Book of Civilization
by Garri Kasparov

G.K.Chesterton wrote a story about a terrible «ancient» book with the words on the title page:

They who looked into this book
Them the Flying Terror took.

However when the non-superstitious Father Brown did look into that repelling everybody book he discovered that all the pages there were empty… (G.K.Chesterton. The blast of the Book).

Similarly, when a child yet free from superstition opens the Book of Life he discovers there only empty pages. And the main question of civilization for the first time occurs to him: WHY?

The parents answer his endless questions «why» as much as they can. And if they can’t they answer: «God knows why…» And they pass the child to the knowledgeable men and women who keep clever faces explaining the child WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN not the last point to force him to stop annoying them with his «why?».

And in most cases they succeed in interrupting his questioning by means of learning by heart a sentence: «Quod licet Jovi, Non licet Bovi» Or: «What is allowed to Jupiter Is not allowed to the bull»

And this is drastically different to the parent’s helpless: «God knows why…» Instead this is an imperative: «God is allowed, and you, cattle, are not !»

But this is tricky because who is entitled to allow or not to allow something to God?

As to God he is absolutely uninterested in the human «WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE because He really knows.

God gives to the human beings a chance to find out WHY through manmade and fairy miracles by means of another amazing but close-to Earth question: «HOW?»

The Civilization Book is primarily a book about the ways and methods used by the ancient people for manufacturing the working tools, households, traps for fish and animals, rafts and boats, sleds, sweep buck-rake chariots, cult buildings, pyramids and sacred barrows, stone monuments and dolmens, fishing rods, saddles, stirrups, horse shoes, necklaces and other decorations.

Such book can be titled: «Anthology of the Human Technologies». A special technology has been invented for drafting the «Anthology». This is scanning of CATALOGUES and EXPOSITION OF NUMEROUS MUSEUMS while constantly asking a question: «HOW WAS THIS DONE?» The question «HOW?» among many other questions concerns the TECNOLOGY, METHODS OF PRODUCING of something....

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