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I have an interesting bit to add to the dangers of prozac. A friend of mine has a friend who used to be a Navy Seal. He served in Grenada, Panama and the Gulf War. These are the only conflicts that he will talk about so I'm sure there are many others. His experiences as you can imagine, are awesome and very disturbing. At this time I will tell you what his experiences was with Prozac.

Nearing the end of his impressive career he was shipped off to somewhere in the Pacific rim (the Philippines I believe) which was to turn out to be his final mission. Throughout his whole career he was put through the SHIT and was assigned the most impossible tasks because he was one of the few of the Elite of the Elite of the Seals. He was a part of what was called RED CELL. Former Seal, Richard Marchinko authored 5-6 novels titled Rogue Warrior, much to the Navy's displeasure. His nickname was Half-pint and was the smallest Seal in history. He stood 5'5''. He always sensed that they (the Seals) were expendable and found this to be true and not a moment too soon.

Like I said, he was the best of the best and saw probably too much. To guarantee his silence, death or incapacitation was the Navy's solution. Come the end of his final mission(tour), Half-pint was the only one remaining who was from his original squad. All of his "teammates" whom he had started out with, the original core of his buddies who went through the same Shit, were strangely either dead or vegetables in some military hospital. Bethesna (sp) most likely.

At the end of his mission and back aboard ship, they set sail to return to the continental U.S. As usual he and his teammates were exhausted and psychologically disturbed after being put through that which was worse than hell (the Shit). They all received the standard checkout by the ship's surgeon who then prescribed medication to cope with the horrid stresses common among Special Forces operatives.

On his way back to his quarters from the surgeons office, he had a look at the prescription and the dose. When he saw what had been prescribed to him and the dose, he did a 180 and marched back to the surgeon's office. He was livid. He stormed back into the office and slammed the bottle of pills on the surgeon's desk and tore into the doc. The prescription was for PROZAC and at TWICE the normal (safe) dose. Using language that I'll omit, Half-pint asked, "What the F--k is this?"

You see, each Seal has their own area that they excel in. Its a specialty like sniping or explosives or language skills. It just so happened that Half-pint was a MEDIC! That's why he asked the doc what the hell was going on. PROZAC at the dose prescribed to Half-pint (TWICE the normal dose) TURNS YOUR BRAIN TO JELLO. That is why many of his original Elite "teammates" are vegetables in some military hospital! The doc grumbled that he had made a mistake and changed the prescription or lowered the dose. One of the two. He pointed out to the doc that he had some nerve giving him that medication knowing full well that he was a medic.

That was Half-pint's final mission and got out of the Navy soon after this incident. According to him, he is the only one remaining who isn't either brain dead or flat out dead from his "team". Most people are brain dead so I can believe this except there are too many of them for the hospitals. They are kept in "general population" where we brain alive people mix with them on a daily basis.

Half-pint's stories are exotically disturbing but highly informative. All through his career he felt as though he and his "teammates" were expendable. They were treated like shit and not once was there any bit of GLORY through it all. The Prozac was the straw that broke the camel's back. I have other highly informative stories to share with everybody from Half-pint'experiences at your request.

I hope this has been of help.....

Name withheld for anonymiity.

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