In The Days Of The Comet

By H.G. Wells


"The World's Great Age Begins Anew,
The Golden Years Return,
The Earth Doth Like A Snake Renew
Her Winter Skin Outworn:
Heaven Smiles, And Faiths And Empires Gleam
Like Wrecks Of A Dissolving Dream.

Prologue: The Man Who Wrote In The Tower

Book The First: The Comet

I. Dust In The Shadows
II. Nettie
III. The Revolver
IV. War
V. The Pursuit Of The Two Lovers

Book The Second: The Green Vapors
I. The Change
II. The Awakening
III. The Cabinet Council

Book The Third: The New World
I. Love After The Change
II. My Mother's Last Days
III. Beltane And New Year's Eve

Epilogue: The Window Of The Tower

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