The Other Tragic National Disaster
by Allene R. Wahl, Ph.D., C.N.C.

There are no disturbing headlines or graphic pictures in the media.

A war has not been declared.

Nor is there a coalition of irate citizens coming together to decry a domestic or foreign potentate. There are not just 6,000 victims but millions.

It didn't all happen within an hour, but, it has been the ongoing, insidious destruction of the physical and financial health of unsuspecting and trusting human beings over the last twenty years or so.

We call it collectively, Chemically Induced Immune Disorders which are caused primarily by our love affair with unnatural, toxic substances.

These toxic substances have been foisted upon us by irresponsible corporations, through misinformation by their advertisers and with the complete approval of a government sworn to, and paid by us, to protect us from such harm.

Additionally, our seriously flawed, Pasteur germ focused medical industry, completes the task of further damaging these immune compromised individuals by dispensing certain common pharmaceuticals which destroy gut flora.

Since the gut flora is an integral part of our protective immune system, once destroyed, we are vulnerable to any pathogen (always present in the Earth's environment) to which we are exposed. The most common pathogens involved are viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis, Cytomegalovirus, herpes, etc. Other common pathogens in this population are Candida Albacans (fungal overgrowth), parasitic infestation and sometimes bacterial infections.

Call it AIDS, Gulf War Syndrome, Environmental Illness, Hepatitis C Epidemic, Silicone Prosthesis Induced Immune Disorder, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, etc., all of which share many, if not all, of the same litany of debilitating, AIDS-like symptoms heretofore mostly unheard of before the 1980's.

History shows us that there is more than an obvious connection between the politics of the time and the dismantling of many existing environmental laws. And secondly, the over-prescribing of gut flora destroying, uncontested pharmaceuticals drugs.

There are no volunteers lined up to help; many times family, friends and associates withdraw out of frustration or fear. There are no collections to help defray the out-of-pocket cost for the natural therapies required just to remediate the symptoms.

Government, the medical industry and the media no longer mention much about this enormous and growing tragedy. The future of much of Mankind is in great jeopardy unless these signals of the HUMAN indicator species, described here, are heeded.

"It's the immune system, stupid"

Allene R. Wahl, Ph.D., C.N.C.
Int'l. Resource Center for Chemically Induced Immune Disorders
True causes of new, global immune disorders Website:

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