I have discovered what i believe to be a very important cover-up. I cannot explain myself the specific details, because it is quite complicated, and, anyway, the main facts are outlined in the link i will give you below.

I will just explain why i think this particular information might interest you. Harold Levinson MD, a well known psychiatrist and neurologist claims to have substantial evidence that dyslexia, attention deficit disorders and a wide range of phobias are, in many cases, caused by an imbalance of the inner ear, contrary to popular beliefs. This particularly interested me because i am seriously phobic and have had constant problems with my ears. More importantly he claims that influential doctors firstly proved his research to be correct then inexplicably dismissed their own research and set about covering themselves up!

This cover-up was helped along by The Orton Society and The Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital Neurological Institute and Lancet magazine. As soon as i read the word Columbia alarm bells started ringing and i thought of your work in The Biggest Secret.

Anyway, full details of the cover-up and Levinsons research are catalogued in his website at:

I felt this particular cover-up was relevant because it effects peoples ability to educate themselves (dylexia,ADD) and function properly in society (phobias). Exactly the type of problems the illumanati would want to encourage.

Name witheld on request


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