From the front page of the Mail & Guardian (South Africa) Jan. 24, 2001

The AIDS Blunder by David Rasnick PhD, Member of Thabo Mbeki's AIDS Advisory Panel (South Africa)

The contagious, HIV hypothesis of AIDS is the biggest scientific, medical blunder of the 20th Century. The evidence is overwhelming that AIDS is not contagious, sexually transmitted, or caused by HIV. I have come to realize that embarrassment is the main obstacle to exposing this simple fact.

So why are we barraged, almost daily, by an endless litany of AIDS horrors and HIV statistics? Why do virtually all doctors and public health officials profess their unswerving allegiance to the unproven hypothesis that AIDS is contagious and sexually transmitted when the evidence is greatly against it?

There are more than 100 thousand doctors and scientists who have built their careers and reputations by simply accepting the articles of faith about AIDS. At this late date, it is simple human embarrassment that is the biggest obstacle to bringing the AIDS insanity to an end. It is the fear of being so obviously and hopelessly wrong about AIDS that keeps lips sealed, the money flowing and AIDS rhetoric spiraling to stratospheric heights of absurdity.

The physicians who know or suspect the truth are embarrassed or afraid to admit that the HIV tests are absurd and should be outlawed, and that the anti-HIV drugs are injuring and killing people. We are taught to fear antibodies, and to believe that antibodies to HIV are a harbinger of disease and death ten years in the future. When you protest this absurdity and point out to health care workers that antibodies are the very essence of anti-viral immunity your objections are met with either contempt or embarrassed silence.

The National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the Medical Research Council of South Africa, and the World Health Organization are terrorizing hundreds of millions of people around the world by their reckless and absurd policy of equating sex with death. Self preservation compels these institutions to not only maintain but to actually compound their errors, which adds to the fear, suffering, and misery of the world-the antithesis of their reason for being.

The only way we can free ourselves from the AIDS blunder and bring an end to the tyranny of fear is to have an open international discourse and debate on all things AIDS. Anger will be a natural response to facing the enormity of the scandal of AIDS. Anger has its place but it should be put aside quickly. It is a mistake to focus on villains and on whom to punish. The AIDS blunder is a sociological phenomenon in which we all share a measure of responsibility.

Ultimately, the AIDS blunder is not really about AIDS, nor even about health and disease, nor even about science and medicine. The AIDS blunder is about the health of our democracies. A healthy democracy demands that its citizens keep a skeptical, even suspicious, eye on its institutions in order to prevent them from becoming the autonomous, authoritarian regimes they are now.

The AIDS blunder shows that we need to rethink and restructure our institutions of government, science, health, academe, journalism and media. We must replace the National Institutes of Health as the primary gatekeeper of research funding with numerous competing sources of funding. We must restructure the peer review processes of scientific publishing and funding so that they do not promote and protect any particular dogma or fashion of thought or exclude competing ideas. A robust and mean investigative journalism must be revived, rewarded and cherished.

Finally, as citizens we must take back the authority and responsibility for our own health and well being and that of our democracies.


In a recent interview in South Africa, black African AIDS activist Phill Wilson warned about a "demographic shift of AIDS" cases in the U.S., claiming AIDS is on the rise among African Americans. Dr. Charles Geshekter of UC Chico proves Wilson is completely wrong suffering from an apparent case of "decline denialism."

The relevant facts from Dr. Geshekter:

1) There are 5.2 million black Americans males in the US, aged 25-44. In 1998 (the latest year for which official numbers exist from the National Center for Health Statistics), there were 19,700 deaths in that cohort, or just 4/10 of one percent. This included 3,052 deaths from "HIV."

2) Compare this to 1997 in which there were 21,200 deaths of black males, 25-44. O f that number, 3,911 were said to be from "HIV."

Thus, from 1997 to 1998, deaths among black males (aged 25-44) from all causes decreased by 8 percent and the number of "HIV deaths" declined by 20 percent!

The official numbers about black women are similar:

1) There are 5.5 million black American women aged 25-44. In 1998, there were only 12,077 deaths from all causes in this healthy age cohort, a mortality rate of less than 3/10 of one percent. This included 1,506 "deaths from HIV."

2) Compare that to1997 in which there were 12,107 deaths from all causes and of that number, 1,673 were attributable to HIV. Thus for black women in America, their death rate numbers also declined.

Finally, AIDS statistics from San Francisco confirm this downward trend. In 1990, a total of 2,334 cases of AIDS were reported in that city, of which 261 were African-American.

For the year 2000, the total number of AIDS cases reported in San Francisco was 442, of which 93 were African Americans.

Over the past ten years, AIDS cases in San Francisco have dropped 80 percent overall and declined 65% among black Americans.

AIDS is rapidly becoming a medical non-issue in the United States.

However, in the face of these statistics, it requires political momentum and scare-tales to sustain federal funds devoted to AIDS research. In 2000, the U.S. spent nearly $11 billion on AIDS. This year, it will be $11.7 billion and for 2002 it is projected to be $12.3 billion.

With enormous amounts like these to protect, one should expect to find statistical sleight of hand. Mr. Phill Wilson's nimble conjuring act is a case in point.

sent in by David Icke


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