Abuse in Mental Health Fields
by Peter Zendran

Regarding the Mental Health system

In June 1992 my father showed me a copy of Kenneth Wooden's "Weeping in the playtime of others." Since reading that book I was impressed how one man could expose so vast and horrible an institution. Since October 1992 I have been in various capacities witness to the atrocities committed by the mental health and welfare systems in the state of Rhode Island, the one state that has been neglected by Mr. Wooden and the state that has served as a model for how the mental health system in the united states has been run (the world's first psychiatric hospital for children was founded in RI.)

One explanation for Mr. Wooden's silence is the degree to which the politicians and people in power go to keep the atrocities that go on a secret. From April to June 1992 I was placed at a reform school called harmony hill in Glocester, RI. I was there for a total of one month as a day student (I was legally removed there by my foster father's lawyer) during which I was in fear for my life every waking moment. Most of the kids there were considered the worst of the worst behavior problems and some were form around the country including Connecticut, Florida, Texas, and California. The school is located two miles from the nearest highway and a police officer lives near the intersection of that highway and the nearest road going to that school. Two-thirds of the students are residents and are kept in cramped, filthy dormitories. These "residents" are often put on different medications and are often abused mentally, physically, and sexually by the staff. Most of the staff that run the place come from military or law enforcement backgrounds.

The punishments, when given, range from students being separated and being taken into the woods as well as overnight detentions in a cramped room to solitary confinement. The solitary confinement is like this: a student is placed in a cramped room the size of a closet for 24 hours with only a desk and a chair in the room. Three meals and the student's work are brought in each day. If the student acts out in any way he is placed there for another 24 hours. The education given to the boys there, there are no girls there, is rudimentary and most of the students who go there end up in prison, institutionalized, or in intensive treatment at a community mental health center, often involved in incidents of armed robbery, rape, murder, and similar incidents. The way the vocational program there is run there also caught my attention.

The students there were forced to do tasks ranging from making small crafts that are sold in rural stores (the students never see a cent of profit) to acting as wait staff and janitors at events including VIP dinners and conferences and fundraisers for their backers. Another factor in the silence about harmony hill is the backing of the Democratic Party that has kept that place in operation. One thing that caught my attention about that place was the number of children from elite backgrounds that are placed there. Upon speaking to them they were there to be neutralized as not to become a threat to the brotherhood in the future.

The organizations that are involved in the mental health movement bear some watching as well. Of the Mental Health Association we need no discussion (I spoke with MHA President and CEO Mike Faenza in June1999 about the treatment of children in the mental health system, including harmony hill, and I am still waiting for feedback.) The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill is the major group out there that claims to support the mentally ill that victimizes them. Tipper Gore is a former executive director and is still active there and receives most of it's donations from (who else?) the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. NAMI Treasurer and CFO Jim McNutly (a one time colleague of mine and fellow board member from Mental Health Consumer Advocates) lives down the street from the Rockefellers' RI estate.

I am also disappointed in the way NAMI has ignored pressing needs of mental health consumers and focused on trivial issues and publicity stunts as their conventions clearly demonstrate. Just consider the fact that they openly sponsored George Bush's "Decade of the brain" program designed to increase the knowledge of how the brain works, no doubt a way to improve mind control methods. Recently Hillary Clinton has taken an interest in the Mental Health movement and has begun dealing with NAMI and MHCA founder Mike Ryan (whose health has deteriorated worse than Bill Clinton's.) What does this bitch want? Certainly to tighten the control over the mental health system. As you may have heard u.s. Congressman Patrick Kennedy disclosed in 2000 that he is being treated for depression. As someone who lived with one of his relatives I can say in all certainty that his treatment is a form of mind control to see that he does not rebel against the brotherhood in the way his uncles did. Oh, by the way Surgeon General David Satcher is a reptilian.

I'm sure you are aware of the way people in Community Mental Health Centers are treated but I shall discuss it here anyway. Unlike institutions CMHC's rely on a network that keeps track of their "patients" in and out of the community. The patients are assigned a case worker who has access to their medical records and any information about them and their associates that they feel is necessary. In most cases the case manager has full control over their patient's finances. The patient's are also assigned a psychiatrist who has anywhere from marginal to full control over the patient's body. These psychiatrists have and do put their patient's on any type of treatment they feel is necessary and often experiment on their patients with new medication (or megadose them on old ones) as well as any physical treatments they feel is necessary, all the while telling their patients that they will NOT be experimented on! The restraint methods used at these places, especially on little children, are excessive.

Physical punishment and behavior modification is used, particularly on children and adolescents, on behaviors such as saying the "wrong" words, eating the "wrong" foods, not wearing the "right" clothes, not doing as instructed, acting out in any way, as well as anything that makes their case worker or psychiatrist uncomfortable. Grievances are rarely and correctly addressed, and in some instances most patients are not shown or allowed how to complain about their treatment. Many staff members who work at these places come from criminal justice backgrounds as well as military and law enforcement (the former education director at the providence center is a direct descendant of Mary Baker Eddy.)

One thing that caught my attention is the number of elites that are patients at these places. Right now these community mental health centers are localized around new england but the "success stories" of these places are spreading and most likely will become a national phenomena. As the Surgeon General said on October 30 of this year "We can treat 90% of all brain disorders. Our only problem is getting access to these people." The last thing we need is more mind control.

Peter Zendran

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