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Using the Fine China

Is anyone paying attention?

China is on the move! Yes, since 911 China has been moving fast, but not like the prophecy fiction preachers and patriots were saying a few years ago.

While the U.S. has ignorantly been chasing down a philosophy for instituting and starting the battle of all battles, Armegeddan, China is moving in to fill the vacuum left by the U.S. China is shoring up solid economic ties with nations around the world.

The U.S. is spending trillions on war, rumors of wars, and weapons of war. In its zeal for revenge the U.S. has allowed its money and its economy to falter. The jobless rate is climbing and the economy is failing while the government spends more and more in its blood thirst. The U.S. has destroyed two nations trying to find one man. It has failed to even locate Bin Laden and Bin taunts the U.S. with taped recordings. Countless masscres of civilians in two nations were perpetrated by the U.S. in its blind revenge to 'get' Bin Laden. No criminal in the history of world has had this much money, death, and destruction wasted in such a blind revenge to apprehend one person.

U.S. resources are tapped to the limit. Rising gasoline prices are blamed on the Middle East situation by the U.S. media pundits. None are even hinting that it is the U.S. military buying all the oil and using all the petrol that is causing the prices to rise.

The U.S. is embroiled in the destruction of two nations and has threatened North Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Cuba. It appears to the world that the U.S. is a war-mongering nation that presumes it is infallible.

The U.S. government has cut funding to the states and cities, cut welfare, cut aid, cut funding to NASA and continues cutting programs to keep the money fueling its wars. Not only is the U.S. morally bankrupt, it is quickly becoming financially bankrupt.

News in the U.S. is filled daily with reports on how many 'insurgents' have been killed in Iraq, how much damage it rained from the skies on cities in Iraq, and how many U.S. soldiers have been injured and killed.

China has taken advantage of the situation in the wake of this war mongering U.S. Government. The U.S. has left a void in the ecomomic authority it once had in the world of nations and the Chinese government is picking up the pieces with sound trade agreements and policies with these 'left-behind' nations. Rather than treating these trading partners as the U.S. does from a seat of superiority looking down on other nations, the Chinese are treating and trading with these nations as equals. The U.S. always leaves behind the feeling of being Big Brother giving a handout to a poor relative when trade agreements are reached.

China is busy solidifying its economic future while the U.S. government is destroying it own stability. The U.S. has spread its resources too far, too thin, and too far from home. It did not learn the lesson from its parent, Britain, who also made this mistake in her past.

China still has a lot of internal problems to deal with in its relations between its government and its people, but slowly things are improving in this area. China is allowing more and more freedoms to be returned to the Chinese people. The U.S. is restricting more and more freedoms on what was once the icon of freedom and republic democracy.

If China were to allow Taiwan total independence tommorrow, it will have won the hearts of the entire Asian world. Perhaps if there were NO U.S. troops in Taiwan, independence of that island nation would be palpable to the Chinese government.

The U.S. is not infallible. 911 became evidence of this. Bin Laden even insinuated that he would bankrupt the United States, himself. --- Damn, if it don't look like he is doing it too!

My opinion is that without Bin Laden's help the United States has doomed herself to bankruptcy and demise. It may never be able to return to the position of a 'moral' giant in the world. Its current path is one that appears that the U.S. will collapse internally for spreading itself too far and too thin, following the paths of ancient Greece, Rome, and more recently England. The U.S. has thus far lost its war on drugs, and it's rather obvious its losing the war on terrorism, regardless of the outcome of its military occupation of Iraq.

While the U.S. is making enemies world wide, China is boldly marching in economically and making friends and making peace for itself. China is changing her image in the world of nations in a positive stance, while the U.S. is destroying its own credibility.

China is investing heavily in space technologies, securing oil for its growing economy, investing in the sciences, preserving archeological and cultural sites and artifacts, while the U.S. is destroying the libraries, museums, and cultures of one of the most ancient of ancient cradles of civilization. U.S. soldiers are looting priceless national treasures of the Iraqi people when not busy torturing the people in prisons.

The higher moral character that the U.S. military portrayed, (whether true or not,) during World War II has been lost and replaced with the character of conquerors -- not liberators. The U.S. is viewed as a destroyer and occupier -- not as a savior.

China may make good use of these feelings of other peoples to further improve its image and character in the world community.

Biblical fiction teachers prophesy that a 200 million man army will be doomed at the Valley of Meggido and state that this army will be from China. This seems on the surface to be a possibility, but only if you are viewing it from a false image of having superiority through your nation the U.S. or the Christian religion. They never stop to think that the U.S. would be more likely be able to raise a 200 million man army through its coalition agreements and with its occupied territories.

Pay attention to China in the news. They are taking over where the U.S. 'used' to have dominance in the areas of economics, sciences, and peace. China is actually utililizing, though modified, plans presented to Adolf Hitler for an economic takeover of the Americas. As China continues its economic goals and it inter-relates with other peoples, it will continue to improve its internal policies and become more and more democratic.

Bring on the finer China.

L. Savage