Genetic Engineering of Our Food

Information: Hello! I am glad that I have found your site. I am an aware person and I have been kind of keeping up on Genetics as my hobby. Eventually I plan on furthering my education on Genetics in order to be more familiar. However, what I do know, and I am sure you do too, that they have successfully mapped out the Human Genome Project. I saw that on television at like 4 in the morning. Also, they are genetically engineering our foods without labeling, without any laws to restrict what they do. The extent of harm that could come to the population is in the air. With pesticides genetically engineered in our corn, and a flounder gene in our tomato just as the beginning, I can only imagine. Anyone with sensitivities in food are in danger. I know several people who are deathly allergic to seafood, and that tomato could make them ill or die. Now, I have not been to college Regarding Genetics, but I do know that all genes are interrelated, and what aspect of seafood people are allergic to, and is it the part they are transferring into the tomato? I don't know. But I don't think the people doing these gene splices really know either. I just thought you might like to know.

Sincerely, H.

What's wrong with Genetic Engineering?

Genetic engineering is a radical new technology, one that breaks down fundamental genetic barriers -- not only between species, but between humans, animals, and plants. By combining the genes of dissimilar and unrelated species, permanently altering their genetic codes, novel organisms are created that will pass the genetic changes onto their offspring through heredity. Scientists are now snipping, inserting, recombining, rearranging, editing, and programming genetic material. Animal genes and even human genes are being inserted into plants or animals creating unimagined transgenic life forms. For the first time in history, human beings are becoming the architects of life. Bio-engineers will be creating tens of thousands of novel organisms over the next few years. The prospect is frightening. Genetic engineering poses unprecedented ethical and social concerns, as well as serious challenges to the environment, human health, animal welfare, and the future of agriculture. The following is just a sampling of concerns:


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