Cancer - Why We're Still Dying to know the Truth

Just finished reading a book called "Cancer - Why We're Still Dying to know the Truth" by Phillip Day. The book confirms a hell of a lot that David Icke writes about, intimating that there are more people trustingly going to their more than probable deaths through the multi-billion dollar earnings from chemotherapy and radiotherapy than ever went on in the 2nd world war.

The evidence that people who develop cancer (which is knowingly being introduced by the big pharmaceuticals - Rockerfella Foundation monopoly) live longer and with more quality of life if they refuse medical help, and that the cures are out there but are being "leaned on" by the FDA in America and the equivalent body leans on the English alternative practitioners also forcing most to operate "underground".

Please let me know the outcome of your contact and exchange with the above, it's a most amazing revelation and confirmation of David Icke's investigations.

Dr. Vernon Coleman (Sunday People fame) calls the medical profession "the black art" and he can tell you a whole lot more about the mortality rate of people willingly and trustingly walking into the hands of the medics and their institutions. He claims that the second biggest killer in the western world is side-effects from drugs, and has statistics to prove that the mortality rate dropped when doctors and surgeons went on strike in Canada not so long ago.

With compassion and with love of our fellow man

May your truth herald the Awakening more quickly


Laraine Sutton (Ms)

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