The Courageous Dr. Clark

The Courageous Dr. Clark Dr. Hulda R. Clark has been involved in several projects this past year. She completed a Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual that details experiments one can do with the SyncrometerŽ (see Her next projects include updating her other books, but there is no set schedule for completion.

In addition to being a world-renowned author, Dr. Clark is foremost a researcher. Currently she is most excited about finding ways to shorten the 21 Day Program. Her innovations have been recognized by scientists and alternative health practitioners around the globe. The advances she has discovered enjoy a broad following of support and enthusiasm. Dr. Clark's work and research is ongoing and vital.

Recently, however, she has been under attack. Despite having proper permits to operate, the clinic at which she worked in Tijuana (Century Nutrition) was closed by the local office of the Mexican Health Department. The government basis for the closure was ambiguous and unexplained. Immediately after the closure, Century Nutrition hired a team of top Mexican attorneys to investigate the basis for the unconstitutional closure and protest the actions of the government. For weeks, the officials that ordered the closure refused even to disclose the legal authority for closure, something which would be clearly viewed as unlawful in the United States.

As many other alternative health pioneers have discovered, this type of unwarranted and unjustified persecution is not unusual. As an example, when the Mexican Health Department finally listed the "violations" by Century Nutrition, one of them was the outside sign was not big enough for them. Century Nutrition's attorneys have assured Dr. Clark that this accusation and the others are unwarranted and will be soon overturned by a federal court.

Century Nutrition's attorneys also petitioned the Mexican federal court for an internal investigation of the Health Department and the conduct of the governmental officials who are responsible for this action. The court accepted the petition and an investigation is taking place.

There is evidence that this whole matter originated from certain United States medical extremists that believe they are on a crusade to eliminate any form of alternative health care. One Mexican Health Department official admitted they were familiar with the 'quackbuster' website which disparages Dr. Clark's work.

Many of you have demonstrated your commitment and concern by asking how you can help.

How You Can Help

Here is one way you can help to convince the Mexican Health Department that there are other viewpoints in America. Send an email to Dr. Carlos Alberto Astorga, Secretario de Salud de Baja California, Perhaps a bunch of positive experiences will convince them that the clinic at which Dr. Clark works, Century Nutrition, is an asset, not a liability. Negative comments about the Mexican Health Department would not help Dr. Clark, so stick to convincing them that her advice is valuable. Write in Spanish if you can, and include your name and address. I don't have a Mexican street address to offer, but even if you don't have email yourself and have to ask a friend to help you, it will be better than using the postal service. Also if you have access to the internet you can look at a pro-alternative medicine website,

Alternative health practitioners, in addition to devoting themselves to their profession, have another full-time job: avoiding the war between advocates and detractors. Dr. Clark's arrest in 1999 made headlines in Indiana, and hundreds of people wrote to the district attorney, newspaper, and commissioners in Brown County in favor of Dr. Clark. They also contributed thousands of dollars to help Dr. Clark defend herself. I don't know if it was great legal defense or the great letters of support, but charges of practicing medicine without a license were dismissed in Spring, 2000! But the war continues.

The same medical extremists mentioned above are filing more lawsuits. Dr. Clark has decided that she will no longer tolerate this type of intimidation. She has decided to fight back! She strongly believes that this type of medical militancy has gone on long enough and something needs be done. Century Nutrition and Dr. Clark have hired a team of talented attorneys, both in the United States and Mexico. This team of legal minds, that are committed to health freedom, have obtained many victories already and have joined Dr. Clark in her legal campaign to fight back against the unconstitutional obstruction of an individual's right to make up their own mind as to medical therapies.


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