of democracy. Most of the world knows this! The illegal form of Federal Democracy is NOT the answer for every nation and people on planet earth. That is white men's ignorant dream promulgated so that the corporations can invade every country and strip it of every resource available. The U.S. government is the government of the corporation! -- not the government of and for the people as created in 1776 and amended by constitution.

So many nations are rebelling against the rape of their nation by the corporations of the United States Federal Government. Many people in the States are starting to see the real history, and intentions of the U.S. Federal Government. Secession movements are ongoing in nearly every state of the union, trying to re-establish their sovereignty stolen from them in 1865. Eventually they may restore the lost Articles as amended….and the lost lawful republican democracy

Just say NO!
Say no to U.S. Democracy, Regime Changing,
Covert Operations, Torture and Terrorism

L. Savage

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