African soil bacteria

Western Doctors are now looking to Africa in search of cures that have been reported As being used for milleniums by traditional herbalists, shamans otherwise known as Witchdoctors.

Deep in the forests and jungles of Africa, Traditional herbal remedies have proven to be the answer for numerous Western ailments.

Steve Connor the science editor for The Telegraph featured an interesting story related to a possible vaccination found in African soil. The story goes on to say that, scientists have developed a potential vaccine against asthma, made from African soil bacteria, which has been tested with astonishing results. Early clinical tests show that the vaccine can alleviate up to 30 per cent of the symptoms suffered during an asthmatic attack.

The vaccine is made of dead bacteria from samples of African Soil and is believed to produce an immune reaction that protects Asthma sufferers from the particles in the air that can trigger an Attack.

'Doctors know immune reactions are linked with a childs likelihood of developing asthma,children who have poor reactions to BCG vaccine early in infancy are those that tended to develop asthma and allergic disease". Said Professor Stephen Holgate of the innmunopharmacology at the University of Southampton.

Mr Jerry Yamoa has known of a remedy since boyhood, in his Home town of Ghana Africa, he recalls how numerous amounts of people both black and white would call to see his grandmother In order to secure a herbal powder used to eradicate asthma And hayfever. This remedy has been passed down from Generation to generation, and held as a closely guarded secret.

Jerry pursued his grandmother, time and time again for her to release the secret for the benefit of mankind, she eventually agreed and as a result the U.K. has been blessed with the arrival of Yamoa Powder. There are now thousands of users In the U.K. and they have all hailed Yamoa Powder a miracle herb, the many users range from the very young to the old. We have thousands of letters of thanks mainly from people who have lived with the above ailments for over fifty years.

Mother Natures Traditional Herbal Remedies for the last two years has been trying to bring these findings to the attention of senior consultants of various hospitals, associations and worldwide institutions, the pleas have indeed fallen on deaf unresponsive ears. Mother Natures is appalled at the lack of Interest shown by those aware of this breakthrough, never the less we are all the more committed to raising awareness for the benefit of those who continue to suffer needlessly.

We now submit a copy of our star letter of which we are extremely proud to have in our files, this letter was addressed to Anne Bradley, Chief Executive of the National Asthma Campaign - from a Mrs S Roach - dated 26-08-98 the letter reads.

Dear Anne Bradley,

I am in receipt of your letter of 20-08-98 asking me to join your campaign. In fact I was a member for a while, as I have had asthma for over fifty years, ever since I was four. Nevertheless, I do not wish to renew my membership.

However I think you should know that a couple of weeks ago, I saw an item on TV about YAMOA POWDER. Evidently an African gentleman whose grandmother used to treat the tribe with herbal medicines, upon noticing how many of his fellow workers in England suffered from asthma, he had some of the powder sent over, to treat them. On the news item, they all seemed to have made remarkable recovery. I therefore thought I would send for some of this powder - evidently one months supply, costing approximately nineteen pounds, ninety five pence, Is enough to cure a person permanently.

The news item also said that the man had tried to persuade Glaxo - Wellcome to investigate the powder, but they would not. (Obviously their interests lie in selling as many drugs as possible, for as long as possible! )

I thought I would try some, so I sent away for it, and it arrived last Saturday. I felt an immediate improvement upon taking the powder in the manner prescribed. I could hardly believe it. I am still in my first week of it and continue to improve and am already not using as many drugs as I used to.

I feel very strongly that this African remedy should be investigated, as it is truly a cure, it could help thousands of people.

The letter is signed by Mrs S Roach of Acton W.3.

We find it Ironic when we read material about possible vaccines found in African soil, our remedy comes from the bark of a gum tree found planted in African soil

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