I BEG you to WITHDRAW this Product!

Below is a detailed is a letter sent by Mission Possible to the former FAACommisioner, Dr Henney. She was replaced by Dr Harris.

This is followed by the story of Robert C. Mehl. a victim of aspartame. Robert pleads with Dr Harris to remove aspartame in all its forms from the market place. Robert's story is of pain and suffering as a result of ingesting aspartame, this is one of thousands of accounts that we know of and there are millions, that we are not aware of - yet! PLEASE network globally.

From Betty Martini
To: Dr. Harris

I am resending this to you because when Mr. Mehl wrote he didn't know Henney (former FDA Commissioner) had been fired. Regards. Betty -----

Original Message ----To:

Subject: RECALL Aspartame in ALL its forms, PLEASE! 5/15/2001

Dear Dr. Henney:

I have just been made aware of how Aspartame has changed my life for the worse. I BEG you to WITHDRAW this product, in all its forms from the market immediately!!!

No wonder our medical costs are skyrocketing, with this POISON being added to almost every food product on the shelves the FDA has condoned the overall poisoning of countless millions and through your CRIMINAL negligence and caused major medical disasters.

My health began going downhill back in early 1991, but no one could tell me why my health was spiralling out of control. I went to see over 30 doctors in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida area in an effort to find a REASON for the overall weakness, pain, tingling, numbness, memory loss, headaches and dizziness. Well, this list could go on and on, it is suffice it to say I have so many symptoms/DISEASES as the result of ingesting ASPARTAME in my food and drinks over the years. I am sure YOU don't have the time (or probably, the interest) in reading all of them. nor do I in listing them. Besides, I am you've already heard all this before, countless times.


What I AM living with is Lupus (SLE), Fibromyalgia, and just recently diagnosed with: (1) Sleroderma (CREST variety) (2) Raynaud's Phenomenon (3) Sjogren's Syndrome. I've also had 11 major surgeries since August 27, 1998 when I had a tumour removed from the base of my brain. Before it was discovered however, it took out my right vocal cord! After the tumour was removed, I was left with 'residual nerve damage,' which may or may not regenerate!

At the time of writing, little has regenerated and I deal with an ongoing paralysed oesophagus, massive REFLUX problems because of this paralysis AND an upper stomach valve which is also paralysed in the open osition.

I have had THREE surgeries to correct/replace my paralysed soft palate and THREE surgeries in an effort to implant a prosthesis, which, in conjunction with my still healthy left vocal cord - this now allows me to speak again; sort of. I continue to have massive reflux problems in spite of the three Prevacid tablets which I take daily, in spite of a surgical procedure known as Fundoplication - this was the most painful surgery I've ever experienced.

The result of all these surgeries is not describable for the most part: I have absolutely no personal funds left, I live solely on Social Security Disability and I am just only 61 year of age. I have been incapacitated since I turned 52, which was in 1992. Only this February was I able to have the feeding tube removed surgically and I am finally able to eat food put through a food processor, as long as it is creamy.

I cannot drink liquids like water because of the oesophagus paralysis. Water simply pours directly into my lungs. I have to thicken liquids considerably, then turn my head to the side and SLOWLY drink and even after all these drastic methods are used, I STILL choke badly at least four times a day. I have often found myself on the floor after blacking out due to choking. I KNOW I have a guardian Angel or two with me at all times or I would not be sitting here able to write you.

All of this is because I THOUGHT I was doing my body and my general health a favour by switching to diet drinks when they appeared on the market years ago - (Diet Coke was my choice) -dropping SUGAR entirely out of my life and using ONLY NutraSweet and/or Equal in everything that required sweetening. I was further 'assured' I was being 'healthy' in my choice of processed foods, like cereals, all of which were thanks to your 'kindness' poisoning me just as quickly as were the drinks and the actual packets of the Aspartame products.

I have also developed severe osteoarthritis and it is so bad in my hips and knees that some days it is difficult for me to walk. I do walk because the doctors tell me that 'exercise is the right thing to do.' So, I continue walking on my treadmill daily, at least ONE MILE, in spite of the pain and swelling. I've had knee injections and am on the Celebrex 200 mg, twice a day.

Am I overweight? Not! I am 6'3" tall and weigh between 180-185 "PERFECT for my size and bone structure."

I began using NutraSweet and/or Equal YEARS ago when I THOUGHT I was doing my body a favour. I was LED to believe that 'sugar was bad for me'. I THOUGHT that NutraSweet and/or Equal was healthy for me! How uninformed I was, but that's changing thanks to Betty Martini and her wonderful http://www.dorway.com Website. I've already e-mailed that Site information to over 70 in my email listing and I have mailed actual copies taken from the Website to an additional 33 people, seven of whom are my physicians of record.

The FDA should be put on trial just like any ordinary (or extraordinary) criminal, for that is just what I consider the FDA to be. I will never again trust ANY Federal branch. I would be FIRST IN LINE TO BE ON THAT JURY AND YES, MY MIND WOULD BE MADE UP Before THE TRIAL!

The fact that you STILL CONDONE the marketing of this POISON speaks for itself; (rather it YELLS to the world in general that 'people' don't matter, that profit is the only thing that matters). How can you sleep at night? Doesn't the anguish of untold millions bother you? Doesn't the FACT that people have gone blind developed catastrophic illnesses and even DIE bother you? Does it bother you that I no longer have a penny in savings and that anything and everything in my life is now considered an 'emergency'?

I will not attempt to JUDGE you, that is for a higher power to do. When authority is misused as is the case with the FDA and ASPARTAME (and who knows what else?) when you have the opportunity and power to make things happen for the better and yet do not take advantage of that strength. FOR SHAME.

I could go on and on about how Aspartame has drastically lessened the quality of my life. However, frankly, I feel this is falling on deaf ears. A PUBLIC OUTCRY will, in the end, force a change and hopefully beauracrats like you will fall and fall HARD and SWIFTLY.

I am trying to get well again but instead just slowly and painfully DYING, I shall now simply sign off. *Robert C. (Bob) Mehl

*The proud Father of two beautiful (grown) children.

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