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U.S. Selection Day Nov. 2nd

Who won in the U.S. Election? After grueling weeks, days, hours of alleged experts from god-only-knows-where, telling us how to think and what to think, it's a miracle any of us still have an independent brain cell left to think with.

During the month's preceding the election these alleged experts on every talk show and news show dissected every word that Bush and Kerry uttered. If that wasn't enough they had to dissect the candidate's wives.

Has anyone stop to reflect that during all this time none of these experts commented that the so-called issues being discussed were really non-issues lacking substance? We listened endlessly about Kerry's anti-Vietnam war stance back in the 70's.... Who cares?... Many of us -- baby boomers were anti-Vietnman war --- and we opposed it for good reasons. Bush escaped war duty by having a rich and influential father that got him a cushy assignment in the Texas National Guard. How many baby boomers would have opted for the same thing if given the chance? It was, after all, during the DRAFT period of involuntary slavery to the US Military. I was almost enslaved under the 'death lottery' had it not been for medical disqualifications.. and the doctors at the U.S. Army congratulated me when I failed the medical examinations. Who, if given the chance to do things over again, would not like to go back and correct some of the mistakes of our youth. And who among us has the same identical views that we had 30 years ago? If we did it would only prove that we have learned nothing in 30 years and have failed to grow and mature -- in short we would lack the wisdom that experience grants with age.

The Vietnam war era views of twenty year old young men are issues made important by media pundits that had no issues of substance to bring to the public. Wisened and intelligent reporters would have forced 'real' issues to the candidates and the public... this assuming you actually believe that by voting you helped to elect a U.S. president.

Gay marriages was another non-substance issue that was grilled, and drilled into the population by puppet media gurus. Did anyone of those alleged experts that opinionated (brainwashed) the American people endlessly bother to mention that 'marriage laws' are not under 'federal' jurisdiction? Did they ever bother to educate the people that marriage has never been legislated except for age and blood in any of the states? Did even one of them mention that marriage has historically been a religious matter in the United States and throughout world history? -- and not a legislated matter. For this reason, due to the separation of church and state that U.S. law cannot constitutionally legislate the matter? Or that the U.S. Constitution did not empower the federal government any power over marriages?

The media puppet pundits glorified and created division between the people with a false premise on a non-substance issue, --- not related to the election or the office of the President of the United States. While advertising has reached the depths of depravity.. the so-called experts that daily, reaching even further into the well of ignorance, hour upon hour, drilled their inane and uneducated views into the populace. Even if a 'state' were to make a law that were to prohibit gay marriages, the law could only constiutionally affect 'state' marriages. Marriages within the confines of religion and churches could not lawfully be legislated. If a church grants and sanctions a gay marriage, by what authority, under the constitution, could they be over-ruled by the government?

When or if that day comes that the fed legislates marriages, then you will KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt, that the U.S. is no longer a Republic, but has devolved into a mob-rule democracy.

The media is to blame for not having issues of substance discussed. They are guilty of accepting the dribble that the 'campaign' forces pushed at them 'as' issues, rather than having to actually think and bring issues of substance to the cameras and microphones. These pundits have created 'soap opera' issues where it would take week after week, watching daily to see if this adulteress was going to bed with that adulterer. It is so obvious that these alleged experts were little more than paid prostitutes to keep the American mind in 'idle' so that the powers that be could manipulate their selection of candidates.

Not one was brave enough to tell the public that it did not matter who won, because either one would simply be more of the same. Not one would bring up the fact that the two were both from New England -- few would mention they went to the same schools -- or belonged to the same secret societies.

Those powers that 'selected' these two men to parade and act as though they would actually be elected by the people had already won by selecting both sides. Regardless of what Kerry said about the Iraq situation, that Bush created, the U.S. is now obligated to restore and rebuild that nation for the next thirty years. The U.S. has destroyed every major semblance of modern civilazation in Iraq, and the plunder continues tonight. Why did Kerry not challenge Bush on the lack of facts revolving around 911? Why did Kerry not challenge Bush on the lack of evidence of WMD and Al-Quaida in Iraq? Well those 'real' issues were not in his 'script.'

My state went for Bush. It was a win-win for those 'for' Bush and those here in Texas that can't stand him. His staying in D.C. keeps him and Cheney and many more of their ilk -- OUT OF TEXAS for another four years. So the powers that selected Bush did Texas a favor by keeping him out of Texas for four more years.

Who won the election? Not Bush.. not Kerry.. Yale won, Skull and Bones won, Illuminati won, neocons won, corporations won, Tel Aviv won, media pundits won -- and regardless of which one of these were selected for you as your president, -- YOU the American citizen lost.

If the ballots were for real, and there was a real election in progress, -- and there was third option
1. Bush
2. Kerry
3. Start Over - Try again

Number 3 would have been the winner

Why was Bush selected? Perhaps he is easier to control than Kerry -- but not by much, because Kerry would have been a win for the selectors too.

So while, young American men were dying in Iraq, and while U.S. forces were 'pretending' war in an undeclared war and using Weapons of Mass Destruction against the cities and people of Iraq, the media walking dead were pushing 'gay' marriages as an issue in a Federal election, when the Federal government has no authority to legislate marriages.

When the U.S. deposed Milasovek from Yugoslavia, he was sent to the Hague to be tried for War Crimes. This is the same international court for war criminals that Bush vetoed! Now Bush deposed Saddam Hussein and is setting up a 'mock' trial, as in Nuremberg, for his alleged crimes. Why did the media puppets not bring this matter to the forefront of the election? - again presuming there was really an election. Poppy Bush deposed Noreiga from Panama and brought him to the United States to be tried for crimes. What is going on here? The media puppets would not find out.

Why did the media let both candidates off on the matter of the DRAFT? This matter seldom came up on the news guru's talk shows. Why didn't they bring up the question of legitimacy of this undeclared, unconstitutional war? Why didn't they bring up the 'other' deposed world leaders that the Bush regime has had a hand in removing?

Why does the media NOT ask the question during this election process about WMD being held in Israel? Why was Bush not held to answer for his theory of removal of nuclear capability from all Arab nations, but is more than willing to supply Israel with those same type of capabililites?

There's something rotten in Denmark Washington D.C. and the U.S. media. There's something rotten in the selection process being sold as an election.

November 2nd, a day that will live in infamy.. regardless of the selection.

L. Savage