The Anthrax Money Machine!
Who Profits from an Anthrax Attack?

News Net Wire October 23rd, 2001

Some things that you won't read in the mainstream media about who benefits from this Anthrax attack.

The maker of Cipro the cureall for Anthrax is Bayer, a German company well known to have been connected to the Nazi's in WW II. The cell of terrorists that pulled off the 911 Attack had many members connected to German addresses, such as Mohammed Atta the ringleader. Cipro costs about 700.00 (US) for a treatment of Anthrax infection. A generic drug made in India costs about 20.00 (US). MONEY! Is it the key to the Anthrax attacks?

German finger prints are all over this Anthrax Attack! Nazi German fingerprints connected to ATTA and the 911 cell!

The US government needs to produce a Cipro type generic drug to treat such attacks. Screw Bayer and the Nazi's that probably run it! The Anthrax Vaccine is made by a company that has of all things the families of both the Bin Ladens and Bush's as investors! Before the Anthrax Attacks the vaccine for Anthrax was sold by the ounce for a few bucks to the US DOD (Department Of Defense) by one little privately owned company run by the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that being admiral William Crowe, who is also a member of the infamous CFR (Council of Foreign Relations for NWO conspiracy fans). The vaccine is now said to be worth thousands per ounce in the world market place!

The company that controls the US supply of Anthrax Vaccine is BioPort. A major part of BioPort is said to be owned by the Carlye Group (the source of this claim appears to be Sherman Skolnick a conspiracy political writer in Chicago), which is run and owned by people like former President GEORGE BUSH, James Baker III the former US Secretary of State, Frank Carlucci former US Secretary of Defense, John Major former PM of the UK, Eberhard v. Kuenheim former chairman of Bayer (the makers of Cipro) and BMW, Karl-Otto Pohl former President of Deutsche Bundesbank. Worst yet, a major investor in the Carlyse Group is the Bin Laden family (according to Skolnick's recent articles on Bioport!)

Sherman Skolnick was contacted to verify his claims about the hidden ownership in BioPort by the Carlyle Group and he claimed understandably that his sources feared for their lives. Skolnick also claimed that President Bush recently ordered that the information about the ownership of BioPort is protected under National Security interests. When we called the main number of BioPort, BioPort SECURITY answered the phone and we were directed to a press relations person who did not answer the phone and who also had a full phone mail box so a message could not be left. Skolnick is well known in conspiracy circles for exposing corruption in Judicial circles in Chicago.

BioPort is said to be under National Guard protection right now. So you have a Nazi connected German company making money off Cipro via the German company Bayer, and terrorist cells that carried out the 911 attack that were connected to Germany. And you have a vaccine controlled by a company said to be run by the NWO crowd where you have the families of Bush and Bin Laden profiteering off the vaccine to Anthrax as investors!

The Anthrax vaccine should be taken over by the US government and made for the masses.

The drug Cipro needs to be made by the US government and given to the masses.

Take the profit out of Anthrax cures and you might end up seeing Anthrax Attacks disappear!


It leads right to Nazi's,
and the NWO (New World Order)!

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