Abuse in Mental Health Fields - Part 2
by Peter Zendran

"Beware the man in the white suit."
Norton William Olive

As far as harmony hill goes-- the way --the day students are transported there bears mentioning for it resembles diesel therapy. The students are taken there on various rural routes and country backroads and spend little time on freeways. One of the things that frightened me the most there was that day students there could become residents there with as little as the boy's parent not wanting him. I got a taste of that on my last day there when I was waiting for the bus home. I was waiting in the day student lounge when one of the staff told one of the boys that his parents called and said that they no longer wanted him and he was to be assigned a dormitory. This made me realize that that could be me and I had my step-father's lawyer remove me from that horrible place that afternoon. In this manner they are allowed to recognize few landmarks that would help them. The director of that place since 1975 deserves mentioning. His identity is Terrance J. Leary, a relative of psychedelic guru Timothy Leary. Terry started teaching at harmony hill in 1970 shortly after Tim's sentencing. Terry was made director of that place in 1975. According to people who were students at the time the treatment got worse. Shortly afterwards Tim was released from prison for "good behavior." This certainly is no coincidence.

What I just described is a technique I have seen used in the mental health system all too often. MHA and NAMI use this method to get employees and donations as well as to keep information quiet. By finding someone with a "questionable" background and that has something that can be used against them as well as using relatives and friends as "hostages" they ensure an obedient workforce. If you have any doubt talk to these people. The ones that I have talked to are usually political extremists who went too far and these groups tapped and used as "slave labor" to do as these groups told them to do. Another method used by these groups is to "stack" these organizations as well as psychiatric hospitals and community mental health centers with people they consider "safe" by using the method I outlined above. In some cases, in order to appease certain action groups, these places will hire or put on their boards mental health consumers who will do as they are told. This is a method NAMI uses for its board members. Another method used is to find someone, usually "flat" or homeless, give them the services they need, and give them an important job or position as long as they do as they are told.

Here I should also talk about slavery, seeing how in the united states many people who end up in sweatshops or forced labor programs end up there through the mental health system. As people are led to believe in america that slavery was abolished by president Lincoln in1863 and that no civilized person practices slavery. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

First let's talk about the emancipation proclamation, the document that abolished slavery in america. That document only made slavery illegal in states that were in rebellion to the union at that time, with the provision for ending slavery in states not in rebellion after union victory over the rebel states. It says nothing about forbidding it as a national institution.

Then there's the thirteenth amendment to the u.s. constitution. While it discusses the abolition of slavery it explicitly states in its first section "Neither slavery or involuntary servitude, EXCEPT AS A PUNISHMENT WHEREOF THE PARTY SHALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONVICTED, shall exist within the united states, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." If we take the definition literally that means that convict work details and mandatory community service programs are slave labor. After all they operate on the basis of withholding certain liberties and freedoms if duties that are requested are not performed.

In 1863, shortly after the emancipation proclamation was issued, an organization called the irrepressibles society was founded. One thing that I experienced firsthand for fifteen days when I was seventeen was the sweatshop run by this group. These sweatshops that are run by this group get their labor from people who are in the mental health system as well as people who are being processed through the criminal justice system. Some of the people who are there have serious physical deformities and brain disorders as well as people who have been "denied" employment. Companies that include Disney and UVEX have most of their work done by these places.

John J. Madden III, 1996 u.s. senate candidate once told me "When I was growing up I thought it was normal to see a social worker and to see a psychiatrist." Judging by the way that law enforcement agencies, businesses, education departments, and the media have acted in the wake of office and school shootings this past decade Mr. Madden's statement is becoming true for many people and children. As recently as the Wakefield, Massachusetts shooting as soon as one of these incidents happens the first thing done is to find out if the perpetrator has a history of mental illness in their life or family history. If the answer is positive they try to justify it by behaviors including an interest in weapons and/or marital arts, keeping to themselves, physical, mental, and/or sexual cruelty to people and/or animals, an increase in weight, unusual religious beliefs, as well as creating "disturbing messages. These behaviors are not in any way indications, particularly involving one's free time of beliefs, that a person has a mental illness. Instead, people are less likely to panic when called for a psychiatric evaluation and consume psychotropic medicines without a second thought. Please tell me that is not desensitization.

One other thing I need to get off my chest before I forget it. According to the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill every person who is of African, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, and aboriginal descent that goes to have a psychiatric evaluation is always diagnosed with a mental illness. Considering that according to the DSM-IV anyone, anywhere, anytime can be mentally ill and the treatment of these peoples in most industrialized nations this deserves mentioning because NAMI does not want the general public to know this.

By Peter Zendran II

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