The Police State Road Map
by Michael Nield


The New World Order is a clear,present,and unparalleled danger to humanity.This book is an aid to action,summarizing all the major themes of the New World Order as they have unfolded in the U.K.,Europe,and America.It aims to leave the uninitiated reader,be they rich or poor and whereever they may live,in no doubt that

1.there is a New World Order;

2.that they have an immediate vested interest in opposing it;and 3.that they better start taking action within months not years.

About three years ago after personal experience with the public healthcare system I became open to the idea that the government and the media might not tell the public the whole truth - at least some of the the time.I became an avid listener to internet talk radio -mainly on the Genesis Communications Network -and after checking carefully the relevant sources concluded that the world's power brokers have very unpleasant plans for all of us.

The light of truth is the only effective challenge to the New World Order.However,if it is possible to perceive the New World Order from mainstream news sources then surely everyone would be aware of it?In fact,most relevant articles are spread out over many different publications in many different countries and rarely make the headlines.

It is the fragmentation of relevant which prevents people from obtaining enough pieces of the puzzle to see the agenda unfolding.The job of N.W.O.researchers is to be detectives and collect these fragments and assemble them in their correct relative positions.The problem is more often that too many fragments lead to information overload.I have tried to filter only enough information to assemble the N.W.O 's skeleton and major muscle groups -you can add the other part of the anatomy through your own research.

However the editors of the mainstream media do censor highly significant news items, news analysis and historical background to current affairs.Where this is the case,I have used books,articles,and documents from other sources,some of which are available on the internet.


The Western money monopoly is the central pillar of the New World Order monolith.The ownership and control of commercial activity by a few British,European,and American families has created the necessary concentration of financial power to manipulate public policy at all levels through co-option of politicians,policy institutes,charities,educational establishments,and media outlets.Whilst there are some witting participants in the New World Order plan at the lower levels,most contributors are compartmentalized 'Manchurian Candidates'who believe they are doing good.Mass manipulation is the supreme application of money power since humanity would not knowingly build a prison for itself and hand the key over to a small ruling elite.To understand our current predicament,it is first necessary to examine who has the money and where they got it from.

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