Chronic Digestive Problems

I know there are a lot of sites out there about GE food, but I think it may have a place on your website. The reason is, I think that the ultimate reason for GE food is population control. I do not have the resources or the time to go about proving this, but I wish someone would.

I began experiencing chronic digestive problems about 2 months ago (just now clearing up as a result of a very strict and limited diet of overcooked rice with lemon chicken broth). If I even deviate a little bit from this diet, I get a bad case of the runs. Please understand that I have never had any digestive problems my entire life, and in my family there is no history of such problems. Also understand that I had every conceivable test to rule out cancer, hepatitis, HIV, diabetes, or problems associated with thyroid. I also had a colonoscopy and upper GI exam. Nothing showed up. There is no evidence of parasites, irritable bowel syndrome, collitis or gastritis. Absolutely nothing.

The only thing I've come to believe about this is that something changed in the food supply. Something invisible. I've noticed that some foods just don't taste "right". Even if they taste right their consistency is off. I never know when this will happen - something may taste wonderful, and then I purchase the same thing from the same store and it does not taste right.

This is on a very subtle level, and is easily overlooked if you're not looking for something anomalous. I'm fully willing to look at the possibility that this is all just my imagination, but the digestive problems are not imaginary, as evidenced by the fact that until recently I've had to run to the bathroom 4-5 times per day. Nor am I under any inordinate amount of stress.

Anyway, I browsed some sites concerned with genetically engineered food and found the material quite interesting. I wonder if there could be a correlation between Mr. Icke's body of work and what's happening with the food supply.



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