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Headline News: December 15-16, 2005
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Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah

Watch Liberty News

Da Plane, Where's Da Plane?

Rabbi Goldstein: an overview of Zionism

Global Governance
The Quiet War Against American Independence

A Voice of Common Sense:
Rep. John Murtha

Secrets of the CIA

Secret CIA Camp in Polish Training Center?

The CIA's torture taxi
The trail of a secret spy plane leads to a mysterious outfit
in Reno with ties to a prominent Nevada politico.

Torture for Dummies
Exploding the "ticking bomb" argument.

Pentagon spying on Americans
Secret database obtained by NBC News
tracks 'suspicious' domestic groups


13 'Most Corrupt' in Congress

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse
Likely A Controlled Demolition And 'Inside Job'

US diplomat pleads guilty in Taiwan spy case
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

US among top 10 nations jailing scribes

Pentagon to spread pro-U.S. messages
Run by psychological warfare experts at the U.S. Special Operations Command
(source of FOX NEWS Stories?)

Bush friend linked to top job in Russian oil industry
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Western assessment, advice, and true intentions
regarding Russia and its neighbors
Russia's global influence declined considerably after the collapse
of the USSR, but Russia remains a powerful state still

What to do with Ahmadinejad

U.S. targets North Korean counterfeiting

Row over CIA 'torture' flights engulfs Blair

Families angry as inquiry into July 7 bombing is rejected

Lame duck


Polish intelligence official admits
CIA flights activities over Poland

Israel Makes the Nazi State Look Very Moderate

Ending Terrorism Against Israel
(Notice: Embedded Article from
U.S. Government psychological warfare experts)

Israel Troubled by Bush's Priorities

IDF: Syrian army doesn't threaten Israel

Iran: Move Israel to Alaska

Iran's President Suggests Canada
Give Land to Jewish Settlers

Iranian president says Holocaust is 'myth'

Venezuelan Lawmakers Present Recordings
They Say Involves US in Conspiracy

CIA At It Again in Venezuela

Bolivia's Morales meets military

Peru's 'immoral' FTA

CPJ urges Castro to end
persecution of independent press
(Why don't they do the same to BUSH?)

U.S. Activists Rebuffed at Guantanamo

Sydney police warn of more riots

FIJI: Earthquakes Trigger Tsunami Warning

"If Jesus Returns, Kill Him Again"
says NDP Supporting Atheist Campaigner

China court pardons bra burglar

Proposed Tax on Plastic Bags Aims to Cut Litter
Yet it were these same lame legislators that forced us
all to use those black plastic trash bags in the 1st place!

Maryland Begins Taxing Residents for Taking a Shit

It’s Just a Goddamned Piece of Paper!
Throwing the US Constitution in the President’s Face

Patrick Lee died of so-called "excited delirium"
after he wrestled with police and was
shocked up to 19 times by two officers

Mysterious deep-space object raises questions
on Solar System's origins

Scientists in Spain link MSG to obesity

Strange Bulge in Saturn's Rings


Mayan treasure found in Guatemala

Scientists develop device that
cools body from inside

Oldest Temple and Brazier of the Iron Age
Discovered in Qom

Ancient humans brought bottle gourds
to the Americas from Asia

Ancient Chinese may have worn necklaces 20,000 years ago

Microsoft's Windows Live will spy on you

New drug acts as marijuana in the brain

Iranian lady solves Einstein mystery

Scientists discover frequent auroras on Mars

US slammed over secret prisons

United States: trade in torture

Augustine belching sulfur

Giant tsunami could hit U.S. West Coast

Vanuatu Volcano Bursts Into Life

Coldest December Since late 1800s?
Meteorologist's claim comes on heels of climate-warming summit in Canada

Terminator true to form
Schwarzenegger the murderer refuses to save life of Nobel nominee

Jack the Ripper remains one of most
mysterious maniacs of all times
The crimes of the maniac cannot be compared to the
cruel mass slaughter that mankind witnessed in the 20th century

Humans try to grasp the mystery of animal regeneration
Amphibians' cells can turn back time and return to the moment
where their destiny could have been altered

How can they live with themselves?
If I ever get that arrogant, please shoot me!

Now's your chance.
Take it now ... we're patient!

Double standard of Bush's "war on terrorism"
has again been unmasked

Intimidating those who try to overthrow
democratically-elected governments

Iraqi Sunni candidate wants Baath party comeback

Police Seize Forged Ballots Headed to Iraq From Iran
Iraq border chief denies forged ballots seized
The 1st story above compliments of the Pentagon's
psychological warfare experts and Liberty Group?

After December 15, Iraq will be
at mercy of US corporations

The Emperor Has Spoken

The endless looting of Iraq

Burying the Lancet report . . . and the children

Global Spook Monolith Revealed

Dick Marty, a Swiss senator investigating Bush's rape and torture gulag and macabre sadism flying circus, reveals what many of us have long suspected: the CIA had more than a little help from "national secret services" in Europe

Just like the Iraqi mother

Ignoring the Air War

Wal-Mart: Always Deep Pockets, Always

Why Women Snap

The Left's New Majority

It is time for Democrats to realize that the future of progressive American politics lies at its vibrant grassroots.

Bush can settle CIA leak riddle, Novak says

Don't Like the News? Then Buy Your Own!

Former generals back anti-torture bill

Alito Threatens Disability Rights Laws

Memo Presents New Evidence of FBI Impropriety

Challenges re-filed on Torture, 'Black Sites'

What will it take to impeach the whole Bush regime?

Christmas is a secular holiday, whose fault is that?

Where to look for leadership on Iraq?

Without cause, Yale fires an acclaimed anarchist scholar
(a Yaler that can think for himself?
Will wonders never cease!)

Sharon gets a new image

Syria and Lebanon: keeping it in the family

Muslims in Britain after 7/7: the problem of the few

Government-Sponsored Killing Continues
At the Gates of San Quentin

Does your government have the right to kill you if it wants to? Republicans and others who believe in large, paternalistic government want the power to kill. But killing is wrong.

Hong Kong Phooey

Must we renew the Patriot Act?

Iraq's grim lessons

Asian Leaders Agree to New 16-Nation Association

DEA raids medical marijuana dispensaries
(Not enough terrorists for the Feds to sniff out?)

Britons named in US 'good news' furore

George Bush denies 'myth' that he's uninformed
President Bush on Sovereignty

American hypocrisy

Torture centres maintained by the American government at the expense of the taxpayers' money has raised a mini-storm in some European capitals. This has also exposed the hypocrisy of the United States that has been painting itself as a champion of human rights and dignity. Tons of irrefutable evidence has since poured into newspaper offices exposing the secret locations where 'suspects' were held without due process of law and third degree methods employed to 'extract' 'confessions' from the 'victims' who were in American custody. While some 'suspects' may have 'disappeared' so that they never revealed the true story, it has slowly emerged that the American administration through its cruel arm, called the CIA was torturing hundreds of 'suspects', mainly Muslims, taken in on the 'lofty' goal of 'war against terrorism'.

Beyond the war spin

'How often does a leader of the free world
come along who resembles a monkey
in every particular?'

The Truth On the Ground

On the Trail of the CIA

A Presidential sleight of hand

Be very afraid

When terrorism paranoia goes too far

Paying attention this time around

Patriot Act: Many questions, few answers

Another Pentagon propaganda ploy

Probe into DeLay's activities expands

New Army Rules May Snarl Talks
With McCain on Detainee Issue

Mind games at Gitmo
Psychiatrists and psychologists should have nothing
to do with interrogating prisoners.

Chris Matthews Plays Ball with Karen Hughes
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian
This one may even talk in tongues? Snake Handler?

More Tortured Logic From The Regressive Right

Desperate apologists for BushCo’s attempt – the first of its kind in American history - to codify torture into law are out in droves, again being forced to justify the unjustifiable.

Leon County, FL to Dump Diebold After
Undetectable Hack Reverses Test Election!
Wonder how Bush won the election? State of Diebold!

C'mon Liberals!
Direct Your Wrath at the Right Target

Black Box Voting Report on Diebold
Voting Machine Test Grade: "F" for Complete Failure


The fundamentalists and their allies in the media are screeching again over the alleged "war on Christmas" by those evil liberal secular humanists who supposedly run the world. If there is a problem with Christmas, it is that it has become the most secularized and commercialized religious holiday in America. It is a holiday that is all about out-of-control consumerism


W. Won't Read This

Who said W could read?

Lay pleads for help from former Enron workers
On eve of trial, former chief rails against government
'wave of terror'
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

CIA Sabotage Manual

Senate Democrat May Block Nominee for Pentagon Post

A Religious Protest Largely From the Left
Conservative GOP Christians Say Fighting Cuts
in Poverty Programs Is Not a Priority

US envoy "worst ambassador in history": N.Korea
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Bob Woodward had become a "court stenographer"
for the Bush administration

Amid Recovery Efforts, a Rift Threatens to Grow

Chalabi: Will one-time Washington favorite
have last laugh at polls?
Long dogged by corruption charges, deputy pm eyes iraq's top post
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Please, Sir, I Want Some More

"Lair and UnBalanced" FOX Cherry-Picking
Poll Data - Shows Only One Side

Neil Cavuto Acts Dumb - Hey, Anything for Bush

People Living In Tents For The Holidays?
That's Ok - 3 Casinos Are Ready To Open
On New Years Eve

Bill O'Reilly: American Print Press Is a
"Bunch of Vicious SOBs

Fox News "ground zero in the culture wars"
that polarize America

FOX News Propagandist "Director of Media relations"
attack dog responds, in typical FOX fashion

Justice Foundation organizing boycott
of Fox News Network sponsors

Still Playing the Blame Game

Hannity Decries Saudi Prince's University Donations,
Ignores Same Prince's Financial Connections To FOX News

A Roman Orgy in a Lies Feast
Featuring White Supremist Bill Bennett
And GOP Pundit Sean Hannity

Bill O'Reilly Wins Bill O'Reilly Award

Former television and radio broadcasting personality Bill O'Reilly announced today that the nationwide search for a winner in the prestigious first annual Bill O'Reilly Awards for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism has resulted in a surprise victor: Bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly will be presenting the award, a 34 lb. bronze-plated trophy dubbed "The Wingnut", to himself at a gala awards ceremony at the Bill O'Reilly Coin-Op Laundromat in Newark, New Jersey, "home of the No Spin Cycle", this Friday.


Millions of children invisible to the world

Smog Air Pollution Worsening in National Parks

Does 30,000 Mean Anything to Bush?
YES if it's lunch trays he's stealing from school children

U.S. Oil From Nigera Tainted With Blood

Oil corporations have operated for decades in Nigeria, the world’s fifth-leading oil producer, with no fear of penalties for trashing the environment or violating the human rights of nine ethnic groups in the Niger Delta

What Is It That Lies Beneath the Lion's Balls?

A Defendants' Guide to the GOP "Revolution"

DeLay, Abramoff, Scanlon and others got too greedy - they wanted it all. Power, riches, subsidized foreign junkets, and even respect. In the end they may lose it all.

It's Your Life:
An Open Letter to Young (and Less Young) Americans

The Myth of the Super-Predator

Better Safe Than Sorry:
Airport Security and Global Climate Change

Meg Perry's Actions Spoke For Her

Human Rights, Rendered Meaningless

Have a Hot, Dry, Stormy Life, Kid

Time to Confront the Truth About Another U.S. War

Murder is Murder

The Rise of Islamophobia in 'White Australia'

More Aid-for-Trade Carrots Offered Poor Nations

Scott+Scott, LLC Files Securities Fraud
Class Action Against Diebold Inc.

Redistricting Tom DeLay

Bush: we went to war on faulty intelligence
It only took him 4 years to figure it out?

USA Today Denounces the
Bushevik KGB UnPatriotic Act 12/15

Byrd Puts Frist on Notice to Drop
the Idea of a "Nuclear Option."
Sen. Robert Byrd: "I'm 88 years old, but I can still fight,
and fight I will for freedom of speech."

A Perfect Example of Bush's America

House Passes Cuts to Education, Programs

The spineless Democrats are still comatose ~ so lets roll

Ethics questions dog California Congressman Duncan Hunter;
Owned cabin with Air Force Secretary
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Greenwood working to ease Sarbanes-Oxley rules
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Lawmaker Rep. John A. Boehner
Tells Loan-Industry Officials He Is on Their Side
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Frist aides rebuke press over HCA stock-sale questions
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

DeLay probe put in limbo
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Feds interview Sen. Conrad Burns' former top aide
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

We vote, then we throw you out

Pentagon rolls out stealth PR

The Slave Next Door

The 9/11 Commission's Incredible Tales

If Democrats only had some courage

McDonald’s on Tip-toes
with Newly Empowered Farmworkers

EPA Chemical Testing Rules to
Allow Human Toxicity Studies

Memo Presents New Evidence of FBI Impropriety

A new blank slate every morning

Judgement against Venezuela union mafia boss
Ortega was properly arrived at...

Venezuela insists US Ambassador Brownfield
involved in anti-government conspiracy plans

2,140 dead troops too many...
Bush does not deserve any bounce in the polls

US-backed Venezuelan opposition terrorist plot
is the tip of the iceberg in brutal plan

Venezuelan voter turnout will at least double
for the 2006 Presidential election

Venezuela is every day much more aware
of the roots it has in Africa!

Venezuela says UN human rights
resolution was 'politically motivated'

Bush administration and dissident Venezuelans
planned to discredit Chavez government

Iraqi Elections: "To Be Free and Fair."

Am I the only one who thinks members
of the Iraqi military and resistance fighters
are human beings?

Iraq slides deeper into disaster

What Kind of Withdrawal?

A Death Toll Lower Than DC Murder Rate?
NPR Swallows Bush Guestimate on Iraqi Dead

Pentagon may request up to $100 billion more for wars

Headline News: December 14-15, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah


Bush View of OBGYN Duties

GOP Failure and Fear Policy

Fool Us all President Bush

Bush Shows Ass on TV

Rep. Tim Ryan Tells it Like it is!

Freudian Slip? - Bush Intention to Harm the U.S.

Bush Dementia

Bush GOP Religious Right Christianity

Who is Bin Laden?

President Bush on Sovereignty

Those Secret Torture-Prisons:
A Modest Proposal

Dear Howard Dean: Why Bother?

Republicans build the voting machines, Republicans write the secret software, Republicans count and compile the totals. The Republican machines allow no auditing of the vote totals they report. So Republicans have the ability to “win” elections, regardless of the will of the voters. There is compelling evidence that they have done just that.

Christmas in Mecca:
Are the US occupying forces
closing Iraq's borders at Hajj time?

Talk about your insensitivity! U.S. occupying forces are talking about closing Iraq's borders just as Muslim Iraqis are preparing to go on Hajj. Do Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld even know what Hajj is? Even if you don't know how to use America's trillion-dollar information-gathering systems, guys, at least try to Google it.

A Voter's Bill of Rights
by John Bonifaz, Candidate for Massachusetts Secretary of State

IRS May Bankrupt Katrina Businesses
Christian GOP & BUSH give them the Middle Finger - again

What if there really was a Liberal Bias in the Press?

You Are Not Alone

God made 'em all, not just whites
One more redeemed life wasted,
Arnold the Aryan Christian refused to do the right thing

Support for Impeaching and Removing
Bush Higher than for Clinton

Whining Embedded GOP Pundits at Washington Post
decry one liberal slant journalist

Rice Whines: Countries are "boycotting" Saddam trial
An Illegal Kangaroo Court with GOP
embedded judges and prosecutors

'Lying, dirty tricksters'

Iraq elections: a democratic façade for a US puppet state

Three months after the Katrina disaster:

New Orleans left for dead

Bush, Rice defend US
abductions, torture, secret prisons

Detention in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay
131 page report and testimony from Tortured Detainees
Shafiq Rasul, Asif Iqbal and Rhuhel Ahmed

War Crimes

Means and Ends, and Mean Ends:
Ford and It's Not Gay

Vietnamese Reparations Tour:
A Night of Sadness, Anger and Partial Redemption

Politics on Your Plate

2012 – will the world survive the
secret global germ warfare?

Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion

Electromagnetic weapons

You didn't hear O'Wiley Scream over this one!
Deceptive Advertising Practices

Liberal Protesters Target GOP Budget
$500,000 ad buy combines with pray-in at Capitol

When humor tells us troubling truths...
about ourselves

Fitzgerald was long suspicious
Rove had hidden evidence

Misplaced and Uncompassionate Priorities

More Blacks Live With Pollution

The Plague Upon Eden

The Bushies' Lie About the
Islamic 'Caliphate' Threat

Throwing the term 'caliphate' around is akin to making unfounded threats about WMD and mushroom clouds

Bush's Shiite Gang in Baghdad

The Great Perversion

When Allies Become Accomplices to Terror

Never before has an American administration cut such a swathe in the field of international law – an unlawful war of aggression was legitimized and confessions extracted through torture were deemed admissible in courts of law. And never before has an American administration fought a no-holds-barred battle, one without any rules - for democracy - that has turned so many democracies into accomplices

Gallup Wallops Bush
58 percent of Americans said they do not
believe President Bush has a plan

Journalism's Slo-Mo Suicide

Sneering at Redemption:
Why Arnold Killed Tookie
NAZI Aryan Thing?
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Diebold CEO resigns after reports of
fraud litigation, internal woes
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

American Red Cross President Resigns

Lieberman's 'War Cabinet'
Forget partisan loyalties: the neocons are loyal
to one thing and one thing only

The Token Defendant
Ante Gotovina and the Hague Inquisition

Let the Hostilities Begin

U.S. paid for media firm Afghans didn't want
Millions spent despite complaints deals were 'rip-off' to taxpayers

New U.S. envoy lays out his vision
for a democratic Cuba
Oh shit another GOP war!


The United States last night issued an extraordinary warning to Canadian politicians to tone down their anti-American rhetoric or face the consequences.

Hacker Attacks In US Linked To Chinese Military

To Halt Abuses,
U.S. Will Inspect Jails Run by Iraq
And who is going to watch the US Torturers?

Heated debate on trade polarizes U.S. politics

Prosecutor Issues Subpoenas
in DeLay Case
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Immigrant Victims of Abuse Are
Illegally Denied Benefits

U.S. Shipped Out Detainees

United States illegally held detainees in Europe but then hurriedly shipped out the last ones to North Africa a month ago

What About Bush’s Mental State?
It’s Not Normal to Hear Voices

United States Begins Mass Arrests of Israelis
As A Nuclear Terror Attack
Upon America Appears Imminent,
and Israel Prepares For Iran War

Investigation Finds More Than 120 Abuse Victims
U.S. Ambassador Says Abuse Was
"Far Worse Than Slapping Around"

Council of Europe probe backs claims
of CIA prison flights

Judge allows subpoenas of Limbaugh doctors
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Orwellian double talk in defending torture policy

Torture Policy Blowback Hits White House

Able Danger: Historically Insignificant
or Unfinished Business

Badr threatens to take up arms
against former Saddam loyalists

Pre-Emptive Invasion and International Law

Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business."

"I Ain't Been Blown Up Yet,
But My Time's Coming"

Chavez Frias tells Uribe he has evidence
of conspiracy plotted in Bogota
with the financial and logistic support
of the United States

Washington-backed coupster Carlos Ortega
finally nailed ... gets 15 years and 11 months

Ex-Enron chief Lay blasts prosecutors

Former Enron Corp. Chairman Ken Lay on Tuesday said he was the victim of a "wave of terror" by prosecutors

Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Bring Back Old-Time Religion

Why some Christians oppose secularization while engaging in the commercialization of Christmas, I don't understand.

At the Gates of San Quentin

"Agroterrorists" Needn't Bother

The Road to Redemption

Campaign Finance and the Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder

Plutonium Launch Accident Could Have
Global Implications

Civic Groups Doing Good Despite
Big Media's Widening Wasteland

What Peace Needs

The Regional Corrections Facility at Ft. Lewis, Washington is vintage World War II. The windows are cracked and can’t be closed. It’s below freezing on most nights now. I could go on – but what good will it do in this country of warmongers, idealistic pacifists, and evangelicals?

The Region Will Wrest Back Control
When the US Stumbles out of Iraq

This costly intervention has exposed the myth of America as conductor of a grand democratic Middle Eastern orchestra

Great Need Still Lies in Katrina's Wake

CIA Secret Prisons Reports Credible

Rendon: The Man Who Sold the War

Pentagon's use of Rendon Group, scrutinized

Brazilians to 'Try' Bush for Crimes Against Humanity

Torture may be necessary: former W.House advisor
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Iraqi president says will not seek re-election

Tortured prisoners had their nails pulled
What GOP Religious Right CONservative Christians CONdone

Europeans Outraged at Schwarzenegger

German Khaled El-Masri Tells of
Torture in 'Secret' U.S. Custody

Torture Inc.

I woke up shouting

As I said before this journey will take you into the depths of your heart and soul. It will take you to a place where some of you have never been before. There will be those of you who open the door to new ideas, get scared and run the other way. Or even worse, you will do what we will call "selling out."

As you read on, I want you to think about the times in your life when you felt strong and powerful. Maybe it was when you were a little girl. For others, maybe you are just now coming into your own voice and power as 20, 30, 40, or 50 year old women. Some of you may even be 60, 70, or 80 years old. You are all waking up and finding that women do have a say in this world.

It doesn't matter how you wake up. You could be watching women as leaders in politics, the medical field, the business world, or as mothers. All of these women are claiming their power and their voice by "speaking up." I know when I grew up, we basically had three choices as young women. We could become teachers, nurses, or secretaries for professions, or we could get married, have children, and be housewives, which in those days was not considered a profession. It's exciting to know that young women today have more choices for their lives. I'm sure most of you join me in the excitement level that these choices provide for our young women and the growth of our world.

It is exciting for me to watch girls and women of all ages come into their power as a result of the paths that others have helped clear in the past. We are watching our patriarchal society, which certainly has served its purpose, lose some of its strength only because women are finding their voices. Women are finding what is inside of them that makes them "tick." What is it that creates passion for the world and their lives? Women are becoming empowered by stepping into their self-esteem and discovering who they are.

Dr. R. A. McKee
Woman Find Your Voice, Power, Vision

Jury Indicts Siegelman, Scrushy

Race warfare divides city

Howard's Leadership Mires Response to Racism

Iran Says Doesn't Need US Security Guarantees
What if every Arab-Moslem nation
withdrew from the UN in support of Iran's Sovereignty?

Powerful Nations Try to Extend Special Privileges
What’s at Play at the WTO

It's Time to Rebuild America
A Plan for Spending More -- and Wisely --
on Our Decaying Infrastructure

Tice awaits US housing hard landing

Deficit Jumps After Hurricane Payouts

Inquiry Details Claims of C.I.A. Prisons in Europe


supports all-white juries

Bush administration objects to media
describing Alito as conservative
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Wal-Mart Critics Ask:
Where Would Jesus Shop?
WalMart ain't Kosher!

General Motors' Stock = JUNK

New York University

expels Coke from its campus

CREW Sues Department of Interior Over Abramoff Documents
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Congressional investigators:
EPA lied about how dirty air would get under "Clean Sky"

Bush administration analysis of air pollution legislation uses assumptions that boost the benefits of its own proposal while overstating the costs of alternatives, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service.

Tire Giant Firestone Hit with Lawsuit over

Slave-Like Conditions at Rubber Plantation

Merck lied about fatalities in Vioxx safety study

At FBI, Frustration Over Limits on an Antiterror Law

FEMA warned about unprepared response teams in 2004
MORE GOP Religious Right CONservative Christians

White GOP History Books Blame Blacks for
Reconstruction Failures!
Reconstruction was a GOP Plan of The Party of Lincoln!

The Art of Cash Harvest
MORE GOP Religious Right CONservative Christians

Ron Gettelfinger:
Delphi attacks workers and spoils execs
Another GOP Religious Right CONservative Christian

Mission Accomplished:

Big Oil's Occupation of Iraq

Sami Al-Arian:
The Terror Verdict TV Networks Ignored

Into harm's way
By 'rendering' suspects to torturers
America sinks to the moral level of Saddam

The secrets of the London Cage

Beatings, sleep deprivation and starvation used on SS and Gestapo men. POW camp in Kensington kept secret and hidden from Red Cross

Trickle-Down is a Giant Again,
the Poor Grow Poorer

Pillage, Rape, Mass Murder – Just War

Al Qaeda in Iraq?
Only after the BUSH Occupation opened the door for them!

The Gay Experiment That Started AIDS In America

Choose between death and Democracy

In Iraq, Old-Style Chicago Politics Is Boss

Lawyer accuses MI6 of 'torture' methods

Battle brews over a bigger military role
The Pentagon tilts toward taking more authority in
major disasters - worrying governors, lawmakers

Palestinian 'third way' rises
A new political group offers voters a choice between Fatah and Hamas.

The real siege of Christmas
Spirit of Christmas under attack from superficial commentators

Procrastination central
One-stop book shopping for everyone on your list

Merry, merry... whatever
With Iraq, etcetera, are we really arguing over holiday trees?

Republicans attack 'weak' Democrats

Rupert Murdoch's "Moral Values"

Sewage Bilge Pump O'Reilly's Nazi Talk and Lies

77 Year Old Iraqi Woman In America
Appreciate President Bush Or Go To Hell
(Or, Fair and Balanced The Fox Way)

Don't Take That Cruise!

Bill O'Reilly - War on Christmas Liar?

More FOX Hypocrisy...ho ho ho hum

A "Happy Iraq" Poll? And A Quiz!

Actor Mike Farrell Takes on Dayside Hosts

FOX News' Bloodlust For
Stanley "Tookie" Williams' Execution

Fox Buries Bush's "30,000 Dead" Statement
Stanley "Tookie" Williams' Execution

Celebrate Christmas, or Else!

The evangelical movement in America—the one that put Bush in the White House and continues to constitute his most dependable base of support—has been whipped into a frothing frenzy over the idea, promoted by the newshounds with too much air time to kill at Fox, that someone, somewhere is waging a War on Christmas.


Should Journalists be Like Hookers
and Make You Happy?
Neil Cavuto Apparently Thinks So.

Exposing the Lies of Whiteness
Thank You Richard Pryor

Chavez Wins, Bush Loses (Again)! Now What?

Venezuela’s Sovereignty must be Respected

Terrorist Maneuver Unveiled in Venezuela
Flip Flop Two Faced DoubleSpeak Bush Policy on Terrorists

Increased World Support to Cuban Five

'I Watched a Man Die Today'


Promoting Law and Order,
as per the Iraq(n)i Interior Ministry

Ex-general says Iranian led torture of detainees

Iraq: State of the Disunion

Yes, We Murder Journalists

'Our sons were lied to and sent to die in Iraq'

ACLU Challenges CIA Refusal to Admit Existence of
Presidential Order on Detention Facilities Abroad

Pre-Emptive Invasion and International Law

Syria — Cui Bono?
Before a shred of evidence has been evaluated,
the Syrians are already being blamed.

Serial Killer Confesses to 30,000 Murders;

Receives Applause From Brain Dead Sheeple

Headline News: December 13-14, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah

The Incredible Lying BushCo

Hijacking Catastrophe

Galloway v The US Senate

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney

Exit Strategy


Sticks and Stones

Shoot the Messenger

Operation Saddam
America's Propaganda War

When Donald Rumsfeld Met Saddam

Their real God is money
The Republicon Mafia

Where the Money Came From
Where the Money Went

Bush plans overhaul GOP Subversion
of US foreign aid system

Bush 'troubled' by propaganda he ordered

Bush Abandons Tax Reform,
Washington Gets Uglier

U.S. Secret Jails: A Flashback to Stalins Soviet Union

Gold at US$1,000?

U.S. lawmakers bid to stop
Russian NGO bill for political purpose

Putin Tells Duma to Ease NGO Bill

German obsessed with quest in CIA case
Obsessed? The US stole five months of his life!

Israel says EU is breaching international terror law
Who really cares what Israel says?

Beirut blast intended against Syria


Female socialist leads
Chile's presidential race

Leaders of nations in this day and age are all manipulated by the dark force which simply buys these people in exchange for their policy implementation. The masses of any land are rallied by use of methods which cause them to believe they must act in certain ways in order to protect their homeland, communities, race and families. This is achieved by carefully applied mass psychology which makes the masses believe they are acting on behalf of a high and noble cause when, in fact, they are only being used and manipulated to further the goals of the dark force as in the present case of the long series of unprovoked wars carried out by the United States for which enormous debt will enslave Americans for generations to come much as the brotherhood of the dark force has destroyed Africa and South America with insurmountable debt.

Observing humanity from the higher realms reveals that, even when given the advance opportunity to change the course of events by being educated, forewarned and then requiring the putting forth of concerted effort, the masses generally refuse to do so preferring to continue on in their comfortable and familiar daily routines. This getting comfortable is not what evolution has in mind as it is always moving forward so, when people do not pay attention to small signs, there comes a need for major catastrophe to shake people from their complacency. This fact is one of the reasons the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, noble though they are, were likely to be shortlived, surviving only two hundred plus years before dissolution. This allowed the pioneers an opportunity to do their work and get safely through in a society of liberties but that day is now drawing to its close and the stragglers will not have the same level of freedom.

Earth Mastery - Karen Gross-Foster

Chile's Bachelet faces reunited right in run-off

Showdown in the Andes:
Bolivian Election Likely to Shift Latin America Further to Left

Bolivian presidential election campaign reaches final stage

Peru Candidates Neck and Neck

U.S. prodding Argentina on political tilt to the left

Washington officials and analysts say the main U.S. concern is Kirchner's relations with the populist Chávez. Which is NONE of the US's Business!

Venezuelan 'accessibly' priced oil for Paraguay

What happens when almost the entire opposition
decides to commit suicide

CIA: The spy agency is damaged beyond repair:
Abolish it and start over

The Syrian Gambit Unravels
When the main witnesses recant, you don't have a case

A blot on Israeli democracy

New chips called a danger to privacy

State lawmakers have crafted a bill that, if passed, would make New Hampshire the first state in the nation to regulate so-called "spy chips" in an effort to protect consumer privacy

Devastating drought hits Amazon basin

Alaska's Columbia Glacier
Continues On Disintegration Course

Biggest Highland earthquake in 20 years

Could aliens be hacking into your computer?

Scientists Come Up with
Recipe to Build Quantum Computers

Iron Fused with Magnesium:
May Explain Composition of Earth’s Core

Celtic lifestyle is key to longevity

Polygamy rights is the next civil rights battle

Mysterious case of girl kept prisoner in home
for most of her life stuns society

North Pole holds treasures,
clashes for several nations

'Hot death' warning on climate

Bush's downward spiral into the
dark pit of insanity and self-destruction

Varieties of imperial decline ...
asparagus imports leave the Bronx cold

In Iraq, Campaign Turns Ugly
in Days Before Election

Hong Kong on High Alert
as Thousands of Protesters Fly In

Dow Chemical Said Shirking Responsibility
21 Years After Disastrous Gas Leak

Africa's Poorest Fight Hypocrisy and Vested Interests
Double standards of free trade represent a
double-edged sword for countries such as Senegal

Toxic Cloud Fear as Oil Blaze Rages
Emergency services battle to contain fire after explosion
of 60m gallons of fuel in Hertfordshire

French Spy Service Warned US
About Bogus Niger Uranium Claim

The Mercury Menace in Fish:
Government and Industry Fail to Protect
Consumers from Toxic Mercury in Fish

By Their Fruits: A Message to Our
Traditionalist, Religious Countrymen

FEMA reimbursements mainly benefit
higher income groups

Pinter's Provocation
Self Love in America

George Bush Comes Clean;
What the President Really Could Have Said

Restoring Liberties at Home


Republicans call it an increase – Vets’ groups call it a 'shell game' – Cuts in services and more vets add up to a VA healthcare crisis

Obama says Republicans practice "Social Darwinism"

Residents Fight Shift in Zoning for Gulf Coast

What Viveca Novak Told Fitzgerald

The Rise of Professional Journalism
Reconsidering the roots of our profession
in an age of media crisis.

Goodbye New Orleans

Conspiracy to Torture

Torture is about acts: the blow to the head, the scream in the ear, the scar-free injuries whose diagnosis has become an international medical subspecialty. But torture is also very much about words: the whispered or shouted questions of the interrogator

A Fundamental History Lesson
The rise of National Socialism proved
politics and religion don’t mix

Torture is democratic

The Consistency Hoax

Chinks in the Republican Armor

The image was of links in a chain of power that the Democrats could never break. The GOP, having captured both houses of Congress and the White House, could press lobbyists to hire only Republicans and give money only to Republicans. The money would guarantee dominance in state legislatures. The legislatures would redraw congressional districts so that Democrats could never win. And if anyone objected, too bad; Republican-appointed judges could be counted on to slap down any complainers.

Where there's smoke, there's ire

Frist still under investigation for stock sale
Part of the Republicon Mafia

Rove's lawyer knew client might be leak

Supreme Court to Review Texas Redistricting

The Supreme Court said Monday it would consider the constitutionality of a Texas congressional map engineered by Rep. Tom DeLay that helped Republicans gain seats in Congress.

Explosions at London's oil deposit
lead to Europe's largest fire since 1945

Pentagon's 'Black Budget'
Veils Contracting Shenanigans

Clark says Saddam is "isolated"
and calls his treatment cruel

Squeezed To Death

The Old Nation-State May Be Passing Away
Iraq: the Beginning of the End

Iraq Prison Raid Finds More Inhumane Treatment

The Facts About Venezuela's Parliamentary Elections

Bush World: Too Many States

My Husband is at the Gates of Guantánamo

Media Lens Cogitations
Predatory Urges, Plastic Brains and Empowerment

No News is Bad News
A Short History of RADIO FREE IRAQ

The Morbid Symbolism of the Yasukuni Shrine

Good Night, Democracy;
Good Luck, Americans

As Bush Stacks the Supreme Court,
How Can We Save Our Rights?

Electromagnetic weapons -
reverse engineered non-ionizing radiation and
bio-electromagnetics technologies

Seven layers of integrated consciousness maps to
the seven extra dimensions shown in superstring theory

France detects massive plot of
Islamist militants planning attacks

Culturally and geographically, I am an American...

Venezuela's opposition hoisted with their own petard!

How skillfully the Americans
play hoax in the name of human rights!

Others would like to see a return to
Yanqui corruption in Venezuela...

For once, I actually believe that they
are telling the truth ... no Bushing!

It's really unfair to blame Chavez
for the 97.4% abstention rate

The Venezuelan opposition takes democracy hostage.
That is unacceptable!

Proposed Welfare Overhaul Targets Single Moms, Kids

Embracing The Brotherhood

Church, State And Alito

The Safe Seat Pandemic

Rumsfeld Guns for the Press
While the Lincoln Group Spins

Cold Mountain
The American military is preventing the
emergence of political legitimacy in Iraq

Corruption Digest
Part of the Republicon Mafia

"Most Wanted" Corporate
Human Rights Violators of 2005

Allawi predicts a 'bloody chain of evil'

Saddam loyalists warn al-Qaeda not to disturb vote

Voter registration irregularities found in Iraq
Same as OHIO? State of Diebold?

Weaselly Rice Tortures Facts
Does the secretary of state think anyone is buying her spiel?

Media Tangled in Lobbyist Case
Press Freedoms Debated After Wiretapping of Call to Reporter

How free speech was quietly abolished

Sell Off Your Oil Wealth and Ye Shall be Free
America’s Lust For Oil in Iraq

War based on a lie

Kicking the subsidies
Third world farmers need a fair deal

President Bush: Blowing the Job

Tookie Williams - On the Killing Floor

The Bogus Blurring of Terrorism and Insurgency in Iraq

How the "Washington Consensus"
Endangers U.S. National Security

Hair Trigger Nation

In the House of the Setting Sun

The New Rich-Rich Gap

Right to Life With Father? I Don't Think So!

Can Amtrak Survive Three More Years of Bush?

Freedom to Trade or Freedom From Hunger?

Giving to the Rich:
War? Disaster? Deficit? Forget 'em:
It's time for Tax Cuts

A Planet For Some Carbon?

Praying for the Demise of Religion

BUSH PUPPET Schwarzenegger
Rejects Williams' Bid for Clemency

Capitalism, the environment,
and sustainable development

The seige of Hong Kong

10th Anniversary of the Repeal
of the Federal Time Tax

Democrats are disorganized,
Republicans are organized crime

Cruel, but utterly usual

Liposuction lobotomies for Limbaugh's loonies

When death is the proper penalty

The Abramoff primer Four scandals, 25 players,
one sad episode for American democracy

Sean Hannity Cherry Picks The Iraq News
(A Must Read! See the intentional MISinformation from FOX)

Fox Buries Bush's "30,000 Dead" Statement

Ann Coulter a No-Show on
Your World w/Neil Cavuto

News Corporation Schedules Holiday Party,
While "FOX & Friends" Bashes Same
- Can You Spell "H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y"?

Fox Blames Rising Oil Costs On Fire In England


still there 12-13-05!
Cursed by CBN GOP
Pat Robertson

still there 12-13-05!
Cursed by FOX GOP
Bill O'Reilly

Is it necessary to explain to USA that a
transport [aircraft] is not a bomber?
Yes if it's a BUSH REPUBLICON!

Quake hits Afghan Hindu Kush

Drinking tea linked to lower ovarian cancer risk

RNC Web Ad:
Are Democrats Waving White Flag In Iraq?

DHS report admits
air marshals 'overreacted' in airport shooting

Woman who executed 1,500 people
in WWII faced death sentence in 30 years
When arrested, the woman described in detail where
and how she committed every execution

Part of the Republicon Mafia

Diebold CEO resigns after reports of
fraud litigation, internal woes
Part of the Republicon Mafia

DLC attacks Dems as "offering surrender,"
then calls for "inclusion"

The Nuclear Truth and The Party of Arrogance
Part of the Republicon Mafia



Yes Dick Cheney, You Are a Liar
Part of the Republicon Mafia

Your Guess Is as Good as Mine

Obviously they will keep getting lower!

Saddam considers Iraq polls a 'farce'

No One Should Go To Iraq Until
George Bush Sends His Daughters

The latest of U.S. scandals in Iraq

US Marines threatened to strip his wife naked in front of him if he didn't speak, but the man still refused to talk, saying he had no answer for their questions. So they carried out their threat, ripping off his wife’s clothing and gazing at her naked body in front of the husband, who was bound at the time, the paper correspondent said, adding that the brother of the householder said that the Marines left the house after his brother collapsed seeing his wife standing naked in front of the men.


An Empire Without Virtue
The Defenders of Torture

Bush Threatens to Unleash Terrorists

Iraqi Majority: Yankee Go Home

Venez Opposition in Legal Limbo

East Timor Lauds Cuban Health System

The Death Penalty Is Not Pro-Life
GOP Christian Terminator Terminates Tookie

Panama Patients Grateful of Cuba

Terrorism vs. Insurgency

Contrary to what pundits still contend, Murtha sees the U.S. presence in Iraq as a boon, not an impediment, to terrorism.

G'day and Salaam

Iraqi Vote 'Satanic'

Tracing Iraq's Painful Arc,
From the Past to the Future

War experts advise strategy overhaul

Pentagon's information campaign under fire

Sydney erupts in second night of riots

Don't like the news? Buy your own!
Propaganda news a sham in Iraq

All hail -- the cliche
Is it really worth fighting?

Americans Concerned About Political Corruption

Zionist Terrorist Attacks On

The Republican faithful in Southern California
turn out to reward the
party of corruption and war.

290,000 Israelis Eligible to Vote
in Iraqi Elections

United States Is Actively Engaged In War Crimes
And Polluting With Nuclear Materials

A look at Vietnam and Mexico exposes the
myth of market liberalisation

Pentagon devising scenarios for martial law in US

Hemophiliacs to Republicans:
Stop Saying "Cut and Run"

Everyone on Planet an Incompetent Buffoon,
Study Finds

Making the World Safe for Theocracy

Setting the Stage

Sunnis Opt for Ballots – and Bullets

State Dept. Rules Out Guarantee on Iran

ACLU Opposes Patriot Act Provision

UN report cites new evidence of Syrian
involvement in Hariri murder

Bush Says Iraq's Path to
Democracy Like That of U.S.
(From a guy that can't read....
and has obviously never studied history?)

'It's an awful way to exist, without hope...
We've gained nothing but endless deaths'

How a triumphant invasion
turned into a disastrous occupation

The war in numbers:
From WMD to the victims

A war and its fearsome consequences:
How the world has changed post-Iraq

Gov't Report: $50-Plus Oil Here to Stay

ACLU pushes for release of
prison, torture documents

ElBaradei urges Iran security guarantee

The Bogus Blurring of
Terrorism and Insurgency in Iraq

Masque of Democracy: Iraqi Election System
Still Disfavors Sunni Arabs, Favors Kurds

Reality and Spin in the Media
'Wag the Dog' author Larry Beinhart describes how
members of the news media censor stories

Dick Cheney's Last Throes

What Wal-Mart Wants from the WTO

The Reluctant Religion of Reverend Billy

Bush - Constitution
'Just A Goddamned Piece Of Paper'


Rhetoric vs. Action:
President Bush Undermines While Praising Democracy in Iraq
Majority Rule?
Two-Thirds of Iraqis Oppose the Presence
of U.S. Troops According to New Poll
U.S. Military Presence to Undermine Legitimacy
of New Iraqi Government

Big Box Backlash:
Local Control Over Land Use Threatened by WTO
Public Citizen Briefing Paper Reveals Push by
Big Box Retailers to Use Trade Rules to
Undermine Local Zoning and Other Land Use Laws

CREW Urges the House to Finally Act on
Corruption and File an Ethics Complaint
Against Soon-to-Be-Indicted Rep. Bob Ney
Part of the Republicon Mafia

Bureau of Prisons Retaliates
Puts Whistleblower in Danger
FBI Arrests Individual Who Threatens Whistleblower

EPA to Expand Use of
Human Chemical Experiments
Found out what Bush wants to give
chemical companies the right to do to
you and your children!)

On the Trail of the CIA

Bush aides suppressed challenges
to anti-democratic election plans
Part of the Republicon Mafia

DeLay, Republicans Face Political Setback on Texas
Part of the Republicon Mafia

Judge Orders an Extension of FEMA Aid

Tookie Williams Is Executed
Would the Ending be the Same if He had been White?

Ex-CIA Officer on 'War on Terror'


'Divine Constitution' on Isleta Reservation
Predates U.S. Document by 2000 years

Bush urged to use WTO to break up
OPEC oil cartel

As an Asian Century Is Planned,
U.S. Power Stays in the Shadows

21 Israelis arrested on illegal peddling charges,
to be deported

U.S. warned of pension cash crunch

GM downgrade weighs as bankruptcy eyed

China says hacking illegal, after alleged
military attacks on US computers

Protesters, police clash at WTO meeting

National Socialism Comes to America

British Oil-Fire Cloud Spreads to France

Refusal to question US over
'torture flights' may be illegal

Ireland complicit in US war crimes,
says campaigning mum

Israel and Iran Should Quit Rattling Each Other’s Cages

Suppose Israel were to give up nuclear weapons
Step back by the Jewish state could influence Iran

As Iran vows to wipe Israel off the map,
UN displays Israel-free map

Iran leader accuses West of using Israel as pretext

Major Oil Discovery Made on the
Anaran Exploration Block in Iran

Officials Puzzled by Oklahoma Gas Geysers

Venezuela exercises its sovereignty ...
NOT with US bribes and corruption

Trying to save our world from tyranny, bloodshed,
we quietly shed some tears

Uncle's money, Uncle's rules

GOP proposal to change Senate rules spurs uproar
Part of the Republicon Mafia

The Grand Inquisitor Supreme Christian Torturer
expresses no tolerance for U.S. torture

The Great Perversion

Lieberman's Dangerous Gamble on Bush's Fraying Coattails

Bush: Race Not Factor in Katrina Response
It was incredible incompetence from a GOP crony?

Mohamed ElBaradei's Nobel Message

27,000 nuclear warheads lying around, many of them on hair-trigger alert. An overwhelming majority are located in Russia or the United States

Bigfoot documentary to celebrate its
40th anniversary in 2007

Student's hand sticks in toilet

The way you sneeze defines your character

President Bush Paints Self Into Corner

Headline News: December 12-13, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah

French Told CIA of Bogus Intelligence

How plane spotters turned into the
scourge of the CIA

Bush threatens U.N. over Clinton climate speech

Vice-President Dick Cheney directed the U.S. envoy to walk out Thursday. When did the VP get power to run foreign affairs?

Crystallex part of dirty war against
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias

The CIA knows who these terrorists are ...
the CIA trained them...

10% of the US budget goes to bomb countries
that George Bush doesn't like?

Venezuela: Learning is an important outcome
of participatory democracy

Did you ever in your wildest dreams
imagine the US becoming this bad?

The Secret Confessions of the jailed
Cali cocaine cartel Orejuela brothers

From the Bolivarian Revolution
to Human Emancipation

Syria Slows Sanctions Momentum at U.N.

Syria says has completely cooperated with Hariri probe

Bush Likens Iraqi Action to Transition in '40's Japan
(As in Nagasaki, Hiroshima?)

Politics, Iraqi Style:
Slick TV Ads, Text Messaging and Gunfire

Defense Facilities Pass Along Reports of Suspicious Activity

Iraq security company under fire

The private security company at the centre of the "trophy video" controversy in Iraq has been accused of failing to ensure that all of its workers are properly trained to use guns. It looked to me like they need to be trained when NOT TO FIRE AT INNOCENT CITIZENRY

Islands were invaded by the Japanese,
then hundreds died in US TORTURE camps

Unmasked: Out of the shadows
for the first time: Britain's real spooks

China flays US for its 'double standards'
on human rights

Russia calls for abandoning double standards of human rights

Chile holds presidential elections

Key facts about Chile on eve of Sunday's elections

U.S. Wary Of Bolivian Frontrunner

Bolivia MAS Warns Oil Transnationals

Iran, Venezuela ink 850-million-dollar contract

Cuba documents case against US

US: Cuba like Ku Klax Klan
Another BUSH Diplomat, that knows not Diplomacy!

Earthquake survivors prepare for winter by
digging graves before ground freezes

Australia hit by race riots

Shattering Iraq

Firms get scrutiny over CIA captures
Companies' roles in flights questioned

Is the world safer now?
Tehran has exploited the gap between Washington and Europe.

Post-Taliban Free Speech Blocked by Courts, Clerics
Jailed Afghan Publisher Faces Possible Execution
The US Brought FREEDOM to Afghanistan?

BUSH's FEMA Preparing to Rebuild the South

Drowned city cuts its poor adrift

The waters have receded but the mainly black, low-income citizens of New Orleans are now the victims of rising rents, forced evictions and plans that favour the better off

US militaries in Iraq
involved in bribes and corruption!
Iraqi Heroic Resistance controls Baghdad!
The US desperately tries to conceal casualties!


US forces, stopped a car full of university students on their way to college in Ramadi. Despite the fact that they searched the passengers and made sure that they were unarmed students, a marine lost his temper and brutally executed them all including the driver

Constitution Just A Goddamned Piece of Paper
Why aren't Americans calling this TREASON?
Violation of Oath of Office - IMPEACHMENT!

Some people aren't born stupid.
They watch FOX - The GOP Propaganda Tool

The Moral Hell of Condoleezza Rice
Torture and White Phosphorous

How the CIA Paid for Judy Miller's Stories
All the News That's Fit to Buy

Does Apathy Make Human Rights Day
Meaningless to Most Americans?
US Seen as the Great Violator of
Global Human Rights

Sunni cites more secret prisons

More than 1,000 people were kept in one place like sheep, worse then sheep, they could not sleep except by lying on top of one another

The United States is a psychopath

One of the many benefits of the Bush Administration is that it demonstrates, over and over again, just how big a bunch of hypocrites Americans are

Trade Liberalisation Is Not Development

Death of an American City
We are about to lose New Orleans

Big Box Retailers Announce Plan
to Destroy Christmas

Frist Says He's Ready to Block Filibuster

Dodging Debate On Alito

Iran Invites U.S. to Bid on Nuclear Plant

Senate Democrats Request More Alito Info

Rove's Lawyer Told of Conversation

"Fascism should more accurately be named corporatism,
since it is the merger of state and corporate power."
-- Benito Mussolini

THE Prince of Wales has been interviewed by
Scotland Yard investigating the death of Diana

Let's start the 'Revolution of the Forces of Light'
against Bush-mania!

CIA corruption in Venezuela is

expression of customary procedure in USA

Crucial fact contextualizes negative sentiment
that many feel for America

President Chavez' comments on election:
Venezuela immune to US Poison

Venezuela prioritizes hospital construction:
42 facilities for US$700 million

Female socialist physician leading Chilean polls

The bomb proliferates

We Charge Genocide:
A Brief History of US in the Philippines

USLAW Statement on the Iraq War

If I Had a Hammer:
Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution

Bush Meets St. Peter

Children squeezed to death

America's Death Camps

Is America a Christian Nation?

Test Your Scientific Literacy!

In Defense of Democracy in Venezuela

Chávez, Fox and the
Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America

Knowing Our Minds

Lipstick on a Pig:
The Folly of Media Reform

Crime and Warfare in the U.S.:

US Retreats at Climate Change Talks
'Obstructive' White House stung by criticism of its
stance as 157 nations extend the Kyoto agreement

The New Machismo

Weaselly Rice Tortures Facts
Does the secretary of state think anyone is buying her spiel?

Into Harm's Way
By 'rendering' suspects to torturers America
sinks to the moral level of Saddam.

The Conservative Hypocrisy

U.S. is Still Undermining Haiti

In America, Both Types
of Drug Addiction Come at a High Price

Conservative? No.
Radical, Regressive, and Reckless? Yes.

Congress Will Flinch as '06 Election Nears

Allies and Stanwix

Poland Launches Investigation into
CIA's Secret 'Anti-Terror' Prisons

It's Time To Investigate Able Danger
and the 9/11 Commission

When Message And Medium Look To Fool

The Press Can't Be Free If Its News Is Bought

Media Lick the Hand That Feeds Them

DeLay's Corporate Defenders

Singing, Soot, Settled, and Sacrificed

Low Prices, Widespread Torture
Our new system of global production

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Bush Should Be on Trial Too

Neocons Concentrate on Promoting U.S.-Iran War

In Latin America, a leftist vision is taking hold

Our disgrace
THEY called it a day of pride,
but it will go down as a day of national disgrace.
This is what the BUSH CHRISTIAN CRUSADES has wrought

Senate Suck-Ups

Dare I say China now owns USA since we
borrow from them continuously?

On State sovereignty,
humanitarian intervention and Individual rights...

Carrying the 'White Man's Burden' in Iraq

Pro-War Arguments Don’t Hold Water

Fierce battles in Baghdad
between the Iraqi glorious Resistance
and the bloodthirsty US frightened invaders

Iraqi general tells of prison torture horror

Homeless Veterans:
An Ongoing National and Local Disgrace


Seven layers of integrated consciousness maps to the
seven extra dimensions shown in superstring theory

A little black hole at the center of the earth,
a neutron start at the center of the sun –
passage of the extraterrestrial UFOs from the Hyperspace

New Orleans Tragedy

Fluoride, Teeth And The Atomic Bomb


Discovery of a Staircase in Historical City of Gour

Sialk 6000-year-old secrets to be revealed

Incalculable pain

On the Trail of the CIA

Ex-Marine leader poses hard questions about war

To the Victors Go the Spoils of War
British Petroleum, Shell and Chevron Win Iraqi Oil Contracts

It Takes a Potemkin Village

The Trial of Saddam Hussein

The Deliberate Destruction of Iraq

U.S. Journalism's Shameful Anniversary

One year ago, reporter Gary Webb – his life in ruins – killed himself with a handgun. The tragedy made him the final victim of a long-running cover-up protecting the Reagan-Bush administration’s tolerance of drug trafficking by its client army, the Nicaraguan contras

The Meaning of (the War Over) Christmas

You have to hand it to political operatives who can turn the Christmas celebration of Jesus’s birth into a nasty wedge issue, transforming a traditional message of love, peace and tolerance into one of anger, conflict and resentment.

Poll Shows Americans Distrust Corporations

NIGERIA: Oil and Misery

The 14 Worst Corporate Evildoers

On issues like war crimes, torture, toxic dumping and stifling freedom of speech, corporations like Coca Cola, Chevron and Philip Morris are way out ahead of the rest.

The End of Democracy in Ohio State of Diebold?
It's time to Bury the GOP in America!

The Syrian Gambit Unravels
When the main witnesses recant, you don't have a case

Unknown Victims of 9/11

Rendition Unto Caesar
America stands revealed before the world
as just another unaccountable police state.

Commission Finds Irregularities in Iraqi Voter Registration

Torture victim:
'They would cut me 30 times in two hours'

Black Contracts

Bush NAZI Says Yes to Legalized Torture

CIA scours blogs for useful intelligence

War experts advise strategy overhaul
Fear current course risks cataclysm

German in CIA case doubts 'mistaken identity'

Debate on terror could harm Rice’s credibility
As if she had any?!!!

Lawyer says UK abetted torture

'NYT' Reveals Military's Role in
Phony Iraqi Press Reports

Saddam Casts Long Shadow Over Elections

Bolivian leftist candidate vows to be
'nightmare' for U.S.

Taking from the poor to give to the rich
If George Bush is so simple-minded,
how is he getting away with it?

Cornered by the truth

Their hearts were young and gay -
- Is AIDS murder-by-government?

Torture and white phosphorus

Land Monopolists Killing Their Fellow Citizens

Dead soldiers shipped home as freight

The Diminishing Numbers of
Alleged Dead in Auschwitz

The Evacuation Of Auschwitz

We will pay for cheap bananas with
prisons, fear and fragmentation

A maiming of the soul

A truth-optional approach to dealing with the public

U.S. is Still Undermining Haiti

The latest of U.S. scandals in Iraq

'Maybe W should have stayed on the base'

'Evil racist children and the media who love them'

Rich nations refuse to let go of subsidies

Rigoberto Alpizar and Jean Charles de Menezes:
Two victims of state 'anti-terror' killings

Government and media provocations spark
racist violence on Sydney beaches

The Perfect FOX News Story

Memo To Democrats:
When Sean Hannity Asks You A Question,
He’s Not Interested In The Answer.
He's Trying To Trap You.

Is Neil Gabler Really on Vacation?

FOX News Pretends Bush Is Not
Capitulating To Pressure About Iraq

Everything Is Great Because We Say So

Al Quaeda Threat Made Good
British Government Invokes 'Official Secret Act'
After Hijacked Air France A300 Jetliner
Destroys London Air Fuel Depot

'Gone Fishing,' How the President Got a Life

Losing the moral initiative over Iraq

DHS report admits air marshals
'overreacted' in airport shooting

Unique Bird Flu Variant in Ukraine

New Titles
November 2005

Headline News: December 11-12, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah

Iraqis' Human Rights Are Still In Peril
So Are American Human Rights

Cheney and Fried Rice in Hot Water

Storytelling in Washington

All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself. -- A. Hitler, Mein Kampf

Scrooge in the House

'Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through the House, $50 billion was cut for those considered a mouse. Tax breaks instead hung by the chimney with care, for investors and CEOs, hands already there. America's rich nestled all snug in their beds as $95 billion danced in their heads.

What Planet is Bill Clinton Living On?

An Open Letter to Wealthy Patriots,
from a Gold Star Mother

'Prisoner of Conscience' is a Hero

Feingold to Fight Patriot Act Reauthorization

When Patience is Not a Virtue
Hearing Mr. Bush preach patience is a curious thing.
It's like Maureen Dowd going to Karl Rove's birthday party

From the Grassy Knoll
when U.S. soldiers invaded Baghdad, they named their
initial bases Camp Shell and Camp Exxon

The Arrogance of Power

All I want for Christmas is the
Maudelle Shirek Post Office!

Lives of redemption

DeLay faces political trouble at home

U.S. backs down in Padilla debacle

The U.S. government, in an unusual retreat, urged a federal appeals court on Friday to set aside its ruling that allowed the United States to hold an American citizen as an enemy combatant without being charged.

Congress closes in on torture ban

Ex-associate of Abramoff could plead guilty
Former partner charged with fraud, conspiracy

Sumerians, aliens and Voyager 2
Ancient Sumerians possessed extensive knowledge
of the Solar system without telescopes


still there 12-11-05!
Cursed by CBN GOP
Pat Robertson

still there 12-11-05!
Cursed by FOX GOP
Bill O'Reilly

What the heck does this have to do with the stock market?"

Warped Priorities

When I hear that a mentally ill person has been shot and killed by law enforcement authorities, the last thing I think of is how I can make a quick buck off the deal

The Bottom Line? War Makes Stocks Go Up

"Retreat & Defeat" Web Ad To TV

Everything Is Great Because We Say So

Torture? A-OK With The "All-Stars"

O'Reilly Factor: Vast Left Wing Conspiracy,
Abetted by Low-life Cartoonists,
Godless Lyricists and a Dishonest Press,
Seeks to Torture Poor Christians
O'Reilly came dangerously close to calling
for the overthrow of a free press

For TRAnnie Coulter, stupider is as stupider does

Choking the Internet:
How much longer will your favorite sites be on line?

Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive

Iraqi Shiites, Sunnis Issue Declaration for US Pullout

If America Left Iraq
The case for cutting and running

The Booming Business for Psy/Ops
Psychological operations are being stepped up
and are increasingly out-sourced to contractors.

Were looking for a few good refuseniks
Do our government's poorly paid contract killers
deserve our "support" for blindly following orders?

The US has used torture for decades.
All that's new is the openness about it

Torture Degrades Us All

Bolton now whining about
criticism of war on terror

Fixing the rules of the game

The Bush administration seems to be losing sight of the fact that the rules also say the majority party of the moment may not use its powers to strip citizens of their rights, politicize the judicial system or rig the election process to keep itself in office.

American hunger: Are scientists lying?

Winter and neglect could kill thousands
who survived the earthquake

Crisis in Botswana
Land Monopolists Killing Their Fellow Citizens

Inuit sue US over climate change

The Inuit people of the Arctic have filed a landmark human rights complaint against the US, blaming the world's No 1 carbon polluter for stoking the global warming that is destroying their habitat.

Earth is all out of new farmland

Auto union's complaint:
Delphi exec bonuses make it tough to sell wage cuts

Tortured Logic

Giant Ape Storms Manhattan Again !

2 Top Police Officials Resign in Tennessee

Hunt starts for Hawaiian king's time capsule

Hill near Evros holds story of Plotinopolis

Kinky makes his case

for governor at UTB

Torture and the CIA

Torture and the Lawless 'New Paradigm'

Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez

The Global Death Squad of George W. Bush

Former Sen. Eugene McCarthy,
who challenged LBJ, dies at 89

Crude Vision
Rummy, Saddam and the secret history
of the Aqaba Pipeline


The mother is about to give birth to her child. She will have a son. The evil leader learns of this and is fearful that the newborn will try to take away his power. To escape the evil leader, the child is taken to a distant land and escapes. The child then grows in stature and overcomes the evil leader.

The mother is Rheia. The evil leader is Kronos. The child is the God Zeus who is taken to the Isle of Crete to escape Kronos. The story was written between 1400 and 2000 years before Christ.

An angel appears to a young woman and tells her she will give birth to a boy. She claims that she has not had intercourse and this cannot be. She is told the child will be of the Godhead. The wicked King hears about the pending birth and seeks to kill this child for fear the child will attempt to overthrow his power. To escape the wicked King, the child is carried away to another place.

The mother is Devaki, the wicked King is Kansa, the stepfather who carries the child away is Vasudev. He carries the child away to safety in Gokul. The child who is born is Lord Hare Krishna. The story was written between 2000 and 4000 years before Christ.

An angel appears to a young woman and tells her she will give birth to a boy. She claims that she has not known a man so this would not be possible. She is told the child will be of the Holy Ghost. The wicked King hears about the pending birth and seeks to kill this child for fear the child will attempt to overthrow his power. To escape the wicked king the child is carried away to another place.

The mother is Mary. The wicked King is Herod; the stepfather who carries the child away is Joseph. He carries the child to safety in Egypt. The child who is born is Lord Jesus Christ. The story was written about 2000 years ago.

So Merry Zeusmas. Merry Krishmas., and Merry Christmas

There is no new thing under the sun Ecclesiastes 1:9

Live Tracking of Mobile Phones
Prompts Court Fights on Privacy

Rotting Meat Still Litters Gulf Coast
Mississippi governor says federal Katrina response stinks

FBI arrests suspected eco-terrorists

Canada, U.S. meet to discuss polygamists

Should Israel give up its nukes?
YES and so should the US, UK et. al.

I Will not Stand with Israel Against Syria

Texas Republicans oppose Bush
on rice trade with Cuba

Castro Remembers Victims of 1976 Bombing

Mexico outlaws death penalty

Peak Oil and the War on Iraq

Secret Code Lurks in Sober Variant
Security vendors warn infected computers may attack in January.

Many Refuse to Pay 'War Tax' on Phone Bill

Contractors in Cunningham Probe Supported
Other Lawmakers: Snares DeLay and Blunt

Rice with Indefensible Brief;
Cheney in Last Throes

Ongoing ozone loss puzzles scientists

An Honorary Degree in Child Sacrifice?
Madeleine Albright and US Foreign Policy

Bush Trashes Constitution, Few Notice

Benn: war 'unwinnable'

Flays Commander-in-Chief's Claims
Murtha Returns to the Attack

The Worm Ouroboros

there's nothing free about a market dominated by a handful giant transnationals supported by a handful of governments

Agency concocts phoney story to get donations

Man charged for selling subway token

Man Admits Sex With Blind, Deaf, Terminally-Ill Girl
James Philpott Gets Probation In Plea Bargain

Girl raped for two years

A SEX beast primary school teacher who preyed on a girl of 11 and repeatedly raped her was jailed for just eight years

Hey IRS ­ What About AIPAC?

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

EU concealed deal with US to allow 'rendition' flights

MI6 and CIA 'sent student to Morocco to be tortured'

Poland launches investigation into
CIA's secret 'anti-terror' prisons

Nobel prize winner urges disarmament

Watchdog challenges U.S. drug war in Colombia

Clooney: 'Yes, I'm A Liberal And I'm Sick Of It Being A Bad Word'…

Charities to return dirty medical equipment to US

The. Biggest. Scandal. Ever!
Phony Front Companies Cycle Millions
Back to GOP!

The Secret World of Jack Abramoff

Mob Links in Abramoff Scandal
Kidan Owned Island Casino with Sicialian Mafia

Freedom a thrill for wrongly imprisoned man

Man cleared in ‘81 Cobb rape a free man

Condoleezza Rice versus Harold Pinter

A noble vision lost

Illegitimate court
A comedy show

The war series of lies- Vietnam repeats itself

Large explosions reported north of London

Three blasts at oil depot rock London

Diebold insider blows whistle
Democratic machines is an oxymoron
Diebold is involved in all sorts of skullduggery.

On Christian Fascist Leader Pat Robertson's Demand
that Society Impose the Death Penalty
in the Way Prescribed in the Bible

The Ugly Fox News - War on Christmas

The War on Christmas that Wasn't

'Tis the season to lose all reason

Democracy For Sale

Flogging The President

O'Reilly LIED about Falwell's group not threatening suit
over Boston "holiday" tree

Headline News: December 10-11, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah

The New Face of America

Eisenhower's Farewell Address

People And The Land

The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

Security, Terror, and Empire

Power and Paranoia

The Role of Sacrifice

Confused President Bush Nabs
Reggie Bush's Heisman Trophy

Rice Wins European Reprieve
over Secret CIA Prisons

Rice and her counterparts were successful
at creating an image of perceived complicity

New Scientific Data Proves Intelligent Design

Cloned Giant Pandas Topple
Chinese Government

Rice Welcomed Home by Protesters
Angered by Outsourcing of Torture Jobs

We'll Miss Saddam

The irony is that a two-bit dictator in a six-bit country has provided American politicians with the opportunity to forever soil America's reputation.

Referring Nuke-Threats to Security Council

Comply and Submit -- Or Die

Probe into Iraq coverage widens

No torture of terrorist suspects?
We can't guarantee it, says Rice

Ex-neocon hawk Paul Wolfowitz now touts peace
World Bank chief tries to distance himself from Bush

A casualty of free speech

ElBaradei warns against military strike on Iran

U.K. accused of
supplying nuclear component to Israel

How much lower can they go?
It seems like everything seems to be corrupted

Saddam Hussein hearings:
a show trial orchestrated in Washington

New Cost of Iraq War
We cannot conventionally deal with Iran
(or anyone else)

The Plot Thickens

Condoleezza Rice versus Harold Pinter

Republicans sinking in sleaze
A decade ago the Democrats
were thought to be shady.
Now it is the turn of Mr Bush's party

Peak Oil and the War on Iraq

Appeal by Mordechaï Vanunu

From Creating Realities to Refusing Questions:
White House Liars on the Defensive

Pigs at the Trough of War

Scrutinize Bernanke Like a Supreme Court Nominee

The War on our Children

Action, But No Lights or Cameras on Iraq

The Impossibility of Imposed Freedom

U.S. Rebuffs Red Cross Request
for Access to Detainees Held in Secret

Former CIA agent to fight Italian warrant

CIA scandal deepens in Germany

Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly

New Jersey Earthquake jolts northeast Morris

Whistling language remains a mystery

Jungle Discovery In Maya History

Wal-Mart says 'Jesus' campaign offends

When good fruit goes bad:
Police thought TV skit was real


Corporate Globalization in Crisis

Retired US judges urge Congress not to limit
court review of Gitmo detentions

Poland Main CIA Stop in Europe

Corzine Selects Menendez to
Replace Him in Senate

Ecosystem Changes a Threat to Human Health: WHO

Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim

Torture Ruling Leaves Terror Policy in Chaos

Congressional Scandals Register With Voters

'Never Before!' Our Amnesiac Torture Debate

U.S. Leaders are Using Pinochet's Playbook

Befriending Despair

Shark-bit World
Consider the shark attacks that have occurred in
Florida, Virginia and North Carolina this summer

Annals of Outrage III

'Victory In Iraq': A Strategy To Mask Defeat

Longing for an America That's No Longer With Us

By Their Fruits: A Message for Our
Traditionalist, Religious Countrymen

Let's See Some I.D

Goodbye, New Orleans

The Bush administration has given New Orleans a quiet kiss of death with its final Katrina budget package. If we can't rebuild it right, we may as well kiss it goodbye. And does anyone remember how Bush promised that the Federal Government would rebuild New Orleans at any cost?

Getting (Too) Dirty in Bed

Many of our favorite sex toys are made with decidedly unhealthy chemicals. Is it time to kick the toxins out of the sack?

Waging Peace, at Home and Abroad

Burger King Set to Unveil $1 'Value Menu'


Teen dares to speak Spanish in school hallway

Stiffing SBC as civil disobedience

Neil Bush Meets the Messiah

In 'victory,' both power and peril

In his old age it will
seem monstrously unfair to him, but Tony Blair
will be remembered for one terrible misjudgment

Britain 'trying to stall $1.3bn theft inquiry
that could hurt Allawi's election chances'

They Would Beat Us Hard Before Interrogations

Rice: Abuse may occur despite U.S. torture rules
So What? It still makes Bush Mafia guilty of War Crimes!

Condolizard Rice's Mission Impossible

German foreign minister under fire over CIA detention

U.S. Envoy Told Germany of Abductee

Nato ministers smoothe over ‘secret jail' spat

Syria, Lebanon vow 'new page' in relations

Protesters arrested at Pine Gap

Before 9/11, Warnings on bin Laden

What We Said vs. What We did

Truth for the Troops

If, as Samuel Johnson said,
"patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel," then
"support our troops" is very close by.

Hidden in Plane Sight: U.S. Media Dodging Air War in Ira

The War for Latinos

Jessica Sanchez poses an urgent threat to the US military. For a Pentagon stretched by stagnating enlistments and an Administration bent on waging a "global war on terror," the question of whether this four-foot-eleven Mexican-born legal resident and others like her will decide to join the military has enormous geopolitical implications.

Turkish PM offers blunt message on Iraq
Iraq is going badly.

Blair Tries to Cover Up
$1.3 Billion Iraqi Theft

US GOP Congress Extends Racist Patriot Act

Claim of al-Qaida ties to Iraq coerced
Captive made false statements to avoid being
treated harshly TORTURED

Un-American & inefficient

Iraq war debate enters new phase

The Case Against Secretary Bumsfeld

Heads roll at Veterans Administration
Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed

Israeli Aides Warn U.S.
Not To Drop Ball on Iran

We can hit Iran, warns Sharon

Israel expands war arsenal
to deal with Iranian nuclear threat

Foreign Ministry denounces U.S. lawsuit
against ex-Shin Bet chief

Treat Us Like Human Beings

Firestone Sued Over "Slave" Plantation

How much lower can they go?

Evangelical politics and the
Gospel According to George

Is the United States a republic or a Busharchy?

Biopiracy and GMOs: Fate of Iraq's agriculture

Toward a realistic antiwar strategy

Robert Fisk tells all
This is what happens when we allow governments
to take precedence over history

FBI Database Often Wrong on Immigrants' Status

Court to Consider New Trial for Abu-Jamal

ACLU Questions Soundness of Orleans Prison
as Inmates Return

Bush Administration Finds It Has No Credibility
U.S. Torture Scandals Continue to Expand

Fair Trade For None
developing countries facing a hard choice:
Will they be better off accepting
the crumbs being offered to them?

The Winner-Take-All Endgame

Immigration Football

State Dept blocks foreign trips for Americans
who speak against White House policy

Federal government has
900,000 secret employees

Alito memo backed policeman's 'right' to kill
teen who stole $10

Pentagon's 'Black Budget' Veils
Contracting Shenanigans

Secret ID Law to Get Hearing

Military Misleads Press, Families, About How
10 Marines Died Last Week in Iraq

California teacher stars in First Amendment lesson

Speech on freedom of speech barred

Teen sues Christian high school for expulsion
over lesbian kiss

Federal cop clown
Welcome to police state America...son-of-a-bitch!

The Torture Administration

When George W. Bush was asked about torture in early November, he said: "Any activity we conduct is within the law. We do not torture." How could he say that after the hundreds of convincing reports of torture and maltreatment? One possible answer is that he has not allowed himself to know the truth. Another is that his lawyers have so gutted the law governing these matters that not much, in their view, is unlawful.

Wolfowitz suggests knowing Iraq
had no WMD might have put off invasion

Blair's Britain 2005 -
where peaceful protest can be costly

European governments make their peace
with Washington on abductions, torture

Bush - Constitution

'Just A Goddamned Piece Of Paper'

"I don't give a goddamn," Bush retorted. "I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way." "Mr. President," one aide in the meeting said. "There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution." "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It's just a goddamned piece of paper!"


Promises and Betrayals
Must watch VIDEO! Explains the previous article above....

WAR PIG Joe Lieberman, Secretary of Invasion

The Trial of Saddam Hussein
Anti-war Movement Must Reject Colonial 'Justice'

Scientists Report New Ocean Forming In Africa
Meteorite ‘Fireballs' Continue Hitting Planet,
Volcanic Activity In Americas Increasing
World Weather Chaos Continues

CIA 'plot to kill Chavez'

Mysterious granite slab slows crater probe
Discovery puzzles team drilling into ancient site

Iodine in milk can cause acne

Ocean floor covered in volcanic vents

Volcano Observatory raises
Augustine Volcano to code yellow

45 quakes rock Loihi over 12 hours

Scientists figure out our place in Milky Way
Triangulation yields a distance to our galaxy's nearest spiral arm

Nasa under pressure over 'UFO'

Plasma Magnet Propulsion

Venezuelan lawmakers cite CIA infiltration

Could this be what foments such
irrational hatred against Chavez?

The way to victory is doing what's right ...
not what's expedient

CNE president says duty to those who voted
in National Assembly elections

United States urged to fulfill its obligations
under international law

Assassination conspiracy plotters
were revealed in phone-tap conversations

Mary Matalin extolls Bush
Will she anoint is feet with oil?

Who's Really Behind the War on Christmas?

O'Reilly Calls Coulter Protesters Nazis

Fox's "Premiere Business News" Program
Withholds Significant Economic News

No Wise Men in the White House this Christmas

What about Gitmo?

Budget hypocrisy

DeLay hearings delayed

Our Ailing Nation
This quagmire is not Bush's Viet Nam - it's bigger

Criticism of Washington Brimming Over

Costa Rica Demands US Explanation

Participatory Democracy In Venezuela

Venezuelan Lawmakers Accuse
Dissident Military of Destabilization Plan

National Assembly Vice President Pedro Carreño, presented recordings involving active and retired dissident military officers talking about causing 15,000 deaths, chaos, and attacks on government institutions. According to the lawmakers, the CIA supported this plan.

Halabja: Iraq, Saddam,
Talabani, Iran, U.S. and Zyklon-B

The U.S. can't win Iraq war


Croatian war criminal Ante Gotovina to be punished
for crimes he was forced to commit

Modern humor makes people cry bitterly
rather than laugh

Brazilian psychic healers perform
painless operations on patients without anesthetics
They use scalpels and even thumb nails
but inflict absolutely no pain to their patients

Russian researchers about to
unravel the mystery of Noah's Ark
The men went to explore the Ahora Gorge
on the north-west slope of Ararat

New Maps Reveal True Extent
Of Human Footprint On Earth

Opening the Tomb of Petamenophis in Luxor

Headline News: December 9-10, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah

Lights Out:
Time for the New Dark Ages
'Ethics.' Antonyms: Tom DeLay

The Best Press Money Can Buy

Resistance will continue so long as
U.S. troops remain in Iraq

The only way is out

The ignorance of the American strategists and their allies -- Ahmed Chalabi, Rend Rahim, Kinaan Makiyah, Falih Abdul-Jabar, and the like -- who theorised the US invasion of Iraq is such that they took their interests as reality, forgetting Iraqis' pride in their free will and independence, and in their Arab-Muslim identity which passes to them from father to son.

The Strappado Rendition

In the background is a cellophane wrapped, ice packed corpse of one Manadel al-Jamadi, an Iraqi who was tortured to death during interrogation at Abu Ghuraib prison. The U.S. military ruled the death a homicide.

Torture a British Tradition against Arabs

Saddam Hussein's lawyers
report threats at Baghdad airport

Pentagon Memo on Torture
Motivated Transfer Cited

Bush administration officials have denied LIED that they transfer terrorism suspects to countries where they are likely to be abused, a classified memorandum described in a court case indicates that the Pentagon has considered sending a captured militant abroad to be interrogated under threat of torture.

Britain: Former law lord says US 'guilty of lawlessness
on a truly grand scale'

Report outlines plans for
corporate plunder of Iraqi oil
The actual bonanza for the oil giants from the
invasion of Iraq could run into the trillions.

Iraq: The War To Start All Wars

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, deputy editor George Melloan advanced startling rationale for the Iraq war. In Melloan's view, the invasion was about creating a home base from which the United States can launch future wars against Iran and Syria: The invasion of Iraq was not only about weapons of mass destruction…It was also about establishing a U.S. war-fighting beachhead in the heart of the Middle East

Iraqi resistance sets back Bush's 'plan for victory'

Attackers free detainee in Kirkuk?

Attackers have raided a hospital in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, killing three policemen and freeing a member of a cell who had planned to assassinate a judge trying Saddam Hussein.


The Anti-Empire Report:
Some things you need to know
before the world ends

Show Us the Money
It is time for the Bush administration to come clean
about their failure to provide
proper oversight on Iraq spending

An Open Letter To the
Congress of the United States

What are you afraid of? That without your office you are nothing? That it is your elected office that makes you who you are, and if you lose it, you will be nothing more than a common citizen again? Perhaps that is what has to happen, for you to realize that even in office, you are a common citizen. You are failing us – time to go back to the beginning and start again.

War Crimes Under the Cover of Empire
Rendition, Torture and Democracy

FOX Getting More News
From the GOP

Campaign against Hum-buggery

Jon Stewart Hits Back at Bill O'Reilly

Tranny Ann Coulter Spaced Out & Confused

Fox Withholds Bad Economic News

A Handshake Deal With Saddam

Great Lakes near ecological breakdown

Another Partner Of Indicted GOP Lobbyist Abramoff
Adam Kidan Expected To Tell All In Guilty Plea…

Blessed Are the Merciful in Baghdad

The Night John Lennon Died

WTO Meeting in Hong Kong:
Corporate Globalization

The Budget Deficit and Class Politics

A New Low for Lieberman

Rice's Tortured Logic on Torture

Bush's Speech: Ask Me No Questions,
I'll Tell You Some Lies

Saddam & Secret Witnesses

Some of the worst journalistic abuses come when news organizations deal with accusations against a pariah. Normal standards of skepticism are set aside because the subject lacks influential defenders or is despised by those in power, so pretty much anything goes

Security eats up to 22% of US Iraq rebuilding budget

General gave OK for Able Danger

Open and Shut
Four years later, we still have ten big questions

Sacred Terror

On Sept. 17, 2001, President George W. Bush signed an executive order authorizing the use of "lethal measures" against anyone in the world whom he or his minions designated an "enemy combatant." This order remains in force today. No judicial evidence, no hearing, no charges are required for these killings; no law, no border, no oversight restrains them. Bush has also given agents in the field carte blanche to designate "enemies" on their own initiative and kill them as they see fit.

Protecting The Torturers

When Congress returns to Washington on Monday, a campaign will unfold in support of Senator John McCain's legislation banning torture, which is attached to a defense bill. But McCain's amendment is accompanied by one from Senator Lindsey Graham that bans the appeals that prisoners at Guantanamo have used to take their cases to civilian courts. In the 2004 case Rasul v. Bush, brought on behalf of Guantanamo captives, the Supreme Court established the right of foreigners held by the United States to habeas corpus, the 800-year-old legal procedure grounded in the Magna Carta and enshrined in the US Constitution, which requires government officials to explain to a court why they are holding someone in captivity. Graham's amendment strips courts of the power to hear such cases.

US OCCUPIED Iraq Closes Border With Syria,
Declares Emergency Law

How Many Lives Should Be Spent To Keep
America From Economic and Social Collapse?

Condi's Trail of Lies

Britain's top court bans "torture evidence"

McCann Erickson wins $1.35bn
US Army advertising account

WAR PIG Rummy exit expected;
WAR PIG Lieberman eyed for job

We Must End the Genocide

Acquitted terror accused may be deported
Renditioned to New TORTURE?

US Oil industry targets EU climate policy

Fast-food 'healthy options'
still full of fat and salt

Junk-food Marketing Out of Control

WTO: no deal is better than a bad deal

Yes, we're a peaceful nation --
and chimps fly (carrier landings excepted)

America's Maquiladoras

What Iraqi Forces?

No one is playing with a full deck of cards on the great 'withdraw from Iraq' game. To the American public's ear, 'training Iraqi forces' means training forces under the control of the 'Iraqi government' with the aim of turning over to them the job of fighting jihadists and the insurgency so the U.S. can withdraw. But this is not the reality behind the words

Beyond Spin
The propaganda presidency of George W. Bush.

Class Warfare With Taxes

Bought Off

Pretty soon you won't be able to believe anything you read, anywhere. Years ago this columnist bemoaned the creeping politicization of everything, be it ice cream (right-wing mocking of Ben and Jerry's), ketchup (the campaign against Heinz due to John Kerry's wife), religion (the fundamentalists trying to enlist the Catholic Church in condemnation of pro-choice politicians), toys (who can forget poor Tinky Winky?), or the news business.

'The CEO President'

Bumper Crop of Truth
A bumper sticker sums up the sentiment of the country

'You are what you read:
The global Republican PR machine'

How to Make Up Stories for the
Tabloids, Fox News, etc.

Taken for a ride in the 'war on terror'

Time for a house-cleaning

The Price of Bush

Now Bush has given conservatism a bad name — with a lot of help from conservatives who should have known better. Was keeping John Kerry out of the White House worth the price of backing Bush's war?

Congress to Bush:
Stop Under-Counting Casualties

The Worst and Dumbest

Duke is a very ignorant man who knows little about human or American history and far less about other cultures and civilizations around the world he wants to "Liberate" by annihilating and ruling them.

CIA 'plot to kill Chavez'

Nicolas Maduro, a Chavez ally and president of the National Assembly, said that he planned to file charges with the attorney-general and military prosecutors "of a plot orchestrated by the CIA against the Venezuelan democracy".

Eyewitness: "I Never Heard the Word 'Bomb'"

The government men in masks who terrorize Iraq

US military continues Iraq
propaganda operation despite probe

U.N. Official Faults U.S. Detentions
Terrorism Fight Hurts Torture Ban, Human Rights Chief Says

Malicious lies from an insane president
see Venezuela as another war ground

Venezuelan security forces reveal phone-tap details
in foiled conspiracy to assassinate
President Hugo Chavez Frias

Truth is that the Venezuelan opposition
lost to democracy on December 4

Hopes for the rebirth of a responsible,
constitutional Venezuelan opposition

Bush, has put PROFIT before the people ...
there can not be any blood his veins

Not much being said about where
Bush doctrine works

Fitzgerald Back Before CIA Leak Grand Jury

Puerto Rico: denied access to FBI agents
to probe of nationalist leader's death

Can't hide Canada's dirty secret

Newspaper appeal rejected
for internal FBI documents

U.S. consumer borrowing plunges

France calls for £10bn back from Britain's EU rebate

Italy furious over CIA terror kidnap

Iran's leader suggests moving Israel to Europe
President Ahmadinejad also questions
occurrence of Holocaust

American anti-war activists march in Cuba

The Age of Autism: 'A pretty big secret'

COP used Taser in fight over soda

Police Hit Grandmother
With Taser Gun Five Times

Blindfolded Santa Hanging From Noose
At Home Upsets Neighborhood

Mexico's sinking city

New Research into
Mysterious Moon Storms

Nuke over U.S.
could unleash electromagnetic tsunami

You may not like it, but broccoli can beat cancer

Scientists say kids' food ads are junk

6000-year-old Secrets to be Revealed

Modern Confucian scholars
stir revival of ancient philosophy

Scientists now using 'T-ray' imaging

New human race of indigo children
appears on Earth
Indigo children's immune system is several
thousand times stronger
than that of an average human being

Gold's Enduring Mystery

Ancient rocks discovered along path of proposed canal

Ancient stories carved in stone
are everywhere here Little Petroglyph Canyon

Space Weather "Cold Fronts" Discovered

The Iron Fist of Jesus


Armstrong Williams Alive and Well in Mesopotamia

Invisible Ballots
It's 11pm. Do you know where your votes are?
It doesn't matter what your political position
is on anything, if your vote doesn't count

Bush's nuclear proliferation plan
The door is open to
Preemptive nuclear strikes.

USA to steal oil-rich Arctic region away from Russia

Condoleezza Rice: Mind your own business
Insolence from US Secretary of State

Naked women become inspiration for sexy furniture

The timeless chilled hyperspace of unified consciousness

Zero Point Energy Modules
the essentials of the unified consciousness

Quantum collapse, consciousness
and superluminal communication

Existence of life in the cosmos
interesting results from
Electron Probe Microanalysis

Learn to locate an extraterrestrial UFO using
Electromagnetic Smart Shield

Protection for Osama
15 top Pakistani leaders have links with Osama

A strange turn in cold war
Russia defeating America in geopolitics

FEMA head ignored warnings

The road to torture is a one-way street

Some better uses for Washington

Fidel Honors Terrorist Victims

Venezuela to Aid Uruguayan Projects

Rice, Europe Complicit

Posada Carriles, Dilemma for US

White House Flatly Denies Barbara Bush Is Gay

Confessions of an European supporter
of the Iraqi Resistance

House Panel Keeps Alive Hinchey Measure
To Obtain All White House Drafts Of
2003 State of the Union Address That
Contained False Iraq Uranium Claims


Each of the Iraqi 1,000 nine-elevens makes the one U.S. nine-eleven pale in comparison. The ongoing destruction of Fallujah is no exception. And, this is being performed in the name of Jesus

I feel I'm carrying the world on my shoulders

US blocks ICRC access to suspects

GOP House, GOP Senate Agree to
Extend Patriot Act

Abramoff law firm has a new scandal
-- in Philly

Dummies 'reduce risk of baby death'
They want BUSH Dolls?

Prosecute Tony Blair under ICC

The 'Real' McCain

Chinese Puzzles

Bush's 'Lucid Dreams' Becoming Nightmares
Washington's plans to 'punish' China and
'win' in Iraq are turning into worthless adventures

Rumsfeld's Handshake Deal With Saddam
History out of media bounds

Fundamentalist Death Squads Terrorize Iraqis
Then they Should BAN
FOX-Bill O'Reilly and CBN-Pat Robertson!

Sorry, prime minister,
your legacy will be a disastrous foreign war

Iraq casualties sign will stay up
near Duluth recruiting office

FBI improperly spied on peaceful rallies

Syria, Lebanon vow 'new page' in relations

John McCain in Ann Arbor:
a cowardly evasion on US war crimes

US attacks UN official on 'jails'

Arbour said she welcomed Rice's strong anti-torture stance

Headline News: December 8-9, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

All we are saying


Sunday, Bloody Sunday

The United States is the world's greatest
destabilizing factor since WWII

...the world has watched with astonishment all the crimes which, based on a great lie, have been committed against the people of Iraq

Venezuelans have demonstrated that
Bush's way is not to be their way!

     Everyone knows of course, of the decline in the value of the US$ ... of the massive federal debt, and of the trade deficits created by the policies of this man and his regime.
     Everyone knows of the loss of life, the incredible damage done to infrastructure and property in Iraq due to his hostile take-over of the Iraqi National Oil Company.
     Everyone understands that if there is such a thing as international law this mis-leadership has violated it from top to bottom.

Virtually no one is saying to Bush:
Who in the hell d'you think you are?

I fully believe, had he lived, that he would have considered President Hugo Chavez a brother. Like President Chavez, John Lennon abhorred warmongers and, had he lived, he would also have championed such beliefs that people do matter and where lives matter.

Promises and Betrayals
Britain and the Struggle for the Holy Land

The Cure for Illegal Immigration?

Angela's Betrayal

Young Iraqi surgeon testifies
about the horrors of the Iraq war
‘Even during operations,
doctors were shot at by US soldiers'

G.W. Bush: Deaf Man Talking

Important letter from Vanunu
you can help him and defend free speech too

Isn't it time
America finally came out with the truth
about the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan?

"I Am Sullied"
Suicide Before Dishonor in Occupied Iraq

The President's Speech on Iraq Reconstruction

The President's claims today are mindboggling. Either he doesn't understand the facts or simply doesn't want to face them. The reconstruction of Iraq has been an enormous boondoggle - not an example of "quiet, steady progress." Halliburton has repeatedly overcharged American taxpayers through fraud, waste, and abuse. The U.S. officials in charge of the reconstruction have been incompetent and, in some cases, corrupt. And billions of dollars have been squandered without increasing oil or electricity production.

Siberian Shadowlands

$50,000,000.00 Reward Offer for
9/11 Conspiracy Proof

The frightening side of Peretz

On August 6, 2001, a month before the attack on the Twin Towers, the president of the United States was shown a special intelligence report on the subject of al Qaida plans for terrorist attacks and airplane hijackings. The title of the report was "Bin Laden is determined to attack the U.S." But George W. Bush listened and did nothing.

CNN: NO Plane Hit the Pentagon

US Aircraft Shot Down Over Canada,
Firefight Erupts On US Airliner
Counter-Coup Continues,
Nuclear Attack Appears Imminent

Saddam's trial resumes without him

Opposition building walls of its own ghetto,
while country and history pass them by

If Venezuela's opposition wants to insist
in believing their own lies, let them!

From Venezuela's Heart help came to
the Big Apple

OAS/EU observers put a tombstone
on the Venezuelan opposition's grave

CNE's positive role contributed to
peaceful development of electoral process

Campaigners Accuse Leaders of 'War Crimes'

The governments of Tony Blair and George Bush have been charged with war crimes by a distinguished group of anti-war campaigners, who are calling for an investigation by the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, into breaches of international law.

George W. Bush Blames Mom
for Troubles in Iraq

Cheney Proves Effectiveness of Torture

How America Plotted to Stop Kyoto Deal

Passenger killed after claiming to have bomb

Military coup d'état brewing in Washington???

Al-Qaida organizing in Lebanon
Bloodthirsty GOPs have new Axis of Evil member?

Syria Attacks Evidence as
U.N. Case Turns More Bizarre

Hariri interviews with Syrians could last a year

Syrians home after UN quizzing

Syria Holds Up Israel's Red Cross Plans

Iraq Elections 7 days away and corporate media has nothing to say about it? No call for neutral election observers? Iraq news not reporting anything about the elections? Are they paid NOT to? But FOX still reporting on missing blond white girl in Aruba, ad nauseum... but not on Iraq elections..... Something already stinks..

A Tale of Two Cities

Questionable Assumptions

The CEO President

Terror Net Yields Few Big Fish

A Forgotten BUSH Post–9/11 Hoax

Arabs Unimpressed by Bush Democracy Drive

Iraq war was 'blatant state terrorism'

Al-Jazeera admits Bin Laden error

UN calls torture ban a casualty of war on terror
The U.S.-led war on terror has undermined
the global ban on torture,
weakening American moral authority on human rights worldwide

How common is US abuse of detainees?

Memo shows US general aware of
Iraqis' jail abuse

denies knowledge of 'CIA torture'

House Bill Likely to Contain Torture Ban

Wolfowitz's New Job Turning Him Into
Iraq War's Invisible Man

Is Ralston still at the White House?

Wolfowitz acknowledges questions on Iraq invasion

Intelligence Design and the Architecture of War

Secret ID Law to Get Hearing

"I'm a millionaire," Gilmore said. "I can do whatever the fuck I want, right? Why should I run around without an ID? Because no one else was paying attention to that and letting our liberties slip down the drain. I figured it was worth some amount of money and some amount of personal sacrifice to keep a free society."

Libby Charges 'Serious' for Majority of Americans

A Soldier's Last Impression

Acts of defiance against war
turned ordinary people into criminals

Pinter demands war crimes trial for Blair

Montenegro's Independence Drive

U.S. looking to thwart $1 billion
Israel-South Korea arms deal

Don't Buy the B.S

Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and Big Energy are trying hard to convince us they really do care. And they do -- they care about keeping things exactly the way they are

Capitalizing On Government Repression

The Right's Rip-Off

The rip-off of Native American tribes by a top Republican lobbyist proves his party's lack of ethics.

O'Reilly promises to "bring horror" to Christmas foes

Another Case of Cluelessness?

Egg-on-the-Face Segment:
O'Reilly Unable to Explain Away Al-Arian Acquittal

FOX News Now On The Attack Against Kwanzaa.
What's Next?
Demanding All Non-Christians Wear A Yellow Star?

Sean Hannity Sentenced To
Life Without Parole In The Doghouse

CSI Miami - Fox News Style

Our Darling Baby - Asleep in Jesus

Pompeii on the Mississippi

War Crimes Made Easy
How the Bush Administration Legalized
Intelligence Deceptions, Assassinations, and Aggressive War

"Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government
owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.
To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance
between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task
of the statesmanship of the day."
Theodore Roosevelt
(April 19, 1906)

U.S. Coming Around To The Truth

House Dems' Staggering Work of Incomprehensible Stupidity

Just a Change of Masters for Iraq Press

Right's Claim to Moral High Ground
Exposed as Fraud

USA Patriot Act O'Reilly Factor:
Al-Arian Acquitted, But Inquisition Boils On

Invisible Integrity
We were promised transparent dignity.
We got the invisible dungeon.

Wasted Words: Denials, Defense of Torture,
Rendition Don't Hold Up

So Much for the Invisible Hand

"Christ" or Christmas? WWJD?

Could President Bush be harboring secret religious tolerance toward non-Christians by his actions this year? Perish the thought! His allies on the Religious Right won't settle for anything less than a completely total Christian theocracy in this country!

The West, Quitely, is Pillaging Iraq

Rumsfeld, The Blunderbuss

Iraqi oil industry in crisis

Does Anyone Believe Condoleezza Rice?
Only the Religious Right GOP Pundits and Foghorns

How to Make Poverty History
Rip Up the Tax System

That End-Of-Empire Feeling

Fitzgerald Presents New Information to Grand Jury

GOP Official Faces Conspiracy Charge
One Federal Count of Conspiring Against Voters' Rights in 2002

Courage In Their Coverage

'Tortured' Australian speaks out

Immigration of scientists causes up to
$30 billion of damage to Russia



Donald Rumsfeld's War

Fireside Crap

Finally we have a plan. We tried torture, we tried raining bombs, we tried reigning in Cheney. Nothing can win this war with the public. So now the Bush administration will try what worked so well in World War II. No, not a legal war. They will try the fireside chat.

The Enemy Within;
September 11 Attacks Revisited

Commercial Pilot & Aeronautical Engineer
Explains Why Official 9/11Story About Pentagon Is Bogus

Media Published Fake
Passenger Lists for AA Flight 11

America Headed Toward Feudal Fascism

Not Guilty Verdicts in Florida Terror Trial
Are Setback for U.S.


Michael Reagan Says Howard Dean
"Should Be Taken Out."
When Are Democratic Leaders Going To Learn How To
Stand Up To The FOX News Hate Machine?

FOX News hate machine sank to a new low. Too cowardly and, if past statements are any guide, too ill-informed to hold a substantive discussion on the merits of Democratic criticisms about the war in the Iraq, Sean Hannity substituted bullying character assassination while Michael Reagan advocated actual assassination of those practicing the democratic and American right of dissent

"Some Damn Fine Shooting"

Limbo Eliminated;
Status of Purgatory in 'State of Limbo'

Best and Worst Children's Christmas Toys

Katrina, New Orleans & Engineered Disasters

17th Street Canal Levee Was Doomed
Report Blames Army Corps

Bush and FEMA to the Rescue of the South

George W. Bush admits
"Yes! I looted Social Security,
But I gave the money to the rich...."

Conservative Christians Dismayed
Over Liberals Treatment of Jim Gannon

American Catholics are Dammed to Hell!

It Didn't Start With Joe McCarthy

Kirchner Positions Himself
To Do Battle With the IMF

Freedom of expression
Appeal by Mordechaï Vanunu

The Protestant churches and the
US game in the Arab world

Washington Puts its Friends in the Line of Fire

DeLay Trails "Democrat" in Own District by 13 Points

How DeLay and the Corporations
Bought Our Government

ADL Seeks Closure Of
Largest University In Ukraine
And Imprisonment Of Hundreds Of Academics
and you wonder why the pograms happened?

Police State New Jersey

No peace with Sharon
The Gaza withdrawal has been a veil for continued persecution
and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Jailed for fighting terror

The United States always says that it is fighting a war against terror. But when it comes to terrorism that is grown in its own backyard, it somehow chooses to forget about it. Worse than that, as in the case of the persecution of the Miami Five, Washington appears to be condoning and protecting terrorists who have been responsible for the deaths of scores of innocent victims. I am talking about the four-decade-long war of terror that the US government and Cuban emigre groups based in Miami have waged against Cuba - and about my husband René González, one of five Cubans imprisoned in Miami seven years ago for doing nothing more than trying to prevent terrorist attacks being planned against Cuba in the very territory of the United States.

Candidates for U.S. Senate weave Israel into campaigns

According to Indictment,
AIPAC Has Been Under Investigation
Since Early 1999

U.S. gives Israel a large new camp
When is the US going to ween Israel from the tit?

Reporters Get Peek at Cunningham's Bribes

Torture Is an American Value:
Reality vs. the Rhetoric

Court Rules Social Security Can Be Seized
To Pay Student Loans

Will the Lying Ever Stop?

Having already destroyed the credibility of his first Secretary of State, George W. Bush has now eviscerated whatever trust the world might have placed in his second Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice

Grandmothers enlist in Army
to protest "evil war" in Iraq

Don't eat this, don't eat that!

The good tidings and the bad

Not-so-familiar quotations

'I own Tom Delay!'
Jack Abramoff

'I own George Bush!'
Tom Delay

'Reports of my having a human heart are premature.'
Dick Cheney

'I have Napoleon's old hat...I'm the Emperor!'
George W. Bush

'F*&k the American people!'
George W. Bush

'He's not a bad boy, he's just a little dim.'
Barbara Bush

Study finds hundreds of toxic chemicals
in umbilical cords of newborns

How he learned radicalism, and may have seen America

Watchdog Challenges U.S. Drug War in Colombia

New Titles
November 2005

Headline News: December 7-8, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

Brand X

Infamous Comparisons:
December 7, 1945 Vs. September 11, 2005

Pearl Harbor...the game

War is the institutionalization of criminality. War can never bring about spiritual improvement because criminality is one of the main causes of mental and spiritual deterioration.

Societies which exalt criminal actions as a noble quest will result in the rapid deterioration in the mental and spiritual condition of their inhabitants. "Spiritual" doctrines which exalt combat are doctrines which degrade the human race.

The Gods of Eden - William Bramley

Documents show direct relationship between
Senator, discredited lobbyist

A sneak peak at a Congressman's bribes

Wary Republicans tread carefully on DeLay

Valerie Plame retiring from CIA

Two Senators prove disagreements can be civil

Flying the Friendly Skies
What Did European Agencies Know About the Torture Flights?

Elementary Morality and Torture

The Anti-Empire Report
The Climax of Civilization

Report from the Devastated Front Lines
The Battle of New Orleans

Painful Irony for the Hostages

If it's Not Torture,
Then it's OK To Use it on Cheney

Illegal Trip Protests Guantanamo Prison

Ignore Africa at Your Peril,
Think Tank Warns Bush

No Exceptions to the Ban on Torture

The War on the Literal
It can only be days before Fox News starts
referring to white phosphorus as
'freedom dust'

Another Bright Shining Lie

Selling Out His Country

Why a Media Payola System For Iraq?

US Defense of Tactic Makes No Sense
Says Legal Expert

Food Crisis Feared as Fertile Land Runs Out

ElBaradei to 'Post':
No nuclear 'smoking gun' in Iran

War PIGS Blast White House On Iran

Ex-Professor Acquitted on Several Charges

Rice's answers on secret CIA flights
"unsatisfactory": Dutch FM

CIA Flights Made 50 Landings at Ireland's Shannon

Why is the US media not in front of their cameras
calling Bush a butcher?

United States' credibility reaches
one of lowest points at home and abroad

USA out on a limb supporting
Venezuelan opposition's high abstention smokescreen

National Elections Council (CNE) defends
right to hold elections; rejects opposition tantrums

Putting America Last

Democracy and Colonialism

Cheney at the Alamo

The Prospects for Democracy in Iraq

War Crimes Made Easy

CIA 'emptied secret jails' before Rice Europe trip

War Pig Lieberman Calls For Formation Of
'War Cabinet'

US Propagandists Report:
Syria is on "the side of terrorists."

Abuse 'widespread' in US Occupied Iraqi prisons

The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor

Skepticism Seems to Erode
Europeans' Faith in Rice

Tapes Show Terror Attack on U.S. Consulate
and how US unpreparedness
can never win a war against terrorists

U.S. Admits Botched Detention

He thinks it's liberated? What a fool!

A murky (immoral and illegal) world of
secret abductions and torture

Agents say secret jails were shut in a hurry


(in a kangarooooo court?)

US, Israel want me dead: Saddam

Saddam invites court to
'visit my cage' after witnesses tell of torture

Suit Decries New Secrecy in Government

Bush slams Dean's comments on Iraq
(or Controller pulls the string on Bush's neck)

Kickbacks poured in as navy led Iraq blockade

Middle East Not Swayed by Bush's Democracy Pledge

Dubai conference highlights lack of media freedom

Yawn, Yawn, same old sheeet!
U.S. Criticizes Venezuelan Vote

Eat this Bill O'Wiley!
Bush stuck coal in their stockings

Hundreds of Whistleblower Cases Dismissed Improperly

Student Loan Boycott Demands Slavery Reparations

Heath Care Gap Larger than Thought

9/11 Commission continues cover-up,
circles wagons for stumbling empire

On the 25th anniversary of
John Lennon's assassination, imagine . . .

With new legislation, Ohio State of Diebold Republicans
plan holiday burial for American Democracy

Torture Inc. comes under siege

Giving up on New Orleans
Forget Stay the Course in America as promised?

The Bipartisan Excuse

The GOP's Roe Gamble

Judge tosses Fourth Amendment
Random searches without warrant, without cause
for suspicion ruled OK

Justice Dept review found
Texas redistricting illegal, disenfranchised minorities ...
but OK'd by Bush-Cheney political appointees anyway

London Police lied about every aspect
of subway killing

Officer charged in scheme to rig bids
He's also accused in looting of funds to rebuild Iraq

Tomlinson's other job:
State Dept. looks into his BBG role

Tomlinson, who illegally pushed conservative bias at PBS, now investigated for doing the same at Voice of America

Dutch OK marijuana farming

Hatch refers to Iraq as Vietnam

Bill O'Reilly hurls insults at people
who won't join his sleazefest
O'Reilly's "coward" list

Texas Students Trade Bibles for Porn
(see Texans aren't all as stupid as the BUSH!)

The latest in BushSpeak

Original Intent
Revisionist rhetoric notwithstanding,
the founders left God out of the Constitution
and it wasn't an oversight.

Why Republicans Are Desperate
to Bait the Antiwar Left


Second Thoughts and Moral Culpability

Seized, held, tortured: six tell same tale

"We don't do torture" ...
We strip you naked at your home

The American Way of Torture

Unbelievably strange

This War Wasn't Started By Mistake

Would someone please ask George Bush what he is talking about when he says America won't "cut and run" and U.S. troops must remain in Iraq until they achieve victory? "Cut and run" from what — a mistake?

Iraq Strategy: Still AWOL, Still Costly

Torture and Secrecy Scandal Intensifies

Brass in Pocket, Blood on the Tracks

The Imperial Presidency

Saddam Not Yet Linked To Iraq Killings

The US won in Iraq.
And other related Fuckisms ...

Today at the Trial of Saddam
The witness who remembers 432 dates.....
17years later

The Professor

Cleared of Eight Terror Charges

6 Republican Congressmen not tied to
Tom Delay / Jack Abramoff Scandal

Astrologers Lead Move to Shift Earth
Three Feet to the Left

US says N Korea 'criminal regime'
A senior US diplomat has branded North Korea
a "criminal regime" involved in arms sales
I thought the US sold arms? They do!
Must be a competing criminal regime?

We don't outsource torture, says Bush
We do it ourselves?
Maybe he should check out Aegis and Wackenhut's records?

The IDF rules in the hospitals

Britain will remain US poodle if Trident replaced

£30m fraud hits UK Tax Credit website

Scotland's coffers swell but oil tax 'grab' sparks fury

US newspaper reveals how CIA ruse
damaged Italy's terror probe

CIA agents deny abducting cleric in Italy
Seems like all that BUSH admins do is deny lately
They are even losing plausibility!

CIA prisons in Europe closed in November

The United States held captured al Qaeda suspects at two secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe until last month when the facilities were shut down after media reports of their existence, ABC News reported on Monday, citing current and former CIA agents

Pres. Assad of Syria interview with France3
- Full transcript

Int'l observers say Venezuelan vote "clearly reliable"

EU backs Venezuela poll

Venezuela's Political Opposition Commits Suicide

Morales Now Five Points Ahead in Bolivia

Protests spread across Bolivia

Bolivia: The Agarian Reform That Wasn't

100 families control over 25 million hectares of land in Bolivia while 2 million campesino (farmer/peasant) families have, combined, access to 5 million hectares of land. In other words, the wealthiest 100 landowners possess five times more land then 2 million small landowners.

Unsettling Echoes: The U.S. Eyes Paraguay

Peru's Jews Face Threats

As a Mexican, I'm With Venezuela...

Thousands flee Vanuatu volcano

African earthquake buries children in homes

Scientists discover new hydrothermal vents around the globe

An early red tide concerns scientists

UH astronomer finds new comet
with a tail estimated at more than 13,000 miles long.

Scientists find monument to powerful Mayan woman

Glowing meteor shakes buildings

Crystal of holes discovered
Physicists at Kiel University discover an unusual state of matter

Strange things, obscenities,
but they do seem to have their uses

Blistering words hurt more than feelings

A bit of Egypt's pyramids in Bosnia

Scientists ponder new discoveries from Titanic wreck

Carrying the 'White Man's Burden' in Iraq

Racing the Truth to War
The 12,000 page "Iraq Declaration" is central to how
the Bush administration led the US to war in Iraq.

Wonderful things are happening in Venezuela
that need to be known...

How can Canada's PM validate $20,000 donation
to subversive SUMATE


Venezuelans have demonstrated that Bush's way
is not to be their way!

FOX O'Reilly: Rupert Murdoch Won't Let Me
Debate George Clooney

FOX Still Playing the Katrina Blame Game

FOX Bill O'Reilly Denies He's Created the "War on Christmas"

FOX O'Reilly Ambushes Athiest Guest

FOX Hannity's Iraq Victory Plan:
Keep Attacking The Democrats

Money is tight to mention for the United States

The voice of hypocrisy
Condoleezza Rice is either lying through her teeth
or else she is a barefaced hypocrite

Doctors allow Russian man to live
with nails in the head

'Vanity Fair' Offers Fresh Details on Judith Miller Saga

Did Media Fall for False Claims
About Death of Alleged Al-Qaeda Leader?
Yes- Regurgitating U.S. Propaganda --

Keepers at the Gate
He Who Controls Television Controls the Masses

Corporate Media Downplay Evidence
That US Tortured Prisoners to Death

Only One Out of Nine Low-Income Seniors
Approved for New Medicare Drug Subsidies

This is how the Neocon Chickhawks thank those that actually went to war, survived the depression, and built what was once the most thriving democracy in history

Headline News: December 6-7, 2005

Click Maps for Larger View
Hurricane Center

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

"The War On Terror
Is Bogus"

Israel Spy Ring

"The War On Christmas"

Bush would be livid to see Venezuela
arrive in Louisiana

The United States government innocent? My foot!
Does a duck quack?

34%, 67%, 50%, 34% ...
Venezuela's abstentionist arithmetical tailspin

Is anyone yelling from the rafters
that the EU election was illegitimate?

Venezuela’s true patriots ... unlike
the cowards who stayed home and griped!

National Assembly now painted red ...
AD, COPEI and PJ nowhere to be seen!

Anti-Semitic Hate Crime Perpetrated Against Gaza

Opposition leaders vow to continue
the fight against Chavez in the streets

Venezuelan Oil Pipeline Attacked for Election Day

Pit Boss:George Bush's Empire of Torture

Iraq Transforms American Democracy
Into American Eliteocracy

Changing Courses?
John Murtha is no Knight in Shining Armor

How Greenspan Skewered America

The Bad News Is the Good News Is Fake

Saddam's outbursts well-received by some

Saddam: 'I Am Not Afraid of Execution'

Saddam trial suspended as defence team walks

2008 The Year Of The Lizard

What We've Accomplished...
And What We Must Do to
Drive Out the Bush Regime

U.S. Media Dodging Air War in Iraq
Hidden in Plane Sight

Propagating propaganda

To the rampaging idiot President Bush
The makers of the Victory Strategy are the Baath
and the its leader President Saddam Hussein!

War Crimes, USA

Mother of All Trials...

Lies of the Democrats

Nuclear Iran? You bet!

New Comet Discovery
Russian Scientists Predict 'Earth Directed' Course
World Weather Chaos Continues

Bush seeking compromise on CIA torture ban

McCain won't concede on torture ban

CIA agents break ranks to disclose brutal ‘black sites’

FBI joins CIA in trend of cover-up scandals

FCC Order Increasing FBI Internet Surveillance Challenged

Iran: Israel's threats show "crisis of Zionists"

Israel Threatens Iran

Iran threatens counter-strike

Iran rejects US participation in nuclear talks

Halutz: No hope for diplomacy with Iran

Israel Bombs Gaza Charity

Israel: UN Favorite?

UN slams Israeli settlements,
E. Jerusalem separation fence

True lies and why Bush and Blair hate Al Jazeera

CIA given ‘full access’ to British airports

Polls in West Asia, South America
give US the jitters

CUBA: Taking on the CIA

Crime-torn Mexican 'FBI' investigates 1,500 agents

(Bush and Cheney Moving Down Under?)

Up to 90,000 patients die in US hospitals
every year because of medical malpractice

America Can't Take It Anymore

U.S. Extends - and Withdraws - Hand

US Is the World Destabilizer

CIA Used Irish Airport

Three More Crimes for Pinochet

Kennedy Counsellors:
Bush out of Iraq Now

Donald Rumsfeld Is Mad As a Hatter

We now have a certifiable loon in charge of the most powerful military on the face of the earth. Shouldn't someone do something?

Torture and Secrecy Scandal Intensifies

Liberalism's Brain on Drugs

Filling in for God
Certain politicians should do a lot more listening to the Lord,
and a lot less talking for Him.

Second thoughts for GOP pols
eyeing leadership bid

Why gold now glitters for investors
The price of gold reached a 22-year high last week,
at more than $500 an ounce.

TSA Treats for Holiday Travelers

No-Timetable Policy Rules Out a Deal on Zarqawi

Total Transparency

Training of Iraq Forces Suffers 'Setback'

Keep quiet about secret flights
to secret jails, Rice tells Europe

Rumsfeld Cites Contractor in
Planting of Reports in Iraqi Media

U.S. missile parts at Pakistan al Qaeda target site

Rumsfeld warns of Islamic superstate
(He should know... he's one that caused it!)

Italian Officials: CIA Lied About Abduction
CIA Ruse Is Said to Have Damaged Probe in Milan

Sources Tell ABC News
Top Al Qaeda Figures Held in Secret CIA Prisons

CONdi LYING to Europe: 'Trust Me'

The Iraq Index

Rice defends US terrorist policies

German Ex-Minister Under Fire Over CIA Abduction

US-German relations undermined by CIA flights

MPs dismiss US denials as
'disingenuous' and 'beyond belief'
Fancy talk for LYING

Rumsfeld Seeks Rules for Witnessing Abuse Abroad
Ignoring Policy about himself COMMITTING Abuse Abroad

U.S. saving Europeans, Rice asserts
Oh yea and there is WMD in Iraq toooooo!

Tough words from Rice leave loopholes
Because her thesis and bosses are LOOPY?

'Rendition' does not involve torture, says LIES Rice

Defending Hussein, Clark Seeks to
Set Historical Record Straight

Saddam’s prime minister dies in US custody

Excerpts from arguments in Saddam trial

Rice Miscasts Policy on Torture
Another fancy word for LYING

Saudi prince says US Iraq policies a mistake
And let's not forget how the Saudis sold out Iraq

Anti-terror terroist police arrest kidnap three

U.S. Army report: Israel can't stop Iran nukes

FBI Bungled Florida Terrorism Investigation,
Justice Department Finds
Odd words for FBI Conspiracy to coverup and fabricate evidence?

Communications Break Down During Conn. Scare
Brownie Still in Charge -
waiting for TV to tell them about emergencies

Terrorism laws would breach Human Rights Act, say MPs

Saudi prince gives Sharon 'benefit of doubt'

Voters few, confidence low in Venezuela: US Propaganda
Venezuela 10-15% more voters than in last legislature election
More % than the US votes in legislative elections!

Venezuela 'landslide' for Chávez

The US HYPOCRITES have called for electoral reform in Venezuela

Chávez and allies enjoy clean sweep

Australia GODFATHER HOWARD to adopt anti-terror law
"as terrifying as terrorism itself"

Russia Makes Deal to Sell Missiles to Iran

State Dept. Criticizes Russia on Arms Sale
US whining NOW over defensive weapons

Mr. Bush, Have I Got An Exit Strategy For You

Counter-Recruitment Day Sweeps U.S. Colleges

Propaganda and Bribery -
The Bush Administration Will Pay Both at Home and in Iraq
for Buying Puff Pieces in the Media

Counting the Cost

Amendment I: Freedom of Assembly
The First Amendment's assembly and petition clauses-
-eviscerated by Big Money?

Bah, Hummerbug

John Murtha's Johnstown

The Basilica of Denial

The Unintended Consequences of Fake News
Pay Attention FOX and Bill O'Really!

Roll Over and Beg

What Would J.F.K. Have Done?

Emissions Simply Don't Respect Borders

America Must Tell Us The Truth About its Gulag

Ban Torture or Protect Torturers?

Frist's Votes Found to Favor HCA Interests

Saddam's Trial Will Not Be Fair,
Says United Nations

Neoreality: Peak Oil And Iraq

Nuclear Iran? You bet!

Where they hide the cash
We help rich individuals and companies to spirit away
vast sums from the developing world

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
the little teapot, short and stout
is making a comeback

Canada makes an about-face on Mideast

Propaganda and bribery
The Bush administration will pay both at home and in Iraq
for buying puff pieces in the media

Hadley: Pentagon Propaganda In Iraq Continues

US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on Monday was critical of US media coverage of the war in Iraq and said that the Pentagon should improve its approach with the media because the war is very much a "battle for peoples minds."

War Crimes, USA

Navy to Expand Fleet With New Enemies in Mind
Bloodthirsty Bush Administration Plans for
Wars without end.... NOT for PEACE

Today Iraq, Tomorrow the World

Jerusalem Post sensationalize story about nuclear Iran

CIA ghost flights over Canada

British Tory MP Blasts Extraordinary Rendition,
Says Britain Broke International Law and
"Complicit in Torture"
if Flights Passed Through UK

The Shame of BUSH and the GOP
Going hungry in Ohio and Michigan

The Joyless Economy

JPMorgan to hire 4,500 graduates in India

Central Bankers Seek Totalitarian Power

An Illuminati Primer

B'nai B'rith-ADL Doesn't Represent Jews

Killing: No longer a practical instrument
of political domination?

Will Pay For Good News

What To Do About Wal-Mart

A Tax Cut Like It's 1986

Europe Rebukes Bush For Backing
Stolen Elections In Oil-Rich Azerbaijan

The prison industry in the United States:
big business or a new form of slavery?

Canadian "Democracy" and Free Speech:
"Martin lies, Haitians die".
Human Rights worker arrested for heckling
Prime Minister Paul Martin

Israel slams Russia for selling
anti-missile system to Iran
Tehran defends its right to buy arms
I'm sure Russia gives a shit about what Israel thinks?

US preparing non-UN sanctions on Iran

SURE we've got a "Free Press" in America. HA!

We were amazed that a FOX affiliate had actually done a story on 9/11 that WASN'T a "tinfoil hat" hit piece. ...So amazed in fact that we linked to their website so other people could see for themselves. -Oh, but our amazement was short lived.

A Weak Defense

Corrupt Intentions
What Cunningham's misdeeds illustrate about conservative Washington.

Rice defends illegal 'renditions,'
threatens to reveal European complicity

In Connecticut, Victory is Sweet

History was made at 2:45am, EST, this morning, when the Connecticut House joined the Senate in passing a comprehensive campaign reform bill that will establish full public financing of campaigns for all state offices. The bill now goes to Governor Jodi Rell, who has said she will sign it.

California's 'Duke' heads to the pokey
Washington infected with a culture of corruption

Stinky or moldy, cheese remains
most delicious product on Earth

Titanic sank faster than it was thought

Square-shaped flying disk spotted in Shanghai

TATU: Be yourself, don't be a lesbian

Another "Misquote" That Wasn't

FOX Trots Out Swift Boat Vet To Rescue Bush

Fox Turns CIA Rendition Issue into a Fairy Tale

FOX Wants To Swiftboat John Kerry Again

FOX Entertainment's Trading Spouses Reveals "Dark Side"

Check this out over at Crooks and Liars. It's a doozy! Clipped from a FOX Entertainment show entitled "Trading Spouses," it shows how radical some Christians are about anything and anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus. Click here: "Trading Spouses: This is a scary video".

FOX "War Expert" Sean Insannity Thinks He Knows Better
Than Former CENTCOM Commander General Tommy Franks

Bill O'Wiley: Decorated War Vet Murtha
"Afraid" to Come on the Factor
Or Murtha only gives interviews to "REAL" News Outlets

FOX Tractor Foot-in-Mouth Segment:
Persecuted Native American Turns Out to Be Liar

'How can you say that you support the troops
if you support the false ideas they may die for?':
Paralyzed from the chest down, Iraq war vet Tomas Young
speaks out against the war and occupation.

Pope Rat

Sacramento City Council Refuses to
Rescind Iraq Resolution Despite

National Right Wing Campaign

Politics on Your Plate

Hugo Chavez' name is now spreading quickly
in Dutch and Belgian politics

As long as we have our vision,
we are neither blind nor dead...

Latin America 2005 highlights attempt
to sabotage Venezuelan democracy

This political tragedy should never happen
to the Bolivarian Revolution!

Beating the adversary from below:
National Assembly in the streets!

CIA terrorist
Luis Posada Carriles' benefactor in Miami court plea...

Ernst Zundel writes to his wife, Ingrid,
from prison in Germany

And then there were 4 -
Disturbing Facts About Google

Chavez on "the real reason" that
10.8% withdrew from the elections

DeLay fails to get money laundering charges tossed

It's the culture, stupid

The rapidly-multiplying scandals ripping through Washington like a category five hurricane has Republicans reassessing their political futures

Screwing the pooch on national security

FEMA feared riots in Mississippi

'SoCalled Christian' group pulls Wells Fargo accounts
Focus on the Family objects to donation to gay rights group

Connecticut Begins to Boil With Chatter
of Lieberman Challenge

The White House's Tortured Definition of Torture

Our Hynotized Nation
You are Getting Sleepy

Now we know;
Bush Has Corrupted the Justice Department, Too

Supreme Court to review use of insanity defense

The case has special interest in Texas in light of the Andrea Yates verdict [and the Tom Delay indictment?]

Castro targets Jeb Bush with
'fat little brother' poke

What American Democracy?,
Exactly, Are We Exporting?

Fixing the Game

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll: 49% Would Vote
For Tom DeLay's Unnamed Democratic Opponent Next Year....
I'd vote to send Terrorist DeLay to Guantanamo without delay

The invisible empire
Wilkes Corporation;
The Front Company That Brought Corrupt
Congressman Duke Cunningham Down

Roll Call Rolls Out Republican Lies

What Scott McClellan Would Really Like To Say

Xtians Beat Professor opposed to teaching mythology
So they're not bombing abortion clinics this Xmas?

Deja Vu: Propaganda 101 -
- Stoking the Hysteria

The Man Who Sold the War
Meet John Rendon,
Bush's general in the propaganda war

Bush brother's divorce reveals sex romps
Billy Carter, Billy Carter - where are you?

Bush Receives Partial Face Transplant

Bush Returns from Secret Visit to Narnia
After Meeting with Aslan

Pulp Fiction?
A former Pentagon spokesperson explains to a REPORTER
why propaganda might not be good

World AIDS Day!
World AIDS Day could be Hallmark's worst idea yet

Yugoslavia: commemorations and a bad memory

The World Bank Involved in a Dirty Quarrel in Chad

War or Peace / War and Peace

Venezuela Reshapes Domestic Policy

Bolivia: Sovereignty of Sea Access

WTO Strife Unsolved on Summit Eve

Ecuador Exec-Govt Skirting FTA Issue

Saddam threatens to boycott KANGAROO court hearings

Angela Merkel gives CONdoleezza Rice
a piece of her mind

If I only had a brain!

I could while away the hours
Conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain
And my head, I'd be scratchin'
While my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain.

I'd unravel ev'ry riddle
For any individ'le
In trouble or in pain

With the thoughts you'd be thinkin'
You could be another Lincoln,
If you only had a brain.

Oh, I could tell you why
The ocean's near the shore,
I could think of things I never thunk before
And then I'd sit and think some more.

I would not be just a nuffin'
My head all full of stuffin'
My heart all full of pain.
I would dance and be merry
Life would be a ding-a-derry
If I only had a brain--Whoa!

New Titles
November 2005

Headline News: December 5-6, 2005

Happy Holydays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra
Welcome Back Nimrod!

Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

Does she or doesn't she?
Abortion - the Great Divide
Or the Great Christian Hoax

Perhaps we can now understand
the Grand Old Party!

Kansas School Board
Decides on New High School Science Book

Operation Not-That-Bad
President Bush offered a stirring wartime oratory
similar to FDR's Fireside PDF Downloads.
Prooves Jean Schmidt a Lying Hypocrite GOP

De-Weakening Iraq
Rob Corddry outlines our plan to make Iraq an enormous
superpower with a grudge against the U.S.

Shop 'Til You Fall Down
Many are loving the baby Jesus enough
to kick another man's nads in for an iPod.

The express can only be accessed
through your heart ~ not your mind

MVR wins 114 or 68% of 167 seats
in Venezuela's new National Assembly

International observers ratify transparency,
legitimacy of Venezuelan vote

Venezuelan MVR achieves its goal:
114 seats in 167-member congress

Opposition leaders vow to continue
the fight against Chávez in the streets

Chávez Wins Parliamentary Elections

Venezuela Premieres Parliament

Pro-Chávez Candidates to Sweep Elections

Venezuelan ruling party claims victory
in congressional election

Chávez's party claims landslide win in Venezuelan poll

Chávez Allies Are Poised
To Solidify Their Majority

Chávez allies say victorious in Congress vote

Note: From US occupied Colombia a Slanted News Story
Chávez's Grip Tightens as Rivals Boycott Vote
75% of Eligible Voters Stayed Away from the Polls?
That means 25% Voted - That's more than votes in the USA!

Chávez set for victory

Venezuelans have voted in a congressional election, with candidates allied to Hugo Chávez, the president, expected to sweep most seats after the main opposition boycotted the poll.

The more Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is attacked, the more he is confirmed as doing good things for Venezuela and Latin America," affirmed Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano

Venezuelan Oil Pipeline Sabotaged
(Smells Like a Bush with a match?)

In Defense of Democracy in Venezuela

Only 10% of Candidates Withdrew
from Venezuelan Elections

Election Rally Venezuela

Renegade Opposition will try get election discredited
by OAS/EU observers

How and Why Venezuela's Opposition Imploded

International Observers Ratify
Transparency and Legitimacy of Venezuelan Vote

Diana calls: Forward to historic victory!
¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

We have to give them the good-bye kick tomorrow, that is, including their Uncle Sam, if not, the tables will be turned! Not the sky will then be the limit, but the eternal pillage of our national, natural resources and wealth. Washington and its local Quislings were never interested in "democracy," elections or referenda in Venezuela. From the very onset, from the hour that Chávez won the elections in 1998, they organized military coups, conspiracy and sabotage.

Venezuela has a problem:
the United States is the biggest liar around

Chile arms deal arranged by Otto Reich ...
a bitter enemy of Venezuela!

Opposition's political suicide =
rebirth of normal politics in Venezuela

It's not hard to figure the next step in the
Venezuelan opposition's farce...

Chávez defends vote, blasts US meddling

Warning: Propaganda Slanted Headline below!
Boycott raises questions as Venezuelans vote

"They have committed their last error with this abstention, it's their political funeral," Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel said on Saturday. "In no way will they affect the legitimacy of this government."

Candidates in the US that withdraw don't get elected!
What's the so-called Questions?

Truly, the biggest danger in the world today
is that guy in the White House

USA victory may take a while ...
napalm will light Iraqi Christmas spirit

An entire civilization wiped out and George W. Bush has the gall to 'reassure' the nation that victory is at hand in his war against the terrorists.

United States Creates Most Secretive Agency in World
to Rule Over Citizens as Descent into Police State
Madness Accelerates In America

U.S. cancels food shipment to North Korea

The State Department said food shipments to North Korea have been suspended because there are no guarantees the aid will get to those in need.

North Korea says to stop food aid

Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Su Hon... accused the United States of using food aid as a political weapon.

UN watchdog slams new EU asylum law

Swedish girls go back to the chastity belt

Airy-fairy Blair lies in a French ditch
looking at the stars

Nothing is more dangerous than a statesman in a hurry. His diary is crammed with dates. Blackmailers queue at his door. Past pledges fall by the wayside. Only three things matter: legacy, legacy and legacy

''The U.N. has passed more resolutions
against Israel than it has all other nations combined,
including Iraq ''

Motorola ships mercenaries to Iraq
disguised as techies, farmers

As Zionist dream of 'Greater Israel'
fails, ruling Likud party breaks up
Dwindling Jewish immigration into Israel underlies split

Ten Marines killed in Fallujah blast:
more carnage in a criminal war

Did Big Oil participate in planning invasion of Iraq?
When have they NOT since 1900?

Iran ready to resume nuke talks with EU
Does BUSH feel the sandpaper of rebuff on his sorry ass
Iran says not interested in talks with US

Ecuador: chief of electoral authority quits
over president's push to amend constitution

"I am not going to lend myself to violate the constitution," Gilberto Vaca told reporters, implying that the seven-member Supreme Electoral Tribunal might approve the presidential request, and he wanted no part of it.

Don't ya just wish there were statesmen like this in the US?!!!

Likely Victor in Chile's Presidential Election

Chile's Socialist party's presidential candidate, Dr Michelle Bachelet, stands poised to be the next president of Chile. She has a significant lead in the polls, and if there is a run-off election she is expected to still be the victor. Her closest opponent, Joaquin Lavin, a conservative, trails well behind her.

Anti-BUSH Anti-US sentiment brings Latin America to Socialism
The Alternative to US Corporate Capitalism
that has brought poverty on the masses.

Myanmar not seeking nuclear power capabilities

The US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, who on Friday succeeded in getting the Security Council to hold a formal briefing on the situation in Myanmar, last month accused Yangon of wanting to develop 'nuclear power capabilities'.

BUSH's appetite whetted for MORE BLOOD
New Member of Axis of Evil?

'Urban Myth' – or Treason?
The Niger uranium forgery cover-up unravels

Ten Ways to Argue About the War

Chemical Saddam Met
Nuclear Uncle Sam
And we are living with the consequences

Support the Troops, Not the Warmongers
An interview with Iraq vet Tomas Young

What Happened to Iraq's WMD
How politics corrupts intelligence

A Century of War

Abraham Lincoln himself became the principal instigator of America's suicide. It was not a foreign foe, but it was a war, even a 'victorious' war, that ended the Founders' dreams in America.

Secret prison row:
US to warn European allies to back off

PHILIPPINES: Another Journalist Gunned Down
Following BUSH's Example?

Union Leaders Demand Five Liberation

Mass Layoffs Affecting US Families

US Goliath, an All-Time Loser

The country once identified as the champion of liberty and cradle of pragmatism is today more isolated from the world for upholding a failed policy that is also self-destructive

Rice to Sugarcoat CIA Secrecy at NATO

U.S. slides into cycle of skepticism
David Brooks says events in Baghdad will affect not only the future
of Iraq but also the chances America can regaining its self-confidence

War is a cultural event. World War I destroyed the old social order in Europe and disillusioned a generation of talented young Americans. World War II bred a feeling of American unity and self-confidence. Vietnam helped trigger a counterculture.

Ancient legends give an early warning
of modern disasters

U.S. policy on Iran called ineffective

When U.S. needed victory strategy for Iran,
Bush recycled an used one for Iraq
I'm offering a helping hand to the
Corporate Media and report it right here.

President Jalal Talabani (a Kurd) is an old "associate" of Iran, and e.g. sold his own people at Halabja in 1988, to Iran, with the consequences that the Kurdis were killed by Iranian cyanide gas.

Tamiflu is 'useless' for avian flu
Did Rummy make more millions on a farce?

Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73
Effective in Trials Again Avian Flu!
Avian Influenza virus
Test Agents: Oreganol P73 Extra Strength Formula
and Oregacyn
Don't Trust the Imitators- Get the ones used in the trials

Start building up your Immune system NOW!

Ten Ways to Argue about the War

Sunni and Shi'i

The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq

General investigated over death of soldier in Iraq


The torture files

CIA agents have broken ranks to reveal the 'cruel and inhuman' interrogation techniques they are ordered to use at secret prisons around the world, including freezing and near-drowning.

Iraqis turn to pills to escape their hard reality
Wonder if RUMMY is supplying those?


Iraqi, Muslim and Palestinian
support for peace hostages grows

We Are Looking At Your Political House
With An Eye To Pulling It Down

If there is one thing we can always count on, it's politicians who walk over human corpses to show fear only in the face of something as formless and abstract as an opinion poll. The veterans and military families antiwar movement are well-versed on so-called realism . and that deference we are supposed to exercise when we approach elected officials, hat in hand, for a few crumbs of your attention and support. We understand power very well.

I'll be no VIP jetsetter: Ahmadinejad
Don't ya just wish we had statesmen like this in the US?

I'm Shocked, Shocked

There is an extraordinary amount of energy being spent on discussing the possibility that the administration lied us into a war with Iraq. I'm shocked, shocked to find that lying is going on in here! The lies, now, of course, come from those who are pretending that they had no way of knowing that they were being lied to at the start of all this. The current lies come from all quarters -- Democrats and Republicans, the New York Times and the other print media, Fox News on TV and all the other networks.

The whole thing is absurd.

Soldier Dead

Since the American Revolutionary War, more than 50 million Americans have been directly affected by war deaths, wounds, or those who have become lost. Approximately 2,000,000 have died (KIA: Killed In Action), plus those gone missing or otherwise unaccounted for (KIA-BNR: Killed In Action-But Not Recovered or MIA: Missing In Action). Another 12,000,000 have been wounded in combat. Thirty-eight million family members have had their lives scarred as a result.

Better Dead Than...

Since WWII millions have put their lives on the line to rid their lands of British, French, Dutch, Belgian, Portuguese, Spanish, and American occupiers. Not only were they willing to sacrifice their lives but they knew they might be subjected to excruciating tortures for their defiance. Weren't they implying that they'd rather be dead than be subjects of those imperialist countries?

Why We Should Never Go To War

America's wars of the last thirty years have been almost diversionary wars, spectacles intended to distract, demonstrations of power.

UK 'breaking law' over CIA secret flights
Condoleezza Rice flies into row over 'rendition' of terror suspects

Iran And US Foreign Policy Designs

America's covert war in Iraq

Killing: No longer a practical instrument of political domination?

Propagating propaganda

Now all of a sudden there is this rather large brouhaha over the Bushistas' use of propaganda re: Iraq and its citizenry. Horror of horrors! Say it isn't so! Propaganda, indeed!

Precarious lives

Great Iraq-newspapergate work, Lincoln Group

Dear Good People at Lincoln Group:
Congratulations! It sounds like you're doing marvelous work in Iraq. Don't let the liberal, Bush-and America- hating news media get you down. I hope you profit from this war to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. You deserve it!

Debunking Bob Woodward

250 thousand displaced by volcano in Comoros

Amazing discovery in heart of biblical Jerusalem

Record number of GM animals
being bred in UK laboratories
Satanaku Reincarnated?

Bush's name to be removed from Pakistani textbook

Your chef tonight will be Dean.
He's a drug dealer
The venue, to be called Clink,
will be the UK's first restaurant behind bars.

Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker

The Templeton Foundation, a major supporter of projects seeking to reconcile science and religion, says that after providing a few grants for conferences and courses to debate intelligent design, they asked proponents to submit proposals for actual research. "They never came in..."

This Season's War Cry:
Commercialize Christmas, or Else

Religious conservatives have a cause this holiday season: the commercialization of Christmas. They're for it. What is less obvious, though, is that Christmas's self-proclaimed defenders are rewriting the holiday's history. They claim that the "traditional" American Christmas is under attack by what John Gibson, another Fox anchor, calls "professional atheists" and "Christian haters." But America has a complicated history with Christmas, going back to the Puritans, who despised it. What the boycotters are doing is not defending America's Christmas traditions, but creating a new version of the holiday that fits a political agenda.

We may extend our dominion over the whole continent...
but be assured it will be at the price of our free institutions.
– Rep. William Waters Boyce

Iraq's former prime minister Iyad Allawi said
gunmen tried to assassinate him

Allawi is STILL LYING!
A crowd hurling shoes, rocks and tomatoes
forced former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to
cut short a visit on Sunday ... police officers said.

Funds may be lacking for ample Iraqi army
Don't ask me - I'm all out! Ask GHW Bush this time

Wrongful Imprisonment:
Anatomy of a CIA Mistake
German Citizen Released After Months in 'Rendition'

Of 1,300 suspected insurgents arrested
over the past five months in and around
Ramadi, none has been a foreigner.
i.e. they are not INSURGENTS - They are Iraqi Patriots

Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair

How MI6 sold the Iraq war

Saddam trial judge steps down

Do These Two Have Anything in Common?
President Bush has equated Islamic radicalism with communism.
Is the comparison sound? Is it wise?

War Pig Netanyahu:
Israel should take out Iranian nuclear facilities

War Pig Netanyahu: Bold action needed to stop nuclear Iran

The next holocaust

Islamophobia is not a uniquely British disease: across Europe, liberals openly express prejudice against Muslims. Do new pogroms beckon?

World Famous Prof Questions The Holocaust

Auschwitz - Myths & Facts

Auschwitz - The Final Count

Auschwitz Museum Director
Reveals 'Gas Chamber' Hoax

Israel voices worry over
Iran-Russia missile deal
Who cares what Israel thinks?

Israelis killed Zia, suspects ex-US ambassador

Oversight of war spending is faulted

The Defense Department is preparing its seventh supplemental budget request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but congressional overseers and government watchdog groups are warning that gaps in the Pentagon's accounting methods make it difficult to monitor how the armed services have spent more than $300 billion since the war on terror began.

Slave Labour Alive and Well in Argentina

When I was single I could claim my rights, but now with three children I have to accept the humiliation and submit to slavery," said Jose Orellana, a Bolivian immigrant who was able to escape with his family from a clandestine textile factory in Buenos Aires

Buried in Amman's Rubble: Zarqawi's Support

All Over but the Pullback
Nixon Did It in Vietnam. Bush Will Do It in Iraq

What planet are you on, Mr Bush?
(and do you care, Mr Blair?)

Their War, My Memories

Rove Running Out of Answers, Time

Business as Usual: Corrupt

Tom DeLay - the real boss in Congress - openly warned K Street that unless all the choice lobbying jobs went to Republicans, lobbyists could not expect to have any influence with the Republican Congress. This warning would be meaningless, of course, unless the opposite was also true: If you hire Republican lobbyists, you and they will have influence over Congress. And darned if DeLay didn't turn out to be exactly right about this. No prominent Republican upbraided DeLay for his open invitation to bribery. And bribery is what it is: not just campaign contributions but the promise of personal enrichment for politicians and political aides who play ball for a few years before cashing in.

Bosnian Hill May Have Pyramid

Australian Theologian takes
Archaeologists and Historians to Court

Who's killing Iraqi intellectuals?

British Mercenaries Shooting at Baghdad Motorists
is Part of "the Rules of Engagement"

Protesters March for Democracy in Hong Kong
(Is Bush Going to INSTALL and ENFORCE Democracy upon China?)

Grounds for Change

...monks at a nearby monastery began using the plant to stay awake during long nights of pious prayer. Word got around to other monasteries, and so began mankind's love affair with coffee

US Political Wiz Ralph Reed Urges
Canadian Social Conservatives to 'Make History' This Election
Political Whore and Bribe Taker advising Canadians?

Soulforce Calling for an IRS Investigation of
James Dobson's Focus on the Family

Christmas comes with lawyers leaping
and righteous ranting

Have a Merry Christmas! Now, sue me
"Christmas is constitutional .." warned Mat Staver, general counsel
I Dare this 'laywer' to prove this remark!
Jesus said, 'WOE TO YOU LAWERS...'
Perhaps Rev. Feelwall and Robbersin
along with Pundit O'Really should try reading the Bible sometime!

Christian wackos and secular wackos have long played their game of hit-you-last over school prayer, the location of the Ten Commandments and even In God We Trust. They run around in their obsessive little worlds, ever in search of things to get outraged about.

Christmas under attack:

A manufactured crisis

Get A Life Department:
Groups Furious Over Xmas Tree
Being Called Holiday Tree

O Xmas tree, O Xmas tree----
Stupid Religious Right Fools Demand
Xmas Tree instead of Holiday Tree!
Religious Right Honoring Paganism they claim to abhor

From: Two Babylons or the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife
By Reverend Alexander Hislop

The Christmas tree, now so common among us, was equally common in Pagan Rome and Pagan Egypt. In Egypt that tree was the palm-tree; in Rome it was the fir; the palm-tree denoting the Pagan Messiah, as Baal-Tamar, the fir referring to him as Baal-Berith. The mother of Adonis, the Sun-God and great mediatorial divinity, was mystically said to have been changed into a tree, and when in that state to have brought forth her divine son. If the mother was a tree, the son must have been recognised as the "Man the branch."

And this entirely accounts for the putting of the Yule Log into the fire on Christmas-eve, and the appearance of the Christmas-tree the next morning. As Zero-Ashta, "The seed of the woman," which name also signified Ignigena, or "born of the fire," he has to enter the fire on "Mother-night," that he may be born the next day out of it, as the "Branch of God," or the Tree that brings all divine gifts to men. But why, it may be asked, does he enter the fire under the symbol of a Log? To understand this, it must be remembered that the divine child born at the winter solstice was born as a new incarnation of the great god (after that god had been cut in pieces), on purpose to revenge his death upon his murderers.

Now the great god, cut off in the midst of his power and glory, was symbolised as a huge tree, stripped of all its branches, and cut down almost to the ground. But the great serpent, the symbol of the life restoring Aesculapius, twists itself around the dead stock, and lo, at its side up sprouts a young tree--a tree of an entirely different kind, that is destined never to be cut down by hostile power--even the palm-tree, the well-known symbol of victory.

The Christmas-tree, as has been stated, was generally at Rome a different tree, even the fir; but the very same idea as was implied in the palm-tree was implied in the Christmas-fir; for that covertly symbolised the new-born God as Baal-berith, "Lord of the Covenant," and thus shadowed forth the perpetuity and everlasting nature of his power, not that after having fallen before his enemies, he had risen triumphant over them all.

Therefore, the 25th of December, the day that was observed at Rome as the day when the victorious god reappeared on earth, was held at the Natalis invicti solis, "The birth-day of the unconquered Sun." Now the Yule Log is the dead stock of Nimrod, deified as the sun-god, but cut down by his enemies; the Christmas-tree is Nimrod redivivus--the slain god come to life again. In the light reflected by the above statement on customs that still linger among us, the origin of which has been lost in the midst of hoar antiquity, let the reader look at the singular practice still kept up in the South on Christmas-eve, of kissing under the mistletoe bough. That mistletoe bough in the Druidic superstition, which, as we have seen, was derived from Babylon, was a representation of the Messiah, "The man the branch." The mistletoe was regarded as a divine branch *--a branch that came from heaven, and grew upon a tree that sprung out of the earth.

* In the Scandinavian story of Balder, the mistletoe branch is distinguished from the lamented god. The Druidic and Scandinavian myths somewhat differed; but yet, even in the Scandinavian story, it is evident that some marvellous power was attributed to the mistletoe branch; for it was able to do what nothing else in the compass of creation could accomplish; it slew the divinity on whom the Anglo-Saxons regarded "the empire" of their "heaven" as "depending." Now, all that is neceesary to unravel this apparent inconsistency, is just to understand "the branch" that had such power, as a symbolical expression for the true Messiah. The Bacchus of the Greeks came evidently to be recognised as the "seed of the serpent"; for he is said to have been brought forth by his mother in consequence of intercourse with Jupiter, when that god had appeared in the form of a serpent. If the character of Balder was the same, the story of his death just amounted to this, that the "seed of the serpent" had been slain by the "seed of the woman." This story, of course, must have originated with his enemies. But the idolators took up what they could not altogether deny, evidently with the view of explaining it away.

Resist the U.S. hideous war crimes

Damaging Disclosures and the
Plot to Bomb al-Jazeera

Zionist Shill Greases Skids
for Destabilization of Syria

Torture in Israeli Prisons

All prisoners have experienced at least one method of torture. According to the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem, statistics show that more than 85% of Palestinian detainees are subjected to torture.

Decline in Support for War Worries GOP
In Georgia, Even Republican Voters Are Voicing
Unhappiness With Iraq Involvement

Iraq War: Faking the news

'Truth is first casualty of war reporting'

Garment workers in Florida expose war profiteering

Headline News: December 4-5, 2005

Happy Holidays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra

Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

Iraqi Resistance Video Showing
Iraqi Sniper "Juba" Killing U.S. Troops

A Time to Break Silence

The Great War For Civilization

Unprecedented: George W. Bush stole the presidency

Venezuela's elections got off to an early start
with bugle calls and fireworks

Hands Off Venezuela:
The opposition shows its
undemocratic face again

The real reason should be clear to everyone: all opinion polls indicated that they would only get about 20 seats as opposed to the more than 50 they hold now

I used to think that when Chavistas said that the opposition was pretty much just a media creation I thought they were exaggerating ... and in the past maybe they were.

Bush VA Appointees Diverted Healthcare Funds
for Illegal Studies

Funds were diverted from veterans' healthcare to pay for studies on outsourcing jobs and closing VA hospitals – The dismantling of the VA is leading to privatization. One of the maxims of the Bush administration is: Never let the law get in your way. The political appointees who run the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA) certainly know how to play by those rules.

Killing is blasphemy:
Only God can take a human life

Right-Wing Group Declares War on Americans

Move America Forward, that essentially declared war on every American who is against the Iraq quagmire and the pack of lies that took us there. Led by second-tier, conservative radio host Melanie Morgan, Move America Forward has spent the bulk of their time since spawned earlier this year, hounding the mother of a dead solider in Cindy Sheehan and smearing her in print, on the air and in counter-protests in Crawford, Texas.

Barbara Bush and the wretched Mr. Cheney

One of the few bright spots in an otherwise bleak news week was an oddball account of Barbara Bush going ballistic over the way her boy-George has been abused by other members of the administration. ---- Huh? ---- Apparently, Lady McBush got it into her steely-blue helmet-head that Dick Cheney and Co. have 'undermined' the commander-in-chief and are responsible for his plummeting popularity.

Bush Flip-Flops on Torture and Endangers Us All


A Twist in the Rove-Plame Mystery

An indictment of Rove would be very bad news for President Bush, who would then see the Plame case inching ever closer to the Oval Office.

All the President's Flacks

If this is not evidence of Bush War Crimes
Then What Is?
Makes Saddam look like Jesus in comparison

Indictments Are Not Always So: Jose Padilla

The Abramoff Effect

Precarious Lives

White House Snow Globe

Torture Makes Justice Impossible

Venezuela Touts Cheap Fuel to US
as Bush Takes Heat

Prosecutors Urged to Investigate Ralph Reed's
Covert Lobbying

Venezuela on maximum alert:
explosions at several points in Caracas...

Venezuelans ready to give destabilizing forces
a lesson in dignity, democracy

Before: Exploited, After: Businesspeople
Having a better quality of life is
no longer a dream in Venezuela

Venezuela's amazingly high-quality
public housing picks up markedly

Iran kicks-off project to construct
10,000 residential units in Venezuela

Venezuelan team completes first
100 km of journey to South Pole

+14.4 million Venezuelans eligible to vote
in Sunday's legislative elections

Pentagon Reveals Secret Cloning Program

Bush Administration Angered at
NASA's Apparent Support for AIDS Day

More US Citizens Believe In Santa Claus
Than In Bush Iraq Victory Plan

The politics of surprise attacks

"Broken, Worn Out" and "Living Hand to Mouth"
The Revolt of the Generals

The Reporters, Privilege,
Judicial Immorality and Sam Alito
Iraq, Brains and Lies

Iyad Allawi: 'A man of the Shadows'

New Allegations of
Security Contractor Killings in Iraq

Muslims Urge Release of Iraq Hostages

Venezuelans should not to pay attention
to calls to violence or destabilization

Net "red-light" domain in limbo

Syracuse University professor Milton Mueller said the United States has compromised its neutrality over the assignment of domains by intervening in the .xxx case. He said Washington has been lobbying other governments to oppose the plan. "If ICANN caves in to this pressure, it reveals to the world that it really is just a plaything of the U.S. administration, and the U.S. reveals to the world that it is able and willing to abuse its power over ICANN," Mr Mueller said.

U.S.-Led Iraq Coalition Steadily Eroding

America slowly confronts the truth
The old media dog sniffed the air,
found power was moving away from
the White House, and began to drool

Watching the pathetic, old, lie-on-its-back frightened labrador of the American media changing overnight into a vicious rottweiler is one of the enduring pleasures of society in the United States. I have been experiencing this phenomenon over the past two weeks, as both victim and beneficiary

America: The Giant's Daughter

Israel: We prefer Assad
Israel told the United States it fears the outcome
of regime change in Syria
(or Perhaps they now know it will turn out just like Iraq!)

Bolton Says Palestinian Resolutions
Demonstrate UN Irrelevance
(If irrelevant then we don't need Bolton there!)

The truth you don't hear
The on-the-ground reality of Israel's moral bankruptcy
in its genocidal policies towards the Palestinians
remains as clear as ever

Paid political perversity
Planting stories in Iraqi media is dumb

The Battle for the Control of the Press

Scandals unveil the seamier side of
Washington politics

"You are an Iraqi," Saddam tells judge

Unexpected Meteor Shower Reveals
Presence of Potentially Dangerous Comet

Viral cure could 'immunise' the internet

Mystery of a mass grave solved

With Friends Like These
Rep. Robert Ney faces questions over his
connections to Jack Abramoff

US press echoes consensus in ruling elite
to continue slaughter in Iraq

Ford to close five North American plants, cut 7,500 jobs

Profit-driven Medicare drug plan
stirs confusion and anger

Britain: Two charged under Secrets Ac
t for leaking Bush threat to bomb Al Jazeera

These guys can't even do propaganda right

GPF on Great Iraq Oil Ripoff

While the Iraqi people struggle to define their future amid political chaos and violence, the fate of their most valuable economic asset, oil, is being decided behind closed doors.

"It's Time to Exit Iraq!"

ex-Rep. Paul Findley (R-IL). He served in the U.S. Congress for over 22 years, 1961 to 1983. Then, he made a career-ending mistake of advocating for the U.S. a "fair and balanced Middle East policy," particularly towards the Palestinians, who were languishing under the Israeli occupation. [3] The Israeli Lobby took exception to Findley's position and he soon joined the ranks of ex-Congressmen. [4]

The scandal will grow
Expect even more explosive disclosures
of corruption on Capitol Hill to come
soon as Justice Department investigations move into high gear.

Bush's Blood Power Level
On Thursday, in Fallujah, a roadside bomb killed
at least 10 Marines and wounded 11.
Soon, the family members of the dead will hear the words,

"We regret to inform you..."

Blood-feast; the celebration of
Ritual Murder in America

There is no more heinous or morally indefensible crime than capital punishment. Nor is there is any person, however monstrous, deserving of execution at the hands of the state. We may never know the motives behind the actions of many criminals, but we can fully grasp the culpability of the state. For it is the state, through its legal machinations, that calmly premeditates the murder of its own citizens.

Politics on your plate

America has sold its soul for black gold

Remembering the 60's
Same issues, different times

The Right's New Strategy:
Anti-Alito = Anti-God

Inventing Sin: Religion and Homosexuality
No matter their own scandals,
religious institutions through history
have a consistent scapegoat: homosexuals.

Serious Miscalculations About Syria

The Frist File

Pay to Play With Jack

How Bush Created a Theocracy in Iraq

Bush DoJ Appointees Overruled their Own
Voting Rights Act Attorneys
to Approve Texas Redistricting Plan!

Report Accuses EPA of Slanting Analysis
Hill Researchers Say Agency Fixed Pollution Study
to Favor Bush's 'Clear Skies'
(In other words - Bush COOKED THE BOOKS)

Govs Fear Sale of Public Lands for Mining

Uncovering the Roots of
America's Terror War in Iraq

Fox Gives the White House

an Hourlong Campaign Contribution

What Would Jesus Do?
Sometimes It Takes A Jew To Know
Jesus Wouldn't Cram Christmas
Down The Country's Throats.

White House Declares War on Jesus and Xmas
per the O'Really Rules of FOX PROPAGANDA NETWORK

BUSH: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the White House during the holiday season. This is always a very, very happy time here at the White House. And you can see how magnificent the gingerbread house is this year.

FOX News Parent Company Hosts HOLIDAY Party.
How Hypocritical Can They Get?

Herman Cain Flip-Flops on Iraq Withdrawal

Is Fox News Taking "Christ" Out of Christmas?

Host Brenda Buttner opened the latest battle in Fox News' annual campaign to convince its viewers that the Christmas holiday is in danger by asking, "The War on Christmas -- Could the Left win its crusade and does that threaten our stock market, our entire economy?"


Cavuto Clueless on Cause and Effect
Bush taking credit for Xmas season business?
FOX bowing before him in adoration

US Readies Public Statement on
Alleged Secret Prisons
(How many weeks does it take Bush
to come up with a new set of lies to cover his ass?)

Bush sees sunny economy;
Greenspan warns of clouds

FBI reopens its inquiry into
forgery leading to Iraq war
(Maybe they should ask Sibel Edmonds?)

US concerned by Russian missile sales to Iran
Wag the Dog Alert: Level Orange
U.S. Fear Mongering for Wars

Iraq, Israel, brew deep Middle East mistrust of US

U.S. Poorly Prepared for Attack
(perhaps because our National Guard is everywhere but here?)

The inequalities that blazed in France
will soon scorch the world

Blair and Brown hatch plan to make
France the EU villain

Backing for Blair and Iraq war inquiry

UK too promotes Iraq war propaganda?

Israeli and U.S. hands in Lebanon and Jordan turmoil?

U.S. civil rights group sues the CIA

Kidnappings are the direct result of the illegal occupation

A U.S. covert operation team had attempted
to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq

Instead of a new beginning,
Iraq is caught in a very old colonial trap

A fair trial for Saddam Hussein?

Saddam responded, 'They are in our country. You, you have the authority. You have sovereignty, you are Iraqi and they are westerners and they are invaders and occupiers.'

UK faces death by taxes

UN General Assembly demands
Israel fully withdraw from Syrian Golan
(Is it time yet for the US to
march into Israel to enforce this resolution?)

Chávez calls Sumate (USmate?) a top enemy

CIA 'encouraging conspiracy'

Children's Rights Fully Observed in Cuba

Big Oil's Occupation of Iraq

Messianic Militarism Versus Democracy
in Imperial America

Selective De-Occupation: The Next Political Task?

The Mark Twain Doctrine Trumps
Evolution and Intelligent Design

Canada's Prince of Darkness, Michael Ignatieff . . .
Or Thomas Friedman in
Stripped Trousers, Silk Stockings and Garters

US Military Explains News Propaganda in Iraq
(Now if they will explain the News Propaganda in the US?)

Archaeologists find site of grand gate
of 1,300-year-old palace

Dig into Jerusalem's past fuels current debates
Archaeological quest for King David's palace
'caught up in politics'

Wollemi rock art shows Aboriginal Dreaming

Looters dig up part of ancient pit house

How Venezuela's Primero Justicia
Has Blown Its Greatest Opportunity

CIA Uses German Airspace 437 Times

Deficit Endangers US Retirees

Cubans Have Defeated Mighty Powers

Angola, A Great Cuban Deed

Venezuela is on Maximum Alert

Following President Hugo Chávez' advice to "have nerves of steel, stand on our own two feet, have faith in ourselves, and fortify our feeling of love, affection and fraternity," Venezuelans ready for Sunday´s congressional elections.

Report Finds Cover-Up in an F.B.I. Terror Case

Officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation mishandled a Florida terror investigation, falsified documents in the case in an effort to cover repeated missteps and retaliated against an agent who first complained about the problems. In one instance, someone altered dates on three F.B.I. forms using correction fluid to conceal an apparent violation of federal wiretap law

State Department Using Ideological Litmus Tests
to Screen Speakers

Muslim-American Running
Back off the Team at New Mexico State
(Racist Coach Guilty of HATE CRIMES?)

When Shame Doesn't Seem Enough

Lobbyist's Role in Hiring Aides Is Investigated

Investigators are said to be especially interested in how Tony C. Rudy, a former deputy chief of staff to Representative Tom DeLay of Texas, and Neil G. Volz, a former chief of staff to Representative BobNey of Ohio, obtained lobbying positions with big firms on K Street.


Headline News: December 3-4, 2005

Happy Holidays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra

Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

Does she or doesn't she?
Abortion - the Great Divide
Or the Great Christian Hoax

Perhaps we can now understand
the Grand Old Party!

Satire is Dead - Religious Pseudo Pomposity

The BushFellas
Cunningham Stripped $700 Million from U.S. Defense
'Dukester's' Epic Boo-Hoo Hiding Massive Pentagon Rip-Off

Elite Propaganda :
The Myth of the Liberal Media

Israel's Secret Weapon

Israel And Palestine After Disengagement

Messianic Force: M.L.King, Jr.

Aegis Trophy Video
Murder, Mayhem, Reckless & Depraved Endangerment

The Secret Government

Exposed: The Carlyle Group
Shocking documentary uncovers
the subversion of America's democracy

Torture Inc.
Americas Brutal Prisons

Pentagon Propaganda Program
a Resounding Success

CIA Transport Plane in Trouble
over Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Life on Death Row

Neocons 'R' Bushed

The Final Days of the PNAC Cabal

Wal-Mart Under Attack

Hurricanes, Global Warming and the
Right-Wing Distortion Campaign:
The Battle Over Public Awareness

The Shameful Blasphemy
of the Religious Right

Guard Duty, Jury Duty, No Duty
Bush's Summons for Jury Duty

Rove Already in Deep Doo-Doo Gets In Deeper

Lawyers in the case have said that Mr. Rove, President Bush's top political adviser, remains in legal jeopardy because his initial statements to investigators and to the grand jury were not accurate.

Justice Staff Saw Texas Districting As Illegal
Voting Rights Finding On Map Pushed by DeLay Was Overruled

Americans no longer buy Bush's lies

Able Danger:
The ultimate government cover-up?

Timeline shows massive screw-ups

Redefining 'victory'

Doh, about that dirty bomb...

Ever wondered what became of the "dirty bomb" plot the Justice Department boasted about breaking up? So does a federal appeals court.

Even Hurricane Katrina could not destroy cronyism

Old habits can still kill New Orleans

Warning: From Official Propaganda Source:
Operation Shank Launched in Ramadi
(FOX becomes politically incorrect! Still calling them insurgents)

Rum: Fuel For the Modern World

Who is Sherrod Brown?
An unabashed progressive takes aim at a Senate seat.

The Mess We've Made in Iraq

Our ambassador to Iraq is the first adminstration official to own up to the Pandora's box we opened in Iraq, but says now they have a plan to fix it.

Racial profiling feared at Wal-Mart
Store managers delay a black customer for two hours.
It took police 19 minutes to figure out
he did nothing wrong.

Oldest bird had dinosaur feet

The oldest known bird was closer to a dinosaur than previously thought – a discovery that confuses the evolutionary tree as we currently understand it.

(Modern Version = G.W. Bush - Reptilian Bird Brain)

Mission Accomplished:
Big Oil's Occupation of Iraq

Military Admits Planting News in Iraq
(Like they planted bombers, insurgents, etc....)

Uncovering the Roots of American Terrorism in Iraq

Pundits Say Public Is Wrong About Iraq

For media elite, why U.S. went to war
is a meaningless debate

The Proof is in the Military's Own Autopsy Reports
Death By Torture:
US Media Ignores Hard Evidence


The Insurgencies Iraqi People Are Winning
(U.S. Loves to Dehumanize Humans,
especially those under the Bush Sanctioned Genocide)

War Crimes: The Posse Gathers

President Chirac, quick, it is high time
to recognize the Iraqi Resistance

Withdraw the Mehlis report!

Operational IEDs

'Pacified' Fallujah
Lies cost lives in Iraq

Lest We Forget:
Bush Planned the Iraq War
Before He Became President

Venezuelan Embassy, Washington D.C. -
- elections to go ahead on Sunday

United States denies any role in the
pullout of opposition political parties

At a Congressional hearing on democracy in Venezuela earlier this month, Assistant Secretary for Western Hemispheric Affairs, Thomas Shannon, called for increased US involvement in Venezuela, saying, 'I would be in favor of increased NED engagement and increased IRI and NDI engagement in Venezuela and elsewhere in the hemisphere.'

NED, IRI, NDI are GOP NGOs Interfering and Destablizing
the Politics and Safety of the Venezuelan People

Neo-Crazies Already Planning
Beyond Iran

Legality of for-pay Iraq reports unclear
(It's called LYING! - Something GOPs think is God's Will?)

Bush adopts British colonial model for Iraq
(Heroin and Coca Routes to be established?)

Senate Intelligence Committee
stalling pre-war intelligence report

The Dictator, Dressing Down The West
Saddam Hussein's Suit May Be Sending a Message

Saddam's attorneys seek judges' names

National Guard dismantles unit
accused of spying on protesters

Republicans returning Cunningham money
(Tooo Late - Send them to a Torture Prison!)

Syria: Hariri probe based on false testimony

Hariri probe is stacked against Syria

A history of violence
Robert Dreyfuss explains how America's meddling
in the Middle East unleashed the current
deadly wave of Islamic fundamentalism.

Smear Pattern
It was a devastating report, and the
White House went into orbit over it.

Words and Reality
You can start by scratching off "communication of truth."
That is a very low priority in Washington

Arab World Remains Hostile, Fearful Toward US

US press echoes consensus in
ruling elite to continue slaughter in Iraq


Nazi Facist Gubernator's latest woes

That sordid sexual history is finally catching up in the form of a libel lawsuit that just won't go away.

The Life and Example of Jean Donovan

It is Time for Britain to Come Clean on its Part in Rendition

Hard Evidence of U.S. Torturing Prisoners to Death
Ignored by Corporate Propaganda Media

Franken's 'Truth' is No Joke

The essential founder of the American experiment was neither a general in the Continental Army nor financier of its fight against colonial oppression. He was not a member of the Continental Congress, nor a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He did not sign the Declaration of Independence or any of the other official documents of his time.

Let God Speak for Himself

The Lord Impersonator is back again. This fella reappears every couple of years and causes no end of trouble. The jokester goes around persuading feeble-minded persons he is the Lord Almighty and that they are to do or say some perfectly idiotic thing under his instructions.

Media May Ignore War, But it Goes On

A System That Too Often Sacrifices the Innocent

Bad News

The Government Accountability Office found that the Education Department engaged in illegal ''covert propaganda" when it hired conservative commentator Armstrong Williams, paying him $240,000 to promote the ''No Child Left Behind" law on his radio and TV programs. The White House also provided media credentials to Jeff Gannon, a conservative blogger with little journalistic training, to ask softball pro-Bush questions at news briefings.

A Day to Remember Prophetic Witness

The U.S. Military and the
Age of 'Perception Management'

Time For Dems to Come Clean on Dirty Politics

Beware Iraqization
And saints preserve us from hearing
how this history relates directly to Iraq today.

Cuba Hosts Child Abuse Congress

Vietnam War Intelligence 'Deliberately Skewed,'
Secret Study Says Wag the Dog a Reality

Thousands of Firms Could Stop Reporting Emissions
(EPA to protect polluters - The GOP Agenda)

Covert Media Offensive in Iraq Sparks a Furor

Prosecutors Urged to InvestigateReligious Right Hypocrite
Ralph Reed's Covert Lobbying
Reed Reportedly Received Millions to Lobby In Texas
But He Never Registered With State as Required

As many as 60 U.S. Congressmen
may be implicated in Bribery scandal

Bullet Points over Baghdad
The Bush administration has lost none of its confidence
that it can get away with fuzzy math and fuzzy facts

KBR workers in Iraq paid 50 cents an hour

It's propaganda (shock, horror)!

Guantanamo is just an aside
A conference on torture and ill-treatment of detainees
highlighted the human cost of the war on terror.

Strong evidence Romania was
involved in CIA secret prisons case

Blair faces allegations of complicity in torture

Evo Morales, an indigenous leader and candidate
of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS),
is favored to win Bolivia's presidential elections

Brazil and Argentina support Bolivia's Morales

Pilot Reports 'Missile' Fired at Jetliner Near LAX
(Or new Reichstag Attempt Failed?)

Possible Motives Of The Bush Administration

Bribed ex-congressman's committees review his activities

UGANDA: LRA rebels ask for peace talks

New Report Exposes Torture in Burma's Prisons

Criminal trial related to California energy crisis
may soon begin

Armenia's emptying democracy

Why Montreal matters

The Montreal conference of parties to the Kyoto protocol on climate change is a vital step in securing the planet's future

The Berlusconi brief

The unwinnable war:
an interview with Zygmunt Bauman

Republican Insiders Face Indictment
Corruption Scandal Expands

The Justice Department investigation has reached into the White House, where a White House budget official resigned only days before his arrest in September on charges of lying to investigators about his business ties to Abramoff.

How Venezuela Pulverised the
Rhetoric of the Neo-Liberal Left
The Chávez Theorem

The Insurgencies Are Winning

Polluter Playtime

In a move virtually unnoticed by the press corps, the Bush administration this week quietly dropped a lawsuit against a big electric power company. The suit against Duke Power Company was brought by the Clinton administration, which accused Duke of illegally spewing too much pollution into the air.

U.S. ex-general calls for Iraq pull out

Retired three star Lt. Gen. William Odom, writing for, wrote that while President George W. Bush wants to bring democracy and stability to the Middle East, the only way to achieve that goal is for the U.S. armed forces to get out of Iraq now.

Police fine students for foul language
(But it's okay for VP Cheney to set a role model?)

Judge says no to vote-count firm

Voting machine company Diebold Election Systems won't be protected from criminal penalties if it violates new state requirements for companies that sell election equipment to counties.

New Mexico Law Suit
Delves Inside Voting Machines
Election Errors Threaten Future Voting Rights in New Mexico
In one majority Hispanic precinct, the voting machines
produced exactly zero votes for John Kerry

Bush Game on Padilla May Backfire

Court delays Padilla transfer from brig

Venezuelan oil for U.S. poor plan
criticized by GOP and GOP Pundits

''I don't report to George Bush,'' Delahunt said at a news conference last week. ``I'm elected by the people here in Massachusetts. So I don't feel any particular need to consult with George Bush or Dick Cheney about oil.''

Family of shoplifting suspect who died in scuffle sues Wal-Mart

The family of a man suspected of shoplifting from a Texas Wal-Mart is suing the retail giant after an autopsy revealed that he suffocated to death while security guards restrained him.

Walgreens Disciplines Four Pharmacists
for Refusing Abortifacient Morning-After Pill Prescriptions

Commoners removed from palace grounds:
County gov't creates "No First Amendment Zone"
in 7-mile-radius around Bush Waco compound

Anthrax shots may be required in military

The shittiest article I've ever written

Digging a hole

Katrina's bounty
did you know that they are still finding
lots of dead bodies in the attics of the Big Easy?

The Diddly Awards

Blair accused of sellout over EU rebate deal

What Bush didn't say about the war

A Dig Into Jerusalem's Past
Fuels Present-Day Debates

Surprise - another dishonest attack from GOP Paul Hackett

aka: Slam Bang Theatre


still there 12-03-05!
Cursed by CBN GOP
Pat Robertson

still there 12-03-05!
Cursed by FOX GOP
Bill O'Reilly
It appears FOX's BILL O'Reilly's Al-Quada Operatives
are Failing to take Out San Francisco as ordered
Pat Robertson's God - Missing in Action

Fox Says Al Qaeda is "Certainly" Going to
Try and Strike Thanksgiving Weekend
A wholly owned subsidiary of CBN 700 Club)

Back to Bashing Chávez

Bill O'Reilly:

CIA Prison Planes, Good
New York Times, Bad

Another Fox Fantasy Poll
(A Poll of the Religious Right Nutters I presume?)

What A Hypocrite!
Last Spring, Hannity Fawned All Over
Fake Nobel Prize Nominee
In The Terri Schiavo Matter.
But For Tookie Williams,
The Nomination "Doesn't Mean Anything"

Separated at birth?

General Tommy Franks Won't Back Up
Hannity's Iraq Fantasy

Sparse coverage of Iraq-aganda-gate

Some Christians Are More Equal Than Others

Ann Coulter Claims Liberals Want To Rape Her
(In her dreams! - Is Coulter a Transvestite?)

Bad Black Men, Bad White Girls,
the Assault on Christmas, World War III
And Insults for the Viewers

"I'm gonna bring those people down!"
Bill O'Reilly Spits Nails on the Radio Factor
(More Terrorist threats by O'Reilly
against Freedom of the PRESS!)

"Flip-Flop" Charge Just Flops

Fox News: The Only Cable News Network
That Didn't Cover This Morning's
White House Ceremony re Rosa Parks

O'Reilly - Holiday Ornament Update

Bill, Biz and Jesus

Is Fox Advocating Bill O'Reilly's Enemies List?

Peter King Questions John Kerry's Credibility
When He Has None of His Own

FOX News' Propaganda About The Propaganda

FOX News Fantasyland About Iraq

A host of recent developments have made it clear that the Bush White House is doing battle against the journalistic standards and practices that underpin of our democracy. With its unprecedented campaign to undermine and stifle independent journalism, Bush & Co. have demonstrated brazen contempt for the Constitution and considerable fear of an informed public.


Furious squirrels attack stray dog and tear it to pieces
(Much Like FOX NEWS handles facts)


Russian researchers discover giants' graves in Syria
The grave of Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve,
is the most famous and significant grave

Ancient Tomb of Exiled Korean King Found in Japan

Unearthing Bulgaria's Golden Age

Radar pinpoints tomb of King Edward the Confessor

Corporate Crime Quiz

U.S. Army Officer Arrested in Expanding Iraq Bribe Case


Rewriting History? You Must be Joking, George!
The main push by these criminals is to claim
that 'everyone saw the same intelligence that we did'

Venezuelan red alert against
US-backed conspiracy to disrupt elections
US department has searched for information on the movements,
communication and members of the
Venezuelan President's security staff.

Venezuela in state of permanent mobilization
to fight opposition sabotage

What will it take to restore power to the people?
Don't look to Washington, D.C.

Only seven of 4,053 candidates
have withdrawn from Sunday's elections

American greatness has been lost
to every lie, distortion, deception and crime

Organization of American States'
Venezuelan Electoral Observer statement

Revolt of the Spoilt Brats:
Only seven candidates have withdrawn

Venezuela will construct a new
people's power and a better democracy

Venezuelan discount oil aimed at
reducing tensions with the United States

Canadian Bolivarian Circles speak out
against SUMATE and the elections

Canada finances a wealthy,
antidemocratic political group in Venezuela

Yankee Leviathan, local Behemoth
power-drunk with thirst for innocent blood

Withdrawal prelude to some bigger campaign,
maybe another coup attempt?

Amnesty International in Spain criticizes
proposed arms sale to Colombia

Zelaya Heading Honduran Elections

Venez Polls Secured by Plan Republic

Venezuelan oil fires controversy

Vladimir Putin Cares about Soviet People
(Don't ya wish Bush gave a damn about US people)

Russia said capable of untouchable missile

French paedophile ring case turns into judicial fiasco

The case first came to light in 2000, when social workers alerted police to their fears about the four children of Myriam Badaoui and her husband Thierry Delay. The Delays and another couple on the depressed Tour du Renard estate, David Delplanque and Aurélie Grenon, eventually admitted systematically abusing and raping the children since 1995. But Badaoui went on to implicate 14 other adults in what she said was an organised paedophile ring. She also insisted that 14 more children had suffered serial abuse.

Wonder if they are related?

The Wit & Wisdom of Tom DeLay
(A Little Levity & Some Serious Business)

Oil-rich Norway hires philosopher
as moral compass

Danish PM rejects investigation
into Denmark's participation into Iraq war

Howard uses last stand as Tory leader to taunt Blair

Israel test-fires missile as Wag the Dog FAUX
Iran nuclear threat looms

AIPAC raps US handling of Iran nukes
(Tell Tom DeLay's Testicles to go to hell)


The Ecology of Pandemic and the Impending Bio-Police State

The withdrawal from Iraq is coming

CDC: Deadly bacterial illness
appears to be spreading

Seized quail have bird flu

Titan's Mysterious Methane Comes From Inside,
Not The Surface

Skyscraper that may cause earthquakes

Tea and coffee decrease liver disease risk

Nazi historian Irving finds his books in Austrian jail library

6-Year-Old Faces Expulsion
For Touching Classmate's Rear

Judge bans prayers in
Indiana Legislature that mention Jesus
(Giving Icky Twerp Bill O'Reilly
and Pat Robertson new geography to curse?)

Md. Woman Arrested After Newborn
Found In Storm Drain
(Unfair after O'Really and Robertson
convinced her of not having an abortion?)

Big Media wakes up to fiascos
Finally, a few talking heads are pointing out the obvious

The timeless chilled hyperspace
of unified consciousness

Advanced particle colliders provides clues
to creating Hyperspace in which our physical Universe floats

Iran acquires massive Russian Arms

Don''t meddle in India-Pak-Iran gas pipeline
India tells US

Like Sonic boom in 3-D, Phonic boom

Rewards for torture?:
Romania to sign US military bases deal

95 per cent US dailies ignored report
on torture of Iraqi prisoners

US holding 26 'ghost detainees', says HRW

Headline News: December 2-3, 2005

In the hope that Jerusalem will wait

Bush accused of 'recycling tired rhetoric'

US prods other countries to threaten Iran

More on the CIA war against Bush

Where is the limit for the CIA?

Bush's 'Great Leap Forward'
Our Great Helmsman is steering us toward disaster

A Pathetic Performance

This world of ours...must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.
– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Al-Qaida gunmen seize Ramadi

Trophy Video (of Murder and Mayhem)
Could Prove Costly for Aegis

White House 'Concerned'
About Paid Stories
(????? Bush is the Commander in Chief of the Pentagon!)

Sharon: Iran nukes may require military response
(Like Nuking Tel Aviv?)

Yemen 'dissuaded' U.S. from
occupying Aden after Cole attack

Sunnis want US out of al-Anbar

'Oil spot' replaces 'whack-a-mole' strategy

Blair faces allegations of complicity in torture

The Ass is Back and Pushing PATRIOT Act

US military presence in Paraguay
irks neighbors

Candidate sues Bolivian leader
for sending missiles to U.S.

History Matters: Few know of World War II
massacre in Salina

Military develops a Star Trek-like phaser

Lebanon Wants Assassination Probe Extended

End of the road for the Bedouin

Racist 'thugs' who murdered teenager
given life sentences
(while other racist thugs are hiding behind religion and GOP)

Witnesses granted protective order against police, FBI

By God, another awful Bush appointment

Cunningham Stripped $700 Million from U.S. Defense
'Dukester's' Epic Boo-Hoo Hiding Massive Pentagon Rip-Off

Freedom? What Freedom?

The Autumn of the Patriarchy

US to pull out most of National Guard

Murtha predicts most U.S. troops will leave Iraq
within a year

Death Mask:
The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq

Why did you want to bomb me,
Mr Bush and Mr Blair?

Niger forgeries update

Bushwhacking the Constitution
U.S. Senate proves as disdainful of the Constitution
as George W. Bush. Be forewarned.

UK embassy lied over fate of Timor journalists

No more Watergates

Twist to terror suspects row as logs show
80 CIA planes visited UK

Wag the Dog Report:
America, Israel Bracing for Violence From Syria

Wag the Dog:
Sharon: Israel will not accept nuclear Iran

Hypocrite Torturer Genodical Blair
British protest as Russia deports rights lawyer

Imperial US 'stirs trouble' in Russia's back yard

A Slick of Lies

Europe condemns Blair as new
Sheriff of Nottingham

UK faces legal threat over alleged CIA rendition

Iran Minister heads for Venezuela

Iran trying to bolster its space program

Syria Demands New Look Into Hariri Killing

Husam Taher Husam, a Syrian barber and self-proclaimed intelligence operative, came forward with claims that he had been offered money by the family of slain former prime minister Rafik Hariri and by Lebanese officials to frame Syria.

Venezuela accuses US of links with election boycott


Foes in disarray, Chávez sails into Congress vote

Brazil and Argentina support Bolivia's Morales

Panama's president meets with Castro

Panama welcomes Cuba eye surgery

Guatemalan Lauds Cuban Med Support

Rangel to Bury Opposition Fossils

Bush Has Lost Touch

Book Links Both Bushes to Terror

Bush takes Cheney out of the loop on national security

America's Debt Time Bomb

Another Irrelevant Speech on Iraq

Making Money Greener

Who Made Iraq Into a Threat?

It Ain't Fair

When the United States drops bombs from aircraft or otherwise dumps firepower on Iraqi cities, towns, and farms, it alienates the population further.

Iraq: So Much Oil, and So Little

The Unpopular in Pursuit of the Unwinnable?

Time to start handing Iraq back: Rumsfeld

Al-Qaeda in Iraq claims conquest of Ramadi

U.S. defends antiterrorism its torture policy

Iraq describes border with Syria as 'source of evil'

Sidestepping Courts in the War on Terrorism

Contractor spends big on key lawmakers

Wag the Dog: Raise the flag of fear
Washington suggests sanctions if
Iran nuclear talks remain stalled

Fears of Big Freeze as
Scientists Detect Slower Gulf Stream


still there 12-02-05!
Cursed by CBN GOP
Pat Robertson

still there 12-02-05!
Cursed by FOX GOP
Bill O'Reilly

Beyond the Harbin Chemical Spill

The War on Al Jazeera

War Profiteer Knows How to Party

Iraq Will Stabilize Only If We Pull Out

The Wrong Weapon in the Wrong Place
The U.S. use of white phosphorus against insurgents in Iraq is
immoral, counterproductive to our aims and has helped
to solidify world opinion against us.

This is a 'Plan'?
No, it's a Repetition of Irrelevant Platitudes

Television Lies

My theory is that Americans are so inured to being lied to on television that the big, important lies they're fed, like "I'm a uniter, not a divider," "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction," "Mission accomplished" and "We do not torture," no longer makes any dent in their consciousness.

No More Watergates

Plan for Quagmire

Ugly Truth:
U.S. Occupation Comparable
to Hussein Regime

Government should publish 'secret memo'
regardless of consequences

Court rules could allow US to force
Saddam tried in secret
(Kangaroo Court from the beginning!)

Jewish law and making a killing on Hurricane Katrina

Crony in the bird flu seat

Tory MP says he would risk jail
to publish memo concerning Bush's desire
to bomb Al Jazeera

Defense Contractors Haven't Just Doled to 'Duke'
Disgraced congressman is far from the only politician to
receive money from defense contractors MZM and ADCS

Bush's Newest Crusader
Bush just appointed a guy to be deputy director
of USAID who believes Muslims will burn in hell.
(Time to End Religious interference in Government!)


Murtha Disputes 'Staying the Course' Policy

The lead attorney in the government's landmark racketeering case against the tobacco industry retired from the Justice Department yesterday, saying her politically appointed bosses showed little support for her or her team's work on the case.

Embedded TIME Reporter:
Bush Lied Again In Speech Yesterday
About Iraqi Security Forces

GM crop failure a warning, says US adviser

BBC broadcast 'fake' news reports

A Spinwatch investigation has revealed that journalists working for the Services Sound and Vision Corporation (SSVC) have been commissioned to provide news reports to the BBC. The BBC has been using these reports as if they were genuine news. In fact, the SSVC is entirely funded by the Ministry of Defence as a propaganda operation, which according to its own website makes a 'considerable contribution' to the 'morale' of the armed forces.

Israelis arrest KIDNAP Aljazeera journalist

DIA Proof Of Cheney's Lies Released

From 'Mission Accomplished'
to 'Tough Days Ahead'

Propaganda On The March

Bush (The Energizer)'s Lies Just Go On and On

Decadent America Must Give Up Imperial Ambitions

Probe Sought Into Stories Planted in Iraqi Media

Kidnapping, detention, torture:
US 'renditions' scandal embroils whole of Europe

Merck announces 7,000 layoffs
continued attack on jobs and wages in US

Impersonating the Lord
Politicians spout off with their interpretations on God's will

The unnatural disaster
Bush's Iraq speech rehashes old fluff,
does nothing to solve problem

Competing conspiracies

Two U.S. Allies Leaving Iraq, More May Go

America Ushers In Era of 'Sectarian Affiliation'

Iraqi insurgency strong and could get stronger

If you can't shoot the messenger, lock him up
The U.S. has looked at the media it can't control as the "enemy."

On the road to Damascus

A quick scan of the media reveals the tactics used; President Chávez is described as a 'leftist with authoritarian ambitions', Castro as a 'Marxist dictator', and anybody who opposes the rule of capital is invariably labelled as an 'opponent of the free market' or 'anti-privatisation'; a 'demagogue' and so on and so forth. Attempts are made to link 'leftists' to 'extremists' and even to 'terrorists'. Such terms, in use for so long, trigger conditioned reflexes in the reader, the associations are buried deep in the public's mind as 'received opinion'; all thinking ceases; we metaphorically salivate when we hear or read the terms and dismiss such people and ideas as beyond the pale or even dangerous to our health.

How (Not) to Withdraw from Iraq

Even Confiding With God Doesn't
Compensate for Bush's Brain

Iran and the US exit strategy in Iraq

Just when you think they can't get any lower

Where People Cannot Afford Their Country

Towards a Greater Air War on Iraq?

On Power - Open letter to the US Congress

Murtha Says Army Is 'Broken, Worn Out'

Land of Lincoln

Last summer I took a long, speculative look at a company called the Lincoln Group, which appeared to have parlayed its Republican Party connections into a whopping big contract with the Pentagon's special ops propaganda machine -- the JPOSE (Joint Psychological Operations Support Element) to use the proper Orwellian acronym.

Iraqis want Saddam to run for election

Iraqis have asked Saddam Hussein's defence team to mull the possibility of fielding the ousted dictator as a candidate for future elections, according to one of his lawyers.


Masked Man

The recent revelations about the virulent spread of death squads ravaging Iraq have only confirmed for many people the lethal incompetence of the Bush Regime, whose brutal bungling appears to have unleashed the demon of sectarian strife in the conquered land. The general reaction, even among some war supporters, has been bitter derision: "Jeez, these bozos couldn't boil an egg without causing collateral damage." But what if the truth is even more sinister? What if this murderous chaos is not the fruit of rank incompetence but instead the desired product of carefully crafted, efficiently managed White House policy?

Ignorant Illiterate Stupid Conservatives Offer
Unqualified Praise for Pentagon Propaganda Operations


Behind the crisis in the Bush administration

Bushcons Sunny Side the Horror of Iraq

The mysterious case of white phosphorous
Or: how the BBC learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Organization of American States (OAS)
refutes AD/COPEI/PJ election refusal

An OAS observer group declaration Tuesday said these political organizations had committed to participate and knew that the secrecy of the vote would not be violated.

Yankee Leviathan, local Behemoth
power-drunk with thirst for innocent blood

At this moment we are experiencing a full application and assault of a new United States subversive conspiracy launched against all progressive democratic forces, with the aid of an army of local and national traitors and mercenaries, committing high treason against millions who are fighting to further the Bolivarian Revolution.

OAS observer team confused by opposition logic
in dropping out of elections

Abstention over the 40% benchmark
could boomerang vs. government

Several analysts contend that the government could postpone the elections rather than sticking to an authoritarian approach. Would the U.S. postpone an election? Hell NO!

Petkoff: Opposition never learns ...
turns electoral victories into defeats

'Political prisoner' candidate will not withdraw
... angry at PJ decision

Withdrawal prelude to some bigger campaign,
maybe another coup attempt?

The decision is in.
The United States is not worth the hassle...

At the dinner table, President Hu Jintao was too polite to laugh at Bush's silly proposal. Jintao is undoubtedly aware of the family's terrible table manners. In 1992 while on a state visit to Tokyo, Papa Bush fainted and vomited all over his host. Baby Bush damn nearly choked on a pretzel while watching a football game at home. Jintao would not risk a similar incident on his noodles.

World no longer willing:
Time to stop calling Bush
"leader of the free world"

Prior to the APEC summit, Bush attended the Summit of the Americas in Argentina. A friend of mine who was visiting his wife's family in the same town at the time of the summit observed that he had never witnessed so much anti-Americanism as during the summit.

Amnesty International in Spain criticizes
proposed arms sale to Colombia

United States claims no involvement
in opposition withdrawal from elections

Evidently, even the OAS has decided this time
not to lie for the opposition.

As usual, Chávez is going out to bat for
progress and the people of Venezuela
(Don't we wish we had leaders like that in the U.S.?)

Mankind has to tackle new biological threats

Italians ban Coca-Cola

American capillary vision and
inventions of democracy

Russian researchers
discover giants' graves in Syria
The grave of Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve,
is the most famous and significant grave

Joe McCarthy, Bush, and the beginning of the end

Ron Reagan Jr. Blasts Bush's Propaganda Campaign
as a Threat to Iraqi Democracy
and to U.S. Troops

Moveon Considers Backing Primary
Against Lieberman

Cabal of Criminality

The disaster in Iraq has continued to regress with the same velocity and intensity as when it first started, raging onwards in a classical resistance, guerilla-style form of urban warfare that usually befalls occupying invaders of alien lands

Bush's Speech On Iraq:
The Delusional Fiction Continues, Only Worse.

A Fatal Autumn

Will George get into heaven?
When will Americans wake up to the answer?

Confusing Goals With Plans,
Bush to America: DROP DEAD
No one has ever confused George Bush
with an intelligent man.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

When Fascism comes to America
it will be wrapped in a flag
and be carrying a cross
Sinclair Lewis

Prosecutors Urged to Investigate
Ralph Reed's Covert Lobbying
Reed Reportedly Received Millions to Lobby In Texas
But He Never Registered With State as Required
(Let him taste some of that
Religious Right Conservatism in a Texas Prison!)

GOP Tries to Block Phone Subpoena

Republican Party is fighting a subpoena from federal prosecutors for documents from the party's own investigation of a plot to jam Democratic phone lines on Election Day

Group Cites Trips for White House Aides

Companies lobbying government, colleges seeking star speakers and groups eager for information or face time paid for $2.3 million in trips over six years for White House officials

Republicans to 'date' lobbyists

GOP Abramoff, lobbyists linked to troubled
multibillion-dollar Homeland Security contract

Bush Hits Rewind

A failed attempt to sell a failed policy on a failed war

Depoliticizing corruption:
Media figures miscast GOP-laden scandals
as "nonpartisan"

Science vs. Politics and Religion:
The "Ex-Gay" Sham

'The Armed Conflict Formerly Known
as The Iraqi Insurgency' Rages On

Iraqis Praise Bush Strategy
for Victory in Iraq and Look Forward
to a Full Fledged Civil War

Bush Unveils Strategy for Victory in Iraq
Christmas Catalog

Pentagon Propaganda Program
a Resounding Success

Donald Rumsfeld Redefines "Insurgent",
Issues "Donald Rumsfeld Guide"

Ancient Canals Reveal Underpinnings
of Early Andean Civilization

40,000-year-old human footprints in Mexico
much, much older than thought

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation sponsored archaeology before the Central Arizona Project was built to irrigate the desert-It shows the entire archaeological process from beginning to end (New Free Video!)

Prison's legendary escape tunnel
slowly revealing its secrets


The importance of the written word
St Catherine's Monastery in Sinai is famed
for its unique collection of manuscripts

Discovery of 30 Ovens and Silos behind Shian Dam

Ancient Roman Anchors Found in Israel

Headline News: December 1-2, 2005

Happy Holidays
Merry Krishna
Happy Birthday Zoraster, Mithra

Xmas Greetings with Equality in Mind

Does she or doesn't she?
Abortion - the Great Divide
Or the Great Christian Hoax

Perhaps we can now understand
the Grand Old Party!

CIA Linked to Hariri Attack

A Syrian prisoner, considered an Al-Qaeda member, revealed that the CIA forced him to involve Syria in the assassination of former Lebanese Premier Rafic Hariri. The [prisoner's] lawyer also added that his client is afraid of being killed by the CIA and has been moved to different cells four times.

As HiddenMysteries Warned on Oct 13, 2005
Oh Syria Don't' fall into the trap
Syria is falling into a trap being set for her
by America's legal minds.

The truth hurts
Why John Howard needs the sedition laws

"Well, look at this business about George Bush telling Tony Blair he wanted to bomb the al-Jazeera headquarters in Qatar", Old said, scratching the fur behind his ear. "Clearly, Bush wasn't talking about bombing al-Jazeera from the air, after all, Qatar is an ally of the US and you can't openly bomb your allies. He was talking about a false-flag operation - using a huge car bomb probably - and blaming it on al-Qaeda. That's the sort of nasty truth the sedition laws are designed to suppress. Just writing about something like that could get you seven years, because drawing attention to ugly facts about our allies will have a tendency to 'aid the enemy'."

The Bush Administration's "Noble Lies"

Cheney provided the president with information and advice that favored war while suppressing intelligence that might have led the president to reach a different conclusion.

HiddenMysteries told its readers this on Nov. 19, 2005!
Here's what you should be worried about
What if Bush really is telling the truth…?

This hidden hand, this shadow government, this cabal is capable of grooming the worst possible choice for president and manipulating the election process to guarantee that Bush won. Now this cabal has control of the executive branch and has enough power to manipulate and persuade a majority of the 535 members of Congress. The cabal is controlling and manipulating Congress too. With total control of the Executive Branch, the cabal will be appointing the justices to the Supreme Court too, and the Federal Reserve Chairman.

On Today Show, O'Reilly Compares Murtha
With Hitler Sympathizers


still there 12-01-05!
Cursed by CBN GOP
Pat Robertson

still there 12-01-05!
Cursed by FOX GOP
Bill O'Reilly

Cheney 'May Be Guilty of War Crime'
Vice-president accused of backing torture
Claims on BBC by former insider add to Bush's woes

Racial Poverty Gaps in U.S.
Amount to Human Rights Violation

Woodward, Haig and the Watergate Gang:
You Should Have Seen Perjury in the Old Days

In Bush's Bubble, It's a Rose-Colored World

Colin Powell: Still Craven After All These Years

The Growing Problem of
Defense Industry Profiteering

Atomic Hypocrisy: Neither Bush Nor Blair is in a Position to
Take a High Moral Line On Iran's Nuclear Program

Bush's Bloody Strategy for Victory

Bush Science Policies Hurt U.S.
Loss of top geneticists is latest toll from religious corruption

Republican Morality - Show Me the Money

Just Think of Me As Your New Guidance Counselor.
Or, Just Think

Metaphorical Bulletin!
Stone Falls From Supreme Court Façade

Who Made America Right?

America is not free. Americans don't know freedom. Americans know fear –and so America goes to war. We will continue to imprison or destroy anyone who disagrees – as long as we fear facing the question of being wrong.

Justice Above the Law?

Dance of the Conservative Ice Maidens:
FOX's Dagen McDowell
Tells Ann Coulter to "Cut Him Off!"

Beckel then noted that the President's ratings are sinking like a stone and that the American public "has turned away from the war." He then told Coulter: "It really is amazing to me that you never let facts get in the way of your thoughts and I appreciate that about you.

Bill O'Reilly - Holiday Hypocrite
It seems when it comes to pandering
Fox can talk the talk, but they can't walk the walk.

Seems to me that the Chávez government
has bent over backwards...

Chávez Frias: AD-led election embargo
is part of foreign-inspired offensive

Venezuelan Opposition serves
Bush administration's ideological interests

Buchanan: What right does the US have
to interfere in others' politics?

Rangel: AD, COPEI, PV candidates
"knew they were completely defeated!"

USA will use lack of democratic authorities
as political ploy against Venezuela

Vice President J.V. Rangel says
opposition withdrawal from election is good

Why I so despise
United States Congressman Tom Lantos

When will political leaders start listening
to the people and their true needs?

Keep in mind that what these nutballs
do in DC affects the ENTIRE PLANET!

The question now is,
will Bush rescue his amigos from jail?

Robertson's business interests
have taken a financial hit since Chávez slur

Military Stages Media Offensive in Iraq

Bush wants to 'Vietnamize' Iraq

Cheerleading at Annapolis

It's pathetic to see the world's most powerful man, shunted into prearranged venues so he can pitch his snake-oil to college aged boys. That said, Bush's appearance today at the Naval Academy has got to be a new low for the White House public relations team. Apparently the only people buying the huckster-in-chief's bedraggled vision of a democratic Iraq are rosy-cheeked young men who dream of battlefields instead of girlfriends.

Iraq: the imperial solution

Did Bush plan to bomb Al-Jazeera?
The American press is predictably ignoring the story.
Yet it is only too plausible that Bush wanted to
wipe out what he saw as a nest of terrorists.

US, UK blamed for Iraq kidnappings

The US- and Canada-based Christian Peacemaker Teams has blamed the what it called the illegal occupation of Iraq by US and British troops for the kidnapping of its four workers in Iraq.

Bob Briggs got a head full of shrapnel in Iraq.
Then he came home to more wars: to regain the use of his
half-paralyzed body, and to get the U.S. government to
pay for his medical care.

At Hussein's Hearings, U.S. May Be on Trial

UK airports 'are stop-offs in torture flights'

Judge Rejects Appeal of CIA Arrest Warrant

Miller 'sorry' for WMD inaccuracies

The journalist also voiced concerns about the implications of the failure of intelligence for the wider, so-called "War on Terror". "I think it's a terrible failure, it's a shocking failure, it's a deeply troubling failure, because if we didn't know about Iraq, what do we really know about the programmes of Iran or North Korea or Syria or what al-Qaeda is up to?"

Breaches of trust

Corporations cannot have human rights because they are not human beings. Freedom of expression, of which freedom of the press is just one part, is the essential baseline of democratic organisation. If people do not know the truth, if it is distorted, skewed or hidden from them, they are likely to endanger themselves and others because they do not have the information on which they may act rationally

Howard Dean's blunt message: Forget Palestine
Racist, Zionist, Thoughtless, But GOP Compassionate!

America's double standard on terrorism

Contractor spends big on key lawmakers

Is Wal-Mart Really Going Green?

The GOP's Culture of Corruption

I stumbled across evidence of the GOP's spreading cancer of corruption back in early 2002 while picking through the still-smoldering ashes of Enron. In fact, it may be proven some day that Tom DeLay was a creation of Enron -- but more on that later.

Eating Meat, Mindfully

U.S. Contractors Rampage in Iraq

It looks like our hired guns may be up to no good, indiscriminately shooting Iraqi civilians. But will the U.S. government do anything in response? All signs point to 'no.'

Bush's Speech Interesting?

Bush in Iraq, Slouching Toward Genocide

Cultural wormhole
Fasten your seatbelts,
put on a helmet,
and prepare to go mobile
the ride is about to get rough
on the road to Ragnarok

Birth Defects, a Poisoned Landscape
and the Trial of Saddam Hussein

Did Bush authorise torture?

Some of the benefits of 'Liberation'

Bush: U.S. to stay in Iraq till war is won
President does not set timetable
for withdrawal of troops

Palaver from Persimmon Crossing

Bush And Bomb Threats

How credible is the allegation that Bush threatened to bomb a major media facility? Until the document is published, we won't know the full context, but members of the Bush administration have branded Al Jazeera as terrorist TV. The White House has long disliked the media outlet for its unvarnished reporting of U.S. military action in Afghanistan and Iraq.

For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Scanlon deal has sounded a death knell
for the Republican Revolution of 1994.

Co-conspirators' largesse extended to many

Republican Reps. Tom DeLay (Texas), John Doolittle (Calif.) and Jerry Lewis (Calif.) all received at least $30,000 in donations — either through their campaign committee or their leadership PACs — from Wade, Wilkes, their family members and their companies' PACs over the past four years.

US paying Iraqi press to run favourable stories

Supreme Court silences 9/11 whistleblower

Britain and Israel batting for Washington
in the propaganda war against Iran

Beyond Niger: Are Most Terrorism Files Forged?
Operation "Mass Forgery"
Ever wondered why "Islamic terrorism" cases fall apart?
Israel's declared policy is to
"work closely with Jordan to destabilize"
the Middle East. Jordan is an old ally of Israel.

The Coming Flame Out in Iraq

Why Iraq has no army

Analysts See Bleak Road Ahead

Two senior Army analysts who in 2003 accurately foretold the turmoil that would be unleashed by the U.S. invasion of Iraq offer a bleak assessment in a new study of what now lies ahead in that bloodied land.

Bush accomplishes mission impossible
Saddam looks good in comparison to today's Iraq

The muddle on the left
Wealthiest nation in the world wasn't built on capitalism alone

Saddam Hussein trial resumes:
a grotesque display of imperial justice

Russia to end military cooperation
with Ukraine if it joins NATO

Once a proud, rapidly developing nation of
educated, decent people, Iraq is now on its knees,
begging for a chance to survive

Bush's Nothing New Reframing Trifecta;
Is He Fighting Saddamists, Sodomists,
or Doesn't it Matter

Pentagon, intel pros tell Bush
war cannot be won

We need to pull the plug on this illegal war with Iraq

A PLAN to Fight Against the
Stealth War on Workers' Wages

Tell It To The Judge

If the Bush administration has its way, and the person in your life facing an emergency happens to be your pregnant daughter, sister, mother or wife, and she needs an emergency abortion, you might end up racing to a courthouse to find her a judge instead of racing to a hospital to find her a doctor.


A culture of graft and greed

Villains Honoring Villains


Pharmacists Can't Say No to Contraception

World Human Rights Leaders Call for Freedom
for Pere Jean-Juste, Yvon Neptune and Other
Haitian Political Prisoners

Americans Don't Understand,
United States War on 'Terror' Is Won By Losing,
Not Just War,
But Entire Nation Will Cease to Exist

Who will deal with the tree destroyers?

The illegal outposts, which the government has refrained from dismantling, are home to lawbreakers who, in addition to seizing lands that do not belong to them, are in the habit of assaulting their Palestinian neighbors, and the Palestinians' property and plantings, on the assumption that the arm of the law is too short to reach them.

Will Bush's war in Iraq push
Republicans over the edge?

Feds defend FBI's requiring
customer data from businesses

US 'stirs trouble' in Russia's back yard

Russia Creates Own NATO

Blair budget plan may cause East-West divide

Blair refuses to meet Jazeera chief,
terms report on memo a conspiracy

Researcher in Blair-Bush memo row
'shocked' at Official Secrets charge

Salmond publishes plan for independence by 2011

Jews and the Christian right:
Is the honeymoon over?

Israel a major threat to regional security

US Military Base in Paraguay Message Clear,
To Divide and Control Latin America

Ecuador Ends Concessions to US

An Innocent Man in the Hell of Guantánamo

'Guantanamo Bay' comes to remote Aussie island

First Panama Eye Patients in Cuba

US Fiasco Predicted in Iraq

OAS Refutes Venezuelan Opposition

The Organization of American States (OAS) issued a declaration Tuesday criticizing the arguments of political organizations AD (Acion Democratica) and COPEI to refuse to participate in Sunday´s Venezuela elections.

Venezuelan Candidates Resign from Presidency


Venezuela Will Not Postpone Elections

Venezuela to Aid Ecuador Patients

US Sidestepping Courts in the War on Terrorism

The Abramoff affair:
Corruption scandal threatens
Republican control of US Congress

Extraordinary, Ordinary and Stupid
Science Defined Under Religious Capitalism

GOP Moves to Add Nine Months
to Official Age of Americans

Like Sonic boom in 3-D, Phonic boom (the shockwave created when an object travels faster than light) is a common phenomenon in higher dimensions

Stealth devices to watch the adversary day in and out
reverse engineered extraterrestrial technologies

Venezuela accuses America for withdrawal
of opposition parties from
Venezuela's congressional elections

From Plato's Theaetetus to Gauss's
Pentagramma Mirificum:
A Fight for Truth

Statement by U.s. Senator Byron Dorgan
on Inaccurate News Story

Senator John McCain and I are investigating Mr. Abramoff and his partner Michael Scanlon (who recently pleaded guilty) of bilking Indian tribes out of tens of millions of dollars. And we have uncovered a disgusting tale of greed and outright fraud. It's not surprising that from the sleazy world of those who defrauded the Indian tribes, we have seen bogus charges against those of us who are doing the investigating. But our investigation will continue.

Some "Special Interest Groups"
Are More Equal Than Others

Instead of focussing on Abramoff, the investigations into his activities, or the underlying issue of floods of money from special interest groups corrupting our government, the emphasis is switched to whether it's "appropriate" for Dorgan to investigate Abramoff. Note that Hume does not use the Foxian phrase "special interest group" to describe his "clients" although that's what they are.

True Christians Lending A Hand

Perhaps Jerry Falwell's army of thousands spending their time fighting the imagined theives of Christmas could learn a lesson from these men and start doing something worthwhile with their time and energy. In fact, Falwell's Army should be ashamed of themselves.

Moron Bill O'Reilly Takes Credit
for Lower Gas Prices

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