Auschwitz & the Dialysis Industry

Something that should be looked into and exposed is the DIALYSIS Industry.

The closest analogy is to Auschwitz: patients/inmates are stripped of their assets, kept malnourished and weak, exploited to death, then replaced. The state then confiscates their remaining minimal property. In the clinics, there is a constant flow of blood out of the patients, through the machines, then back in, having been slightly removed of toxins.

In ancient myth and magick, spilled blood is the key to occult power, via the liberated life force, which is available for the magician's use, or to manifest demons.

With all the blood flowing constantly, there must be hordes of entities sucking up the energy, for their own use, or channeling it elsewhere.

Patients are customarily intimidated and brainwashed into believing that there is no improvement possible, so fall into a downward cycle of despair, lingering at a very low level till they die or quit. This makes them more vulnerable to being vampirised. The clinic staff are full of sadists, vampires and ghouls.

The pattern was set by W.R, Grace Co., run by J. Peter Grace, who was instrumental in bringing hundreds of top Nazis to the Americas after WWII.

The companies who run this operation are a virtual cartel, in collusion with the government agencies that are supposed to be watching out for patient interests.

This is just another evil situation in the world today, but, in a sense, it is a microcosm of the larger picture.

The US is the worst: all for profit, nothing for rehabilitation. In Japan and Western Europe, for the most part, the emphasis is on rehabilitation and returning patients to as full, enjoyable and worthwhile life as possible. Quitting dialysis is practically unheard of there. Their standards are much higher.

The two main companies, Gambro and Fresenius, acquired a part of another company, Pharmacia-Upjohn, are based in Europe, but run their US clinics in a manner they could never get away with in their own countries. They essentially treat us like a third-world country, providing minimal service for maximum profit. Patients are treated just like herds of cattle.

We are kept so weak that we are barely able to survive, let alone fight back.

Those few who do are persecuted, ostracized and forced out. Something drastic needs to be done. Publicity would help a lot. There is a new organization, that is trying to get something started.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening,
Frank Brown
23 -year dialysis veteran

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