Counterintelligence Interrogation

July 1963



  1. Introduction
    1. Explanation of Purpose
    2. Explanation of Organization
  2. Definitions
  3. Legal and Policy Considerations
  4. The Interrogator
  5. The Interrogatee
    1. Types of Sources: Intelligence Categories
    2. Types of Sources: Personality Categories
    3. Other Clues
  6. Screening and Other Preliminaries
    1. Screening
    2. Other Preliminary Procedures
    3. Summary
  7. Planning the Counterintelligence Interrogation
    1. The Nature of Counterintelligence Interrogation
    2. The Interrogation Plan
    3. The Specifics
  8. The Non-coercive Counterintelligence Interrogation
    1. General Remarks
    2. The Structure of the Interrogation
      1. The Opening
      2. The Reconnaissance
      3. The Detailed Questioning
      4. The Conclusion
    3. Techniques of Non-Coercive Interrogation of Resistant Sources
  9. The Coercive Counterintelligence
    Interrogation of Resistant Sources
    1. Restrictions
    2. The Theory of Coercion
    3. Arrest
    4. Detention
    5. Deprivation of Sensory Stimuli
    6. Threats and Fear
    7. Debility
    8. Pain
    9. Heightened Suggestibility and Hypnosis
    10. Narcosis
    11. The Detection of Malingering
    12. Conclusion
  10. Interrogator's Check List
  11. Descriptive Bibliography
  12. Index
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