by David Icke

Below is a useless "drug fact sheet" on the web about AZT. It is typical of the "information" given to its potential users. What a surprise that it does not mention that AZT is a cancer drug that was found to be so toxic it was banned from use. When you consider how poisonous and destructive the cancer chemoptherapy "treatments" are that do have approval for use, just how toxic must AZT be??

AZT and its like are causing genocide among people with HIV - a retrovirus that does NOT cause AIDS anyway. People are not dying from HIV, but often the treatment. AZT kills cells. Not just cancer cells or "HIV" cells, but all cells. These include the cells that form the human immune system. So people are told they have HIV, a weak virus that does not undermine the immune system, and they are prescribed AZT or its equivilant to stave off AIDS. Instead, the AZT destroys the immune system, as all such cancer "treatments" do, and the patient dies. But is AZT identified as the cause of death? No, of course not, the doctors say it was HIV that caused the death because they know no better. Most doctors are not healers, but admintrators for the global drug cartel and the medical establishment it controls.

Now this deadly scam is being played out in Africa like never before with the "victory" of the people to have access to AZT as never before because of price reductions. If people do not wake up there, the population of South Africa is going to plummet in the next few years and it won't be caused by HIV, but AZT and its like.

Glaxo-Wellcome, the makers and marketers of AZT, are purveyors of genocide and those directly involved are knowingly doing this. These facts make them guilty of first degree mass murder. If that is not true, Glaxo-Wellcome, then sue me. Go on...make my day.

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Other names: azidothymidine, zidovudine, ZDV, Retrovir®

Manufacturer: Glaxo Wellcome, Incorporated

This information will help you to learn about options for HIV treatment. You should always check with your physician before making any changes to your treatment or drug regimen.

What is it?
AZT is an antiretroviral drug. It is used to treat HIV, which is a retrovirus. Retroviruses use the genes in the body's cells to make more virus and infect other cells.

How does it work?
Like other antiretroviral drugs, AZT interferes with the life cycle of HIV to stop it from making more virus. Specifically, AZT links itself to the HIV genetic material so the virus cannot copy itself into the cell's genetic material.

How do I take it?
The accepted dose of AZT is 600 mg each day (either two (2) capsules three (3) times a day, or three (3) capsules or tablets twice a day), which is a total of six (6) capsules or tablets a day. There is also a 300 mg tablet, approved in mid-1997, that may be taken twice a day (a total of two (2) tablets a day).

Special instructions
The approved dose of AZT to reduce the chance of a pregnant woman transmitting HIV to her baby is one (1) tablet five (5) times each day in HIV-infected women who are more than 14 weeks pregnant until the start of labor, and intravenous (IV) AZT during labor and delivery.

Some drugs taken together may have interactions that cause illness or make the drugs less effective. Always check with a doctor or pharmacist before taking any other medicine to be sure it will not interact with AZT.

Ganciclovir, alpha interferon, and cytotoxic drugs (such as cancer chemotherapy) can cause problems with blood counts when taken with AZT; the physician may need to adjust the dose of each drug if these are prescribed together.

Probenecid can cause flu-like symptoms if taken with AZT.

Side effects:
Not everyone has side effects. When they do occur, they may be mild, moderate, or severe. Some side effects cannot be felt by the patient, but can be found through laboratory tests, so it is important to see the doctor regularly for checkups.

The most common side effects of AZT treatment are headache, nausea or general ill feeling, vomiting, and dizziness. AZT may cause low red blood cell counts, so blood tests will be done regularly.


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