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Stuffin' the Turkeys

Well we're nearing that season of Good Ole' US Thanksgiving Holidays, where all good USr's are supposed to reflect on what we are thankful for during the previous years.

We can be thankful that so many of our young men will be celebrating their Tanksgiving holidays under fire in liberated Iraq. We are so thankful that the US won that undeclared and unconstitutional war so many, many months ago and Iraq is now in a state of PEACE.

Those of us who are of the baby boomer generation recall those days of forced slavery by the federal government and the 'death' lottery that all young men were subjected to. We can be so thankful that involuntary servitude has ended and the draft is no more.

We baby boomers lived and felt the paths of peace brought to us by Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, Anwar Sadat, Nelson Mandella, and John Lennon. The cry for peace reverberated through our very souls as John Lennon sang out "Give Peace a Chance."

(Let me tell you now)
Ev'rybody's talkin' 'bout
Revolution, Evolution, Masturbation, Flagellation, Regulation,
Integrations, mediations, United Nations, congratulations
All we are saying is give peace a chance

And those of us paying attention recognized that Liberation, Intimidation, Incarceration, Occupation were not part of the peace paths.

Now that Iraq has been unlawfully, illegally, and unconstitutionally liberated and those poor folks are in control of their own destiny, we can all breathe a little easier this Thanksgiving as our security and peace in the U.S. cannot be threatened by a nation and people half the world away, that never threatened us in the first place. We have so much to be thankful for.

Let's reflect and give thanks to the US federal government that liberated Kent State for the baby boomers. Let us give thanks to that same government that liberated a church near Waco, Texas from child abuse, ---- forever.

We are so grateful that God became a Republican to endorse all the white collar white man agendas. We are so grateful that God became a compassionate conservative and is leading our own sons into battle in that nation, now liberated and at peace. We are so in awe of God's endorsement of the conservative and neocon agenda and how God is threatening other nations with liberation through his personal spokeman GWBushJr. God has given us billions for war and pennies for health care and squat for the environment. God doesn't need white ass SUV America to help preserve the environment. He created this world once and he will do it again, after Bush liberates all of us nuclearly.

Ain't it grand to have God in charge of the Grand Old Party! I didn't realize God was such a party animal. Now that God is back in charge of things in the U.S. and will soon liberate the rest of the world through his mouthpiece Bush, we can be so thankful that God himself has over-ruled everything his 'son Jesus' said 2000+ years ago. God knew that crap his son taught back then would never work. God's son thought that Peace was Peace and now God's new messiah, GWB says that War is Peace.

I do believe we need another 'council' to extract those books from the Bible that do not reflect the Christian NeoCon theology that God delivered to them, personally, for the rest of us. God must do that for the world. It's too confusing to read about Peace in the Bible, when He really wants War. Those anti-war slogans from the Bible must be extracted or it will present a two-faced God and if those books are against us then they must be terrorists.

We are so thankful for God bringing that old institution to breed leaders for us, God's own Skull and Bones Society. Because God's people in America did not bring in World War III during the 20th century as planned, then God raised a Bush to lead us into His paths of war (not righteousness anymore). God raised another Burning Bush to burn out those that do not accept His new theology of War, Destruction, Death, and Liberation.

We can give thanks for glorious leaders that struck down, and ruled out, a peace accord between the common Israeli people and common Palestinian people. Common folk are not privy to God's intentions --- only those leaders and governments He has raised can liberate and destroy. We should be thankful that we can admire the one major nuclear power in the Middle East, His chosen nation, Israel. We can be grateful once again that His nation knows how to instigate War and manipulate the U.S. into His Holy Wars.

It's too much of a God-given coincidence that stuffing turkeys and stuffing ballot boxes are in the same month of Thanksgiving. It may seem chaotic while God is having to retrain leaders in stuffing ballot boxes. It was a heavenly gift that has almost been forgotten. The style of stuffing has become openly brazen. Long forgotten are the days of finesse and style in stuffing. Now these God-Ordained white Republicans arrive at the polling places in masses -- making sure to intimidate, invalidate, and challenge any non-white, non-white-collar voter. God no longer requires these new intimidaters to wear the white cone hats and white robes. Be thankful that we baby boomers can recall the days of stuffing the ballot boxes in style and secretly -- those days when Lyndon Johnson registered the inhabitants of cemetaries, giving the dead equal voting rights as we the living.

And God we are so very thankful that you created those golf-course, posh, federal prisons for your glorious white collar white men criminals that hold control and leadership over the rest of us. Since they are Your chosen ones they should not be incarcerated like the rest of us in small cells, with bad food, bad lighting, and overall bad conditions. They should not suffer as the common man, for they are persecuted for Your Name's sake. They are the NeoConGodOrdained that have stolen from the common man to supply Your greed. And they go to church and pray for all to see. So they can't be that bad to have to live in a REAL PRISON.

It so calming to know that no matter which one of His leaders stuff the boxes better than the other, that we can all be thankful and so very grateful to know that for another four years, as it has been for 228 years in the U.S. -- that one of God's men has been selected by something other than the common people in the U.S.

As I stand here stuffing this turkey,
shoving all this stuff in that I can,
the same as I do every year
I know for a fact,
that its the
Same Ole Shit

L. Savage