The Immortal!
The Immortal
Book 2
The Immortal!
The Immortal
Book 3

The Immortal
by J.J. Dewey
Introduction and Table of Contents


The contents of this first book and additional books about The Immortal may or may not be true. It is up to the reader to decide. But whatever the opinion rendered, the story and teachings herein are worthy of serious consideration.

The Immortal - by J.J. Dewey.

Is John, the author of the Apocalypse, the Apostle, the Beloved, still walking the earth as a teacher of mysteries? This book about one man's encounter with a Master of Wisdom will "make a believer out of you." If you enjoy reading books like the Celestine Prophecy, Conversations with God, Seth, Alice A. Bailey, Bible mysteries and interpretation, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), metaphysics or esoteric philosophy of any kind, then this is a must-read for you!


Chapter 1 Elizabeth
Chapter 2 The Mystery of the Bells
Chapter 3 The Bell Ringer
Chapter 4 The First Communion
Chapter 5 Hints and the First Key
Chapter 6 The Beginning of Knowledge
Chapter 7 Questions
Chapter 8 The Answer
Chapter 9 Who Are We, Really?
Chapter 10 The Dream
Chapter 11 Reunion
Chapter 12 Gods-R-Us
Chapter 13 Hidden Fears
Chapter 14 What We Are Not
Chapter 15 The Name of God
Chapter 16 Becoming
Chapter 17 The Attack of Darkness
Chapter 18 Dark Brothers Revealed
Chapter 19 The Parable
Chapter 20 Song of the 144,000
Chapter 21 The Mission

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