Mass-Murderers and Psychotropic Drugs

From: "NewsHawk Inc."


We've already noted the fact that at least four of the accused perpetrators of more-recent mass shooting incidents in the U.S. have ties to the Air Force and to "black project" mind-control operations conducted by the Air Force--in some cases, very STRONG ties.

Hard evidence, including some brought to light in the mid/later 1970s during the Ervin Committee's Senate hearings into abuses in the CIA's related MK-Ultra ("ultra" mind-control) Project, show clearly that mind-altering psychoactive and psychotropic drugs are and long have been part and parcel of the many mind-manipulation techniques used in these horrendous, vicious Nazi-like activities.

Interesting then that virtually to a one, ALL those accused as perpetrators of such mass shooting incidents in the U.S. in the past SEVERAL YEARS have been found to be (in general, prescribed) users of psychotropic, mind and mood-altering chemical drugs.

In line with such, Atlanta police have now made public evidence showing that lunatic Mark Barton, who killed thirteen people in three Atlanta-area locations on or around July 29, was in possession of PROZAC during his murderous rampage of murder and mayhem and was almost CERTAINLY under the influence of the drug during his killing spree.

T. J. Solomon in Atlanta (Conyers), Eric Harris in Littleton, Kip Kinkel in Springfield, as well as the Jonesboro and Edinboro school shooters in 1998 and others have been found to have been taking such psychotropic chemical drugs while committing the murders they've been charged with. More recently, we find patsy Buford Furrow was so pickled on psychotropic drug cocktails that it's certainly a wonder he was able to find that Las Vegas FBI office he so conveniently "turned himself in" at after the highly questionable L.A.-area "Jewish Center" shooting incident.

It seems obvious that such drugs are a significant element of the mind-control programs these unfortunate, victimized lunatics have been subjected to and a big factor in causing them to (be able to) do what they have done: that is, cold-bloodedly and remorselessly kill other defenseless human beings point-blank for no clear, immediately apparent "reason".

Just the way their spook-bastard programmers in intelligence and military agencies want them to be.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.


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