Police Take HIV + Baby

By Christine Maggiore

Can you help us help the latest victim in the war on AIDS?

Caught in the cross-fire of AIDS hysteria is an 18 month-old boy believed to have tested HIV positive in mandatory newborn screening.

Although the boy's medical records do not show the results of this screening test, and his most recent HIV test is Indeterminate, he was taken from his home by seven police officers after his mother sought a second opinion on AIDS drug treatments that were making her child ill.

The boy's older sister was also taken in the "AIDS raid" but was later returned to her family when authorities noted her negative HIV status.

Our amazing and generous attorney has offered to assist the family to prepare for a custody hearing later this month. We also found an unprejudiced pyschiatrist to provide an evaluation of the parents' mental competency--they are accused of "being in denial" and are required to submit to psychiatric evaluation.

Today, a psychoanalyst offered to assess and provide testimony on the damage the child suffers being separated from his family, and a well respected pediatrician has agreed to take him as his patient and treat the boy as an individual instead of an HIV positive diagnosis.

We are seeking donations to help cover costs involved in preparing the family for their custody hearing. The family needs $1,000 to pull together the necessary legal documents and pay for doctor visits and lab work that is not covered by their insurance.

If you can pitch in any amount toward this goal, please let us know as soon as possible.

If what you've read so far has failed to inspire your concern and your generosity, please consider the cruel and inept system that is keeping the parents and child apart:

Please let us know if you can help us reunite this family!

Thank you,


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